I Favor the Villainess 239

The Beginning of Everything (9)

※ This is seen from Oohashi Rei’s perspective (the first loop).

“Rei…… I think it’s time for me to go.”

Even if we were wrinkled up grandmothers, my love for her remained the same.
I clasped onto Claire’s hand as I tried to say goodbye to her.

“I’ll see you again soon, Claire.”
“Yes…… I’ll be waiting for you…… in heaven……”

Right after she said that, Claire took her last breath.
We were the only two people in the room.
Our marriage was not recognized, but we were still happy with each other.

Living life in a magical civilization was fulfilling.
We ran away from the revolution, where she was supposed to die a noble death and went on with our lives together as lovers.
We were separated from our families, but because we were blessed with such good friends, we were not lonely.
Above all, we were deeply in love.
All I could say was we lived happy lives together with nothing to complain about.

Claire’s soul was quantized once again and recorded into TAIM.
She would lose her memories, but once the scientific civilization begins again, she would live again as Claire François.

“What is it?”

The housekeeper, whom we hired once Claire fell ill in order to spend more time together, answered in a flat voice.
TAIM showed up in every civilization to act as the coordinator of history.

“I’ll end this lap of my life here too.”
“Are you sure? According to my calculations, you should still be able to live out a few more years.”
“It’s fine. Life is meaningless if Claire isn’t here.”
“Understood. I will begin quantization now.”

I got under the same covers that were draped over Claire, who had fallen asleep, and closed my eyes as I hugged her body.
Her body was still warm.

“It was fun, Claire.”

I’ll see you next time.


“Welcome back, Rei.”
“I’m back, TAIM.”

When I returned to the administrator’s office, I began my work as an administrator once again.
After seeing the end of the magical civilization, I put all of humanity into a dormant state again and waited for the beginning of the scientific civilization.

“TAIM, I’m overriding an event in history with my administrative permissions.”
“Warning. Depending on the degree of what is being overwritten, serious distortions in history may occur.”
“I’ll make sure it works out well.”

I began to adjust the events in history.

“Rei, what are you planning to change?”
“I’m changing the lives for me and Claire. More specifically, when we’re born and our causes of death.”

I changed the time of our birth from the late 21st century to the early 21st century.
There were still many mysteries surrounding Claire’s cause of death, but TAIM had also managed to improve its own performance with every loop.
TAIM had managed to figure out that the pathogen that caused Claire’s death did not exist in the world during the early 21st century.

“If you make that change, the two of you will only be able to meet during your mid-thirties.”
“That doesn’t matter. I’ll make sure we’ll live as long as possible after we meet.”

I fell asleep as I dreamt about living a new life with Claire in the scientific civilization.
The next time I woke up was several thousands of years later.

“TAIM…… How’s the history in this world right now?”
“It’s almost the year 1990. In regards to the Japanese calendar, it’s the end of the Showa period and the start of the Heisei period.”
“In that case, it’s almost about time.”
“That’s right. Would you like to be reincarnated from childhood this time?”

During the magical civilization, the first time I met Claire was during our time in the academy.

“Yeah. I want to experience Japan in the first half of the 21st century, after all.”
“Understood. Good luck on the battlefield.”
“Like I said, I’m not going to war or anything.”

After TAIM saw me off, I was reincarnated in Japan.
I was reincarnated into a normal household.
It was a regular household in the Heisei era, something that I had only ever heard about in my previous life.
It was an era that was in the middle of transitioning from the old-fashioned Showa period into a new era, in which the values that I had experienced in my previous life were now being newly established.

Both of my parents were working, which was something that was relatively rare in this era, and I had a younger brother.
Having a younger brother was new to me, and I devoted myself to taking good care of him.
Because both of my parents were busy with work, I was the one who handled most of the housework.
Thanks to this, my cooking skills became better than in my previous lives.

I couldn’t get used to my school life.
Bullying wasn’t considered a crime in the current era, and I was often isolated from groups.
Fortunately, I wasn’t held back by my studies, and I was decently good at sports, so I wasn’t the main target for bullying, but I was still being ostracized by other groups.
I was only able to make my first friend in university.

But even so, I was fine with it.
I still had someone I was fated to meet, after all.

After graduating from university, I joined a trading company.
I was getting fed up with the old-fashioned work style―― also known as being a so-called “corporate slave”, but I persevered in order to meet Claire.
And then, a few years later, I met Claire at a business meeting.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Claire François. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

She spoke perfect Japanese and had lived as a hotshot career woman.
Naturally, the Claire of this era didn’t have a drill hairstyle, but instead, she kept her blonde hair in the style that I was most familiar with- long and straight.
It was refreshing to see her not wearing a lab coat.
At first, we were only meeting up for our jobs, but eventually, we hit it off and started dating within a year.

