I Favor the Villainess 238

The Beginning of Everything (8)

※ The first (・・・) from Oohashi Rei’s point of view.

After leaving Claire’s hospital room, I went down to the bottom floor of the laboratory.
TAIM’s mainframe was there.
While impatiently waiting for ID verification, I shouted towards TAIM’s interface.

“TAIM, start the Eternal Loop System!”

The only way to save Claire was to forcibly place her in the loop system.
Considering the time necessary for soul quantization, there was no more time.

“Voiceprint and iris authentication passed. You’ve been recognized as the administrator, Oohashi Rei. Warning. Approval of the United States Government and the UN Secretary General is highly recommended before starting.”
“There’s no time! Never mind that and hurry up!”

If I waited for the slow approval from higher-ups, Claire would die.

It was a coincidence that I learned that Claire may become afflicted with an unknown illness.
At that time, I was in the initial stage of developing the mankind survival program together with Claire and was temporarily left in charge of TAIM.

Claire didn’t notice at all, but by that time, I’d already fallen in love with her.
It could be called love at first sight.
She perfectly fit my tastes, and every time I saw her defenseless self in the laboratory, my heart beat fast.

It was simply a whim to steal a glance at Claire’s medical data.
However, I had an unpleasant premonition about a sentence written in the record of her physical examinations.
I ordered TAIM to regularly report about that, and it turned out my hunch was right.

The numbers were getting worse day by day.
They were showing a probability of infection by a certain pathogen, so it was different from any particular illness progressing.
I inquired with TAIM, but it had no idea either.
Anyway, Claire was in a strange condition where the probability of getting an unknown illness was increasing day by day.

It would have been good if that illness wasn’t fatal.
Fortunately, medical care at the end of the twenty first century was excellent, so what would be called incurable illness before, could generally be healed now.
However, if Claire’s illness was something like that, there was no way TAIM wouldn’t be able to discern its true nature.

So I wondered.
How could I avoid losing the person I loved?
I wanted to make this love last forever.

The result was the Eternal Loop System.

“Confirm. The primary system cannot be stopped after activation. Do you really want to start it?”
“Beginning boot sequence. As the administrator, please insert the activation key according to the designated procedure.”

I took off the activation key hanging on my neck and inserted it into TAIM’s console.

“Final confirmation – Won’t you regret it, Oohashi Rei?”
“There’s nothing more that I’d regret than Claire’s disappearance!”
“Certainly. Sixty seconds until the system activation–”

When I turned the key, TAIM’s frame began rumbling.
Immediately after, I got a call on my smartphone.

“Rei, what is the meaning of this?! The United States haven’t given approval–”

It was the director.
He probably saw the notification of system activation and contacted me in panic.
I didn’t answer anything and hung up.
Then I turned off my smartphone.

“With this… With this, Claire will be saved. I’ll be able to loop with Claire.”

I was so relieved I collapsed on the spot.
My consciousness grew hazy.
The soul quantization began.

“Claire… I’ll be with you forever.”


When I regained my consciousness, I found myself in an unknown place.
I was surrounded by the starry sky… Or perhaps, a universe-like scene.
In the center of it, I stood alone.

“Where am I…?”
“This is the administrator’s room, Rei.”

Together with that voice, pale light shone in front of my eyes, and from it appeared a fairy-like child.
Silver hair with red eyes – I was familiar with that appearance.

“Congratulations, Rei. The Eternal Loop System activated successfully. Humanity has now switched to the dormant period.”
“What about Claire!? Did Claire make it!?”

I asked TAIM to ascertain the most important thing.

“Don’t worry. Claire’s soul was safely incorporated into the system.”
“I’m glad…”

I made it in time.
With this, I could live with Claire forever.

“Rei, I apologize for interrupting your solace, but please don’t forget your work as the administrator. There are numerous things to be done in the first loop.”
“Leave it to me. I’ll do everything without a fail.”

I’d be creating the framework for the world where I and Claire would spend many hundreds of millions of years together.
I had to do it perfectly.

“Well then, Rei. First of all, please manage the settings and distribution of all sorts of nanomachines towards the creation of the magical civilization.”

I had to do my best.
For Claire’s sake.

Afterwards, I became absorbed in work for a while.
Just as TAIM had said, there were a lot of things to do.
Starting from the remodelling of the global environment, the necessary process reached tens of thousands.
I steadily did them one by one with TAIM’s help.

“Rei. Isn’t it too much to concentrate administrative tasks on a single person after all? As Claire said, it would be more efficient if there was a group of–”
“TAIM, we’ve discussed it to exhaustion already, right? We should’ve concluded that the number of people should be kept to minimum because administrators become independent from the loop system.”
“I’m fine. Fortunately, I have you.”

