Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 452

She and Goodbye, Irvine

When we returned to our room, we were greeted by my brother, who had finished preparations for returning to our country.
The inside of the room looked the same as when we’d seen it for the first time, with only the furniture and none of our belongings. Having lived here for ten days, I became a little attached and started feeling a bit lonely.

“We’re going home…”

When the feeling that we were really going back sunk in, Freed stroked my head.

“Our fathers are waiting too. There’s a lot of work to do, and we have to prepare to welcome Princess Ophelia. Even after coming home we won’t have free time.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Hey, Freed. Can I help with preparing Raid’s room? I’ve seen her room, so I roughly understand her preferences.”

I raised my hand. Freed wryly smiled when I asked to do what I could for my friend.

“I don’t mind. I’ll tell our fathers, so feel free to give court ladies instructions.”
“Thanks, I’ll do that!”

I’ll do my best so that Raid can live comfortably when she comes to Wilhelm. While I was getting excited, my brother came to us.

“It’s about time. Let’s go to the room with the transfer gate.”
“Yeah. In the end, our schedule was so packed we had no time to spare. I didn’t expect we would be so busy at first.”

Freed complained, and my brother agreed with him.

“Seriously. I didn’t think it would be so hectic… So, what about Cain?”

My brother restlessly looked around, perhaps worried that Cain was nowhere to be seen.
It must’ve been because he knew Cain would be coming back with us, but is it just my imagination that my brother became strangely close with Cain?
Even though they became acquaintances and then friends just a while ago, they are familiar like they’d known each other for a long time.
The environments in which they grew up were completely different, but they seem to get along surprisingly well, and I feel like my brother and Cain have often been together recently. I’m glad that Cain has become close with someone so I don’t mind, but sometimes I double take, “They sure are close!?”
My brother used to hang out with Glenn, but ever since Glenn got engaged, they’ve become a little distant. Perhaps that’s my brother being tactful in his own way.
He seems to now have fun spending his free time with Cain though.

“… Of course I’m here.”

In response to my brother’s words, Cain reluctantly appeared from behind a nearby pillar.
After confirming that everybody was present, we moved to the room with the transfer gate.
I’d thought the room would have luggage piled up inside, but contrary to my expectations, there was nothing like that there. Only the King and Queen of Irvine, Raid, Prince Hendrik, and Ilya were there to see us off.

“Huh, what about the luggage?”
“The luggage was sent through the transfer gate in advance. His Majesty arranged that.”
“I see.”

I nodded to my brother’s words.
While I walked towards the King, Raid waved her hand a little.
I waved her back. The King gently looked at us with gentle eyes and said.

“We’ve already exchanged farewells, so I won’t say much. Prince Friedrich, Princess Lydiana, stay healthy. I hope you can visit again when you have time.”
“Thank you very much. We’d love to.”

Freed answered, and standing next to him, I showed a smile. “Lidi,” Raid called my name.

“What is it?”
“I’ll come right away. Wait for me in Wilhelm.”
“Yup, I’ll be waiting.”

Ilya also quietly spoke to me.

“I’ve also already said my farewells, but even so. It was fun. Thanks, Lidi.”
“I should be saying that. Let’s meet again.”

Prince Hendrik held out his hand to Freed with, “Then, me too.”

“Thanks for coming to Irvine. Because you guys came, a lot of things got discovered and resolved. I’m looking forward to working together in the future too.”
“When I received the letter from you, I had no idea what would happen.”

When Freed said that with a bitter face, Prince Hendrik laughed and said, “I was very confused too.”

“Still, I’m truly grateful that you came and for what you did for Ophelia. Freed. Irvine has entered into an official pact with Wilhelm, but I want to get along with you as an individual too. I look forward to working with you as friends.”

Freed blinked at those serious words and took Prince Hendrik’s hand.

“… I will never again agree to your strange requests.”
“That’s the problem? I can’t promise anything though. I have to do my best for Ophelia, you see?”
“As if I care.”
“Well, no matter what you say, you’re kind, so I believe that you’ll accept in the end.”
“… Haa.”

Prince Hendrik smiled like he was planning something. Freed’s face was saying, “Good grief.”
This must be how those two just are. The King too watched them with a smile on his face.

“Then, it’s time. We’ll be activating the transfer gate.”

We nodded to Prince Hendrik and went on top of the transfer gate.
The transfer gate was activated at once, and we were engulfed in white light. Just before we were transferred, we heard Prince Hendrik’s voice.

“Really, thank you. Irvine is grateful to you. If anything happens in the future, Irvine will support you two with all our power. Stay well!”

With Prince Hendrik’s words, our visit to Irvine came to an end.
My vision went pure white, and I closed my eyes.

―― We’re going back to Wilhelm. To our country.

When the transfer finished, I slowly opened my eyes.
I was in the familiar room with the transfer gate.
I could see the King, Mother-in-law, Will, Sion, and Glenn.
Having noticed all the usual people greeting us, I smiled.
Together with Freed, I got down from the transfer gate.

“Lidi, welcome home. I’ve heard you worked hard.”

My mother-in-law talked to me with a smile. I nodded to her and said.

“Yes. It was very fun. I made friends and fell in love with Irvine.”
“I see, that’s good. I’d love to hear your stories from there.”
“Of course. We also have souvenirs.”
“I’m looking forward to them.”

My body naturally relaxed from the usual interactions and smiles. Feeling like I was finally back in Wilhelm, I looked around and told everyone.

“I’m home!”

Everybody responded to those words with a smile.

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5 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 452

  1. Hi, does anyone know where Volume 2 of the Light Novel starts in this Web Novel? I know Volume 7 starts at Chapter 144 since there is a notice but I don’t know where Volume 2-6 starts..


  2. I hope to God that this isn’t the ending… I hope TO GOD! There are still sooooo many loose ends! (Ps. Thank you translators! Good job y’all doing here!)


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