Claire was initially reluctant to engage in a homosexual relationship, but she probably had some bisexual qualities to her.
She was immediately able to adapt to our relationship.

“I love you, Claire.”
“Yes, I love you too, Rei.”

In hopes of not repeating the same mistakes I made in my previous life, I proactively whispered my love to Claire.
Claire duly reciprocated those feelings as well.
Despite our occasional fights, our relationship was quite good.
Although we met a little late into our lives, she managed to live a long life without falling into a mysterious illness.

“I…… was really happy……”
“Thank you, Rei……. My beloved Rei…… Goodbye…”
“We’ll only be apart for a little while. I’ll see you again later.”

I saw her off.
Her end was very peaceful.
When Claire passed away, I reincarnated once again.


I repeated it many times over.
As was originally planned, I succeeded in having an eternal romance with Claire.

No matter how many times I repeated it, things never played out the same way.
In both the scientific and the magical civilizations, our loved always evolved slightly differently in each loop.
But even so, what stayed the same was that we would always start dating and stay together until the very end.
I enjoyed a different and fresh romance every time with Claire.

Everything was going well – that was what I thought.
Humanity could continue its history forever, and I could fall in love with Claire for eternity.
I had done my job perfectly – was what I truly thought.

But after a while, the gears were starting to get jammed.

“…… This is frustrating.”
“What is?”

It was an event that happened somewhere in the tens of loops of the scientific civilization.
Claire and I were just exchanging our first kiss together in that life.
At that time, Claire uttered a certain line.

“You seem quite experienced at this. How many women’s hearts have you broken so far?”

Claire may have said it as a joke, but I felt like I had been struck in the back of the head by a rock.
That was supposed to be the first kiss I’d ever had in that loop.
However, after living through so many lives, before I even knew it, I had become accustomed to kissing.
I quickly tried to play it off as a misunderstanding, but Claire saw me as an experienced woman.

Although there were no other issues during that time, I had started to feel a little bit uncomfortable.
In the beginning, I was able to see Claire as a woman who was new to love, but gradually, she started to look more and more childish to me.
In reality, Claire was not childish at all.
I was just getting too old.

My relationship with Claire was getting more and more rocky with each loop.
I became more aware that my feelings for her were gradually losing their freshness.
No matter what heart-pounding words were spoken, how sweet a kiss was, or how kinky our sex life was, all of that eventually lost its freshness.

And then, after about a hundred loops in,

“Rei, you seem like you’re getting bored of me. I don’t want to continue a forced relationship with you. Let’s break up.”

In the end, I was unable to remain with Claire for life.
I was shocked by that reality; however, I had no choice but to accept the breakup.
My love for her was slowly wearing out.

I repeated way too many loops.
Somewhere down the line, both Oohashi Rei and Rei Taylor had stopped living their lives by Claire’s side and had become distant.

But things were still okay for now.
I still loved Claire, after all.
Even if she hated me, it still wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

But what if one day, I just felt absolutely nothing towards her……?
To me, that was the most terrifying thing I could ever imagine.

“Why don’t you just delete some of your memories with Claire?”

Perhaps she could tell what was going on, but TAIM gave me a suggestion.
But by this time, I had already tuned TAIM’s voice out as mere background noise, so her advice never reached my ears.

I had started thinking about ending the looping system entirely.
It wasn’t an easy decision.
After all, it was something that had to do with all of mankind.
As Claire once said, ending the lives of hundreds of millions of people was not a trivial matter.
I only realized now how real Claire’s fears were.

But I still loved Claire.
A world without her was completely meaningless to me.
If I had to choose between the world or Claire, I would always pick Claire.

In the end, I decided to end the loops.

But I had one problem with ending the loops.
I could never bear to erase Claire’s existence with my own two hands.
Even though I wanted the world to end, I didn’t want Claire’s existence to be wiped.
That was a huge self-contradiction.

So instead, I came up with an idea.

“If I can’t get it done myself, then I just need someone else to do it for me.”

I created the existence of a Demon Queen in the magical civilization and decided to reign as the ruler of the demons.

Originally, monsters and demons were designed as mere stage props for the magical civilization.
At the same time, they were also used as devices to reproduce fossil fuels during the middle of the scientific civilizations.
I decided to take advantage of it.

I gave the demons the power to nullify quantized souls.
Establish the magical civilization and have the demons kill Claire―― and after that, I decided that I would end mankind once and for all.

Oddly enough, in the civilization where I had reincarnated as the Demon Queen, there was another “Rei” that wasn’t me.
Moreover, she behaved just like me.
I did my best to avoid interfering with history and continued to observe the situation while I was still preparing the demon army to kill Claire off.
That “Rei” could feel fresh emotions of love towards Claire – something that I couldn’t do anymore.
Somewhere down the line, I developed a strong murderous intent towards her.

That being said, my objective did not change.
Kill Claire and end mankind―― that was all.

I knew that the decision I came to was selfish.
After all, it would mark the end of mankind.
It was more sinful than any other crime committed in the past.
But still, I couldn’t bring myself to stop anymore.

My feelings for Claire were fading.
I needed to finish things before they were completely gone.

I am the Demon Queen.
A true adversary of mankind.

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64 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 239

  1. Wow. Inori-sensei really did it. Hats off to her 👏👏
    All theories debunked by the power of love lol.

    So Rei Oohashi is the Demon Queen. She went from “I’ll save humanity for Claire” to “I’ll end humanity because of Claire”. What a sad turn of events. It’s like she learned the “all good things must come to an end” saying in the weirdest, hardest way in human history. The identity of Rei Taylor that we know still remains a mystery, but maybe it will be revealed next chapter. If she turns out as an artificial or “fake” I wouldn’t even be mad or disappointed.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I want to see Rei is the fake version more then Claire, cause you know Claire stucked in many troubles to now and i feel tired now when see Rei help Claire day by day.


  2. Im still thinking And Wondering This is just my own opinion, my own perspective but Don’t you think their love story or maybe the whole story will be useless if the Rei Taylor ( Rei Ooshashi ) that we knew is only Fake, or Artificial whatever…But maybe just maybe something just went really wrong maybe before that happens her soul was split into two? this is impossible but I’m still hoping that The Rei right now is a real rei too… But I remembered that from the previous chapter TAIM said They need to Flirt meaning to fight for their love, that their love need to win, and maybe just maybe this Rei that we knew is the fragment or lost fragment of Demon Rei is that She really loves rei and save her

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really out of theories now 😭 shii If if it really happens shiii I swear to my gayness My heart will be more broken cause tomorrow is the update too of M&TDQ I don’t really want to read more tragic stories at the same time : (


      1. Which soul is the real one The Demon Queen or the other Rei? 😞 im really out of theories here I’m starting to lose my sanity


        1. Although I really want Rei to be a clone but I know it’s impossible because I firmly believe Inori sensei doesn’t want to be knocked down by fans lol


  3. love is not forever lol, thinking it is possible even it’s Rei make me both of sad and fun in the same way. Anyway i still have 2 questions that why does Taim help Rei and Claire in the fight with Demon quen Rei( now we know is the real Rei) does she not join the Demon quen Rei side? and a another big question is WHO IS MC REI?????I!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve got some, but of course just theories XD
      – Perhaps TAIM developed empathy or something similar for humanity after thousands (or was it millions?) of years. Or maybe it was the last will of OG Claire to TAIM to save humanity no matter what.
      – As for who is the Rei Taylor we know, she maybe created by the system itself. You know how OG Rei interfered with history of every loop? She always made sure she and Claire would meet at some point. System may have identify it as a “pattern”, since every loop is the same just alternating between magical and scientific. Although they may have drifted apart in their relationship, there is still a “Rei” and a “Claire” living in the same loop, at the same time. In the current magic loop OG Rei decides she would stop being Rei Taylor and instead be the Demon Queen. The system may be detected it as “inconsistency” since it didn’t follow the other loops’ pattern. So to fix it the system automatically created a “Rei Taylor” out of fragments of the OG Rei’s soul. Thus having 2 Rei’s in the same loop.
      – It could also be TAIM that created an artificial “Rei” and the pope and nun (this is not mine I got it from other comments lol)
      – Or maybe the it was the universe that created the other Rei. Yknow, like what they say in Jurassic Park “life finds a way”.

      Feel free to debunk it, at this point im just making theories just for fun hahahah!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a better theory.
        Taim is the only AI developed with the 5 senses and he saw that the path that rei is taking is not the right one and that he will regret it all his life
        Try to help Rei vindicate herself yvymm …
        The rest of Taim I think not the others it does not matter


          1. hello what i am trying to tell you is that taim cares about claire and rei

            Taim maybe created the other king to see her reflection of her past so that the decisions she made do not make her regret for her whole life

            The rei taylor we know loves Claire and the demon queen is hurt because she thinks that if her love runs out she will have to kill her and also she is jealous of Rei Taylor because she feels what she could not do

            Taim tries to make her fall in love again the right way and when
            I said that the rest does not matter I was referring to the