Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 453

She and the Usual Scenery

After the short ten-day stay in Irvine that felt surprisingly long, we safely returned to Wilhelm.
We got down from the transfer gate and greeted everyone.
Just a moment ago we had been in the tropical Irvine, but now we were surrounded by familiar people. This is a world of magic and magical arts so that much was normal, but it still felt very strange.
The air, which had been hot even when indoors, became more comfortable, reminding me that we were back to the Fafnir Castle where the temperature was magically controlled.

“Wilhelm sure is nice to live in.”

I got used to feeling comfortable when the breeze blew in because the humidity wasn’t too high in Irvine, but coming back to Wilhelm felt relaxing. The visit in Irvine placed a considerable burden on my body, and it felt lighter now.

“It’s hot in Irvine, isn’t it? I’m glad your physical condition hasn’t deteriorated, Lidi.”
“Hmm, every day was so busy that I had no time to worry about that.”

Those ten days in Irvine were so hectic that I had no time to take a breath. Something happened almost every day, and it took until the day of our return to deal with everything.
Be that as it may, I made friends with Raid, the princess of Irvine, and it was fruitful in various other ways.
I brought back lots of souvenirs, and I had so much fun that I can honestly say that I’m happy to have gone there.

“I want to go there again.”

Accidentally, I let what I really thought slip out.
Irvine, the southern country.
The climate makes it difficult to live there, but I think it’s a perfect country for holidays.
It’s a bustling and fun country, just like you’d imagine a southern country. Also known as the country of merchants, there were people from many countries there, and foreign ships went in and out in large numbers. I didn’t see much, but many items sold in the market were rare and not found in Wilhelm. It was such a fascinating country that I’d love to have more time to slowly look around the next time.
While I was having such thoughts, Freed said.

“Lidi, you’ve really taken a liking to Irvine, haven’t you?”
“Yup. It was fun.”
“But unfortunately, we won’t be able to go there for a while. I think even if we go somewhere, it will be another country the next time.”

Makes sense.
Because the Crown Prince of Wilhelm going abroad is not a holiday, but diplomacy.

“I know. I just felt like saying it, so don’t worry about it. Right now, I’m looking forward to Raid coming next week.”

Raid, who I’ve become friends with, will be coming to Wilhelm next week. Moreover, she’ll be staying for two years.
I’ve become really fond of her, so I’m very happy, and I couldn’t help but feel exhilarated about her coming.
I looked around in a good mood.
Inside the room were the King and my mother-in-law, my father and Will, and then Glenn and Sion.
While I was feeling happy that people who I’m close with came to greet me, my father made a surprised face as he looked behind me.

“Who’s that!?”

I looked back. It turned out my father was looking at Cain.


Crap. He noticed before we could say anything.
Cain looked like he expected it. He’d just said he didn’t care if he got found out, and it seemed he had no intention of running away.

“Er, you see…!”

I had to explain about Cain to my father. When I tried to talk about him, my brother went first.

“Father! He’s Lidi’s servant! He’s not a suspicious fellow!”

My brother quickly stood up for Cain. I also hurried to follow up after my brother.

“T-That’s right. He’s my ninja… not that, my servant, and well… actually, he accompanied me to Irvine too. So we thought we’d go back together…”

If I didn’t convince my father here, in the worst case soldiers would be called. Wanting to avoid that, I desperately explained the situation, and Freed supported me.

“Prime Minister, Father. It’s all right. Cain is Lidi’s personal guard, not a dangerous person. I guarantee it.”
“… Is that so? Well, if Your Highness says so…”

My father frowned at me and my brother, seeming unable to believe us, but he obediently accepted Freed’s words.

“… What is this?”

I felt complicated seeing the difference in our father’s trust for us and Freed.
My brother seemed to share my opinion and muttered.

“He doubted us, and yet he accepted Freed’s story unconditionally. I think it’s natural, but somehow,, it makes me angry.”
“I agree. I think our father should believe his children more.”
“You’re saying that after the numerous troubles you both have caused me?”

Our father chided us, but he did nothing else.

“I don’t think I’ve done anything of that sort though.”
“Me neither. Or rather, I understand why you can’t trust Lidi, but I’m different, right?”
“Ha? Brother, I can totally see why you’re untrustworthy, so what are you saying?”
“That’s you, right?”
“Brother, it’s you.”

We glared at each other. While we were both doing our best not to yield even a step, our father called out to us.

“Alex, Lidi.”

Seeing his glare on us, we both cowered almost at the same time.

“Refrain from foolish behavior in front of His Majesty.”

Our father’s words were reasonable, so both I and my brother had no choice but to nod.
When I stole a glance at the King and Mother-in-law, they were both smiling like they’d seen something pleasant.
With a bitter expression on his face, my father bowed to the King.

“I apologize for the unseemly sight we caused. I intended to strictly teach them manners, but embarrassingly, they turned out like this for some reason.”
“No, it was enjoyable, so I don’t mind. Lucas, your children sure are close.”
“Besides, Lidi is our daughter-in-law. I’m happy she acts relaxed in front of her parents, so you need not worry about it.”

The King and my mother-in-law answered with friendly smiles on their faces. My father once again bowed his head apologetically and said, “Thank you.”
My brother poked me and complained in a whisper.

“… Ain’t he angry because of you?”
“Brother, you’re at fault, right?”

I stepped on his foot in retaliation, and my brother’s face distorted in pain. The only reason he didn’t let out his voice was because he didn’t want to get scolded again.

“Hmph. You were the first to poke me, Brother.”

I turned my face away in a huff. Having seen our back and forth, Freed said like he was impressed.

“At such times, I really can see that you’re siblings, Lidi, Alex. You react exactly the same when you get angry.”
“Don’t lump me together with her.”
“See, you’re doing it again.”

When we both acted displeased, Freed laughed and pointed out.

“You’re so close that you even complain at the same time… I’m jealous.”
“Freed. I hate it, so don’t be jealous of that.”

My voice got a little lower now.
I looked at my brother, knowing that Freed was serious even though he said it jokingly, and he too looked fed up.

“Freed, don’t be jealous of trivial things.”
“It’s not trivial.”
“No, I think it is trivial…”

My father deliberately cleared his throat to interrupt us three talking about something truly inconsequential.

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