If I were completely alone, I would have gone mad from solitude.
But, I was fine, since I had TAIM to talk to, and she would show me footage of Claire from the past.

“It will only become more difficult. I wonder if I alone can support you…”
“Then I’ll finish the necessary work as soon as possible and enter the dormant state too before my mental state deteriorates.”
“… That might be the best idea.”

While looping for hundreds millions of years, I would receive TAIM’s mental care.
Specifically, the plan was to systematically adjust, unify, and delete memories that weren’t about Claire or necessary for administrative work.
Without that, I’d go insane for sure.

Fortunately, I was able to finish my work before I went crazy.
To me, it felt like several years had passed.
The flow of time was ambiguous here so I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed like several decades had passed in Earth time.

I lied down in the cryostasis device and exchanged one final conversation with TAIM before going to sleep.

“Then, TAIM. Could you wake me up when the magical civilization is ready?”
“Certainly, Rei. Thank you for your hard work. See you again at the beginning of the magical civilization. Good night.”
“Good night, TAIM.”

Then, I fell asleep for a long time.


“– up…”

A voice was calling my deeply submerged consciousness.

“Rei, please wake up.”
“Hm… mm…?”

How much time has passed?
I woke up at TAIM’s call, again surrounded by the starry sky.

“Good morning, Rei. It’s about time to start the magical civilization. Please perform the final check.”
“… Got it.”

Cryostasis should’ve been different from normal sleep, but I was still extremely drowsy.
There was no amenity to wash my face there, so I waited until my consciousness woke up.

“Would you like to look at the world of magical civilization to wake you up?”

A holographic display appeared in the middle of the darkness.
I became captivated by the new world that appeared on it.


The new world created by referencing the world of Revolution had its nature splendidly restored.
All sorts of climate parameters, such as average temperature or precipitation, were also stable.

“Humanity hasn’t begun to thrive yet. The main players in the world are animals, plants, and monsters. From now on, we will start the early human civilization and lead it towards the magical civilization.”
“It’s finally starting.”

The second part of a loop.

“Starting the final check. Rei, perform the inspection.”
“Yeah. Let’s start.”

Long story short, the world was magnificently regenerated.
The environmental destruction that marked the end of the scientific civilization was splendidly undone thanks to nanomachines and all sorts of autonomous robots under TAIM’s control.
There was no problem with humankind starting a civilization again.

“Then, Rei. I’ll begin decompressing the souls of mankind.”
“Do you already have the recipients?”
“Yes, I’ve prepared them. They’re more suited for the civilization of magic than of science.”
“OK. Then begin decompressing.”

And so, the second civilization that would lead to the magical civilization began.
Early on, it was a primitive civilization similar to the scientific civilization at those stage, but it gradually developed under TAIM’s adjustments.
When the civilization reached the level of medieval Europe, humankind discovered magical gems – small TAIM’s terminals – and the magical civilization flourished.

“It’s going well, Rei.”
“Yeah, so well it’s scary. When will Claire’s soul be decompressed?”
“It’s scheduled to happen shortly after the dawn of the magical civilization, so it will be soon. You will also be reincarnated at that time.”
“Got it.”

Finally I would meet Claire again.
It took a long time.
It really took a long time.

“It’s time. Rei, good luck on the battlefield.”
“It’s not like I’m going to war or anything.”
“Love is war, isn’t it?”
“You learned something weird again, didn’t you? But anyway, I’m off.”

And so, I descended from the administrator’s room to the Earth.


“Why is a lowly commoner trying to join her desk with mine, know your place!”

When I came to myself, a woman with a characteristic hairstyle stood in front of me.
She was younger than when I’d known her.
But, she was unmistakably–

“Hey!? W-What are you doing!? Let… Let go of me!”

I reflexively hugged her.
I was able to meet her again.

“That’s not how a commoner like you ought to address me!”
“Indeed! Then, Claire-sama!”
“Forget it, let me go!”

Like this, I started my second life in the magical word together with Claire.

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35 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 238

        1. Dictionary: Hell is not the scary place. It is just the place where keeps shironeko*** in while provides it super strong bandwidth. In another word, hell is the place harasses people from other place.

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      1. First magical loop. It’s a question mark too, as an admin she should have fragments of her previous life, but MC Rei’s memory remembers Claire as only a character from a game. This Rei clearly remembers(?) Claire. Something strange is happening here.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. I think this is the 1st loop from what I remember if I’m not mistaken each loop they will lose their memories so maybe that is the reason why Rei somehow forgot claire sama


        1. This! This should be the very first question that should be asked! What would happen when they defeated the demon queen?! If she’s the OG or real Rei there’s no way that TAIM would let that happen because she’s the admin. Unless TAIM gain some consciousness that surpass the human knowledge that they feel they can manage everything better than any human can (like those of sci-fi movies).
          Very good chick!


