Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 454

She and the Usual Scenery 2

“Your Highness, if possible, I’d like to continue with the previous conversation.”

Freed nodded to my father’s words.

“You’re right. Ah, it was about Cain, right? However, you should ask Lidi about him, not me. It would also be best to dismiss those unrelated. Furthermore, I swear that he’s no threat, so I recommend clearing out the guards too.”
“The guards too?”

My father’s eyes widened, but he quickly made the decision and issued an order in a decisive voice.

“As Your Highness says… Everybody, leave. Will, Glenn, Sion – return to your respective posts.”

My father dismissed the court ladies and guards, then told Will, Glenn, and Sion to exit the room as well.
He probably had them withdraw as a precautionary measure. Will and Glenn were familiar with the black-eyed Cain, and Sion had come to know the red-eyed him, so it wouldn’t have been a problem if he stayed, but I decided to stay silent on the matter.
They left the room without complaints.


Once the door closed, Freed prompted me. In response, I spoke.

“Err, his name is Cain. Um, for a variety of reasons, he has formed a contract with me. He’s primarily my shino- my bodyguard. Even Freed acknowledges his abilities.”

I wasn’t sure how much I should say, so it became quite vague.
I hoped it would be okay since I didn’t lie, but my father looked displeased.

“Don’t speak in such a roundabout way. Why do you think I got rid of our audience? I know you saved a man from the Hiyuma clan before. His eyes look black, but he’s that same Hiyuma, isn’t he?”

I was rendered speechless by my father’s straight-forwardness. I thought it would have been confusing if I had said that Cain was a Hiyuma so I had kept quiet – but the current Prime Minister wasn’t fooled.


At the moment Cain was using Ms. Derris’s medicine, so his eyes were black. I had thought I could mislead my father, but he seemed certain that Cain belonged to the Hiyuma clan.
How should I answer?
While I was troubled in my own thoughts, Cain spoke up.

“Princess, you can tell him everything. I don’t really mind, and it’s not really a secret anymore either.”
“Can I, really?”
“You worry too much. Besides, Alex knows, too. Princess, I’ll follow your decision, so do as you wish.”

If Cain said so…
I took a deep breath and once again faced my father.

“He is. Father, as you said, Cain is a member of the Hiyuma clan. He normally has red eyes, but right now he’s using a medicine to turn his eyes black to make escorting me easier. Of course, Freed is aware of all that.”

I looked at Freed, and he nodded to confirm that.
When my father saw that, his harsh voice softened a little.

“…I see. You’ve been chosen as his master, huh. I’ve heard that the Hiyumas choose their own masters. Was it because you’d saved his life? It’s said that the Hiyuma clan always repay favors.”

My father looked at Cain. His gaze was sharp, but Cain stayed composed.

“Wrong. I didn’t choose Princess as my master for that reason.”
“Oh? Then why?”
“There’s no reason to tell you that. Princess is the only person I obey. I have no obligation to do what her father or husband tells me.”

My father’s eyes widened a little when Cain said something like that in front of the Prime Minister. Then he nodded like he was convinced.

“Since you’re a Hiyuma, I can understand that. All right. That means you’ve chosen my daughter as your master according to your own criteria?”

After hearing Cain’s reply, my father turned to me.

“You’ve made a contract with him, right? Knowing what sort of clan Hiyuma is and what sort of person he is, you put him on your side, right?”

I nodded without hesitation.
My father looked straight into my eyes, and I accepted his gaze without looking away. He stared at me for some time, but eventually he turned to the King and my mother-in-law, who were watching from the sidelines, and spoke to them.

“There doesn’t seem to be any particular issues with this man called Cain. His Highness seems to accept him as well, so I would appreciate it if you could recognize him as my daughter’s bodyguard. Please also treat this as a personal request from me.”
“Very well.”

The King agreed to my father’s request.

“I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my son’s precious partner. It’s most welcome that she has an outstanding bodyguard. Elizabeth, you should remember him too. He’s the princess’s new bodyguard.”
“I understand.”

My mother-in-law agreed obediently.
I couldn’t hide my surprise that they had accepted it so easily, but I was happy Cain was recognized for who he was.

“I’m glad…”

It was a pleasant surprise, since I’d been expecting some pushback.
While I was feeling relieved, my father spoke to my brother.

“With that said, Alex, it appears you’ve known him for quite some time now. Why didn’t you include this in your reports?”
“Ah… I knew you would say that…”

My brother seemed uncomfortable with my father’s gaze, but he still continued to explain himself.

“I couldn’t help it. Freed stopped me. I ain’t at fault.”
“Hmm, His Highness stopped you. It certainly can’t be helped then, but… I believe I saw you protect him just a moment ago. Alex, haven’t you become rather taken in by him?”
“You saw that? But that can’t be right. He’s just a friend.”
“A friend, you say?”

Surprised, my father looked at Cain again. Cain’s face twitched.

“A-Alex, you fool. Don’t say anything unnecessary!”

Brother looked puzzled that he got told off. His eyes blinking, he told Cain.

“Hm? It ain’t unnecessary, right? It’s true you’re my friend.”
“Aaaaa! What I’m saying is-! Stop that! You know the son of the top ducal house shouldn’t associate with shady people, don’t you?!”
“Huh? What are you saying, Cain? I don’t discriminate when it comes to my friends, okay?”

I could only agree with my brother’s clear declaration. But with a look of despair on his face, Cain turned to me with movements like a broken machine.

“Y-Yup. What is it?”
“This is my limit. It’s enough that I introduced myself, isn’t it? I’m leaving!”

With no time to stop him, Cain began signing with his hands and disappeared.
He must’ve really found it unbearable, since he didn’t even wait for my reply.

“Ah! How dare Cain run away!”

My brother sounded frustrated.
Freed smiled wryly and told him.

“No, you’re at fault this time. I think the situation was like a bed of nails for him.”
“Was it? He ain’t the sort of person to care about such things, right?”

My brother tilted his head. Then, my father grabbed him.


A vein appeared on my father’s arm. Just at a glance it was clear how much strength he was putting into his grip.

“Father, it hurts! It darn hurts!”
“It’s meant to hurt. Alex, we need to have a little talk… Your Majesty, Your Highness. If possible, could I also ask for some of your time?”

With his hand still sunk in my brother’s arm, my father spoke to the King and Freed.

“Eh, then me too…”

Going by their conversation, it must be about Cain. I spoke up, thinking that I should also go as Cain’s master, but my father shook his head.

“You’re fine.”

When I refused to back down, the King said in a soft voice.

“Princess. As a matter of fact, Elizabeth was impatiently waiting for your return. She would like to have tea with you. If possible, could you grant her that wish?”
“Eh, is that so?”

I looked towards my mother-in-law to confirm. She seemed surprised that the conversation turned to her, but she immediately nodded with a smile.

“Yes… I had thought it would be short, but ten days felt surprisingly long. Would you care for tea with me?”

I couldn’t refuse when my beloved mother-in-law asked me that.
Naturally, I nodded my agreement to her invitation with all my power. 

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! this was fun! I enjoyed it greatly, I hope things are fine enough in your side, I missed this story and kept looking daily at the NU page for updates hahaha


    1. R.I.P Alex, you should have just kept your mouth shut when cain said so. Thanks for the chapter and welcome new editor


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