          1. Remember ,TAIM never said that they should “kill” Demon queen Rei but “defeat” her , using their chorus which is a sort of fusion of both, since we’re in love war ,maybe the queen some love. Or maybe once defeat both Rei are going to fuse.


          2. Remember ,TAIM never said that they should “kill” Demon queen Rei but “defeat” her , using their chorus which is a sort of fusion of both claire and rei ‘s feeling, since we’re in love war ,maybe the queen need some love. Or maybe once defeat both Rei are going to fuse.


  1. This is more of the Rei we know. Disregarding the higher ups and the rest of humanity’s consent to start the loop system just so she can save her girl. Yep.
    Everything went well when they activate the loop system. Claire’s soul was quantized before she died. They manage to put humanity to dormant state, restore the earth, and set up everything for the magic civilization. Now she reincarnated at the same time with her girl.
    So… What went wrong for the demon queen Rei, and the other Reis to exist?! Im out of theory here yow

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Same here ang also how did she forget Claire right? In the begging of the story When Rei Came to that world why did she only remember that she died, & reincarnated in the game and what she can only remember that Claire Is just a otome game. The Demom queen Rei what is her connection, why is she trying to end that world, why is she trying to kill Claire and the Rei? How does she exist there is still a lot of questions that I’m still having but most importantly It hurts if one of them really died : (


      1. Im thinking of possibilities:
        (1) This magic civilization loop is a failure for Rei. Something tragic happened or things didn’t go well for her and Claire and she has to return as admin and live until this loop ends, starts another loop (scientific loop) oversee the whole loop for tens of thousands of yrs until it ends, then start another magic loop, same model as the game. To keep her sanity in check some of her memories has to be deleted, leaving only the knowledge of the game/events and feelings she had for Claire. However, the parts of her memory that was supposed to be deleted actually accumulated and turn into an entity. Hence the beginning of the story in part1 and the creation of demon queen.
        (2) This is the same loop as the current story. TAIM did something while Rei was in her dormant stage. They made copies of Rei (pope, nun, or demon queen) for the purpose of helping in handling the system when OG Rei is reincarnated and living in current loop. But a bug develops and demon queen rebelled, or something like that.
        (3) This is the same loop as the current story. Something happened when she was being reincarnated (thawing of her soul) that led to the creation of demon queen.
        (4) This is unlikely but maybe the last part is an error on the author’s part and that was supposed to be the same as the how the story in part1 begin.

        Dammit. Im using my brain more than necessary for fictional characters!


        1. i don’t know how could you do that bro!!! Just read the things you have written make me feel so headache!!! but your theory are very interesting so please continue give us more crazy thing

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I think we will be the one gonna be insane here, something is really wrong here and I think its hard for us to figure it out… I hope this is not tragic it will be all useless the events the happened before like how Rei peruse Claire before shts happeneds, if one of them really died I swear that I’m gonna be more insane here…


  2. i feel refresh now i was very wory since i read your theory about maybe Claire was dieth but now i can sure that it is wrong, althought there are still a lots of question in my mind about what happen next, Who is Demon Rei, and why Rei doesn’t member anything about her past life as a Ad

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So this repeat itself for idk how many years. But this is just painful, seeing your lover forget you each time you reset. I wonder what their reaction are, after finding this out about the world.

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  4. Mother of God, that’s tragic. Rei basically ended a world and created a new one just to be with Claire. Enduring years and years of solitude just to be with her for 1 lifetime every loop? No matter how much mental care one gets, there will come a point that they will go insane. There is only so much info you can cram in your brain. I’m just so glad that Claire made it. However, I don’t know where this is going anymore. My only guess now is Demon Rei finally reached her mental limit. She is starting to lose it. Still so many questiiionsss. Sooo gooood. Hats off to Inori-sensei for being able to expand the lore this much. I hope they will be able to keep up with this much quality until the end.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. if this timeloop shit would include Claire-sama dying a million times while Rei desperately tries to save her even tho things always go wrong every loop, then i’d bet that Inori-sensei got high and watched madoka magica as she wrote this volume of the novel

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  6. I think it’s definitely possible that Rei legitimately didn’t remember this because her consciousness was fragmented into herself, the demon queen, and potentially other fragments that became people

    Liked by 2 people

  7. As the plot goes on, the eternal loop is inevitable. Therefore it didn’t surprise me. What catches me off guard is the fact Claire forgot everything right from the first loop and Rei have no react from this. This leads to 2 questions:

    1. What does quantizing soul? What is soul, why it doesn’t contain memory with?
    2. Does Rei know everything about this? Does she accept to have a NPC Claire?

    Even Inori promised no-VR, this is pretty damn virtual to me.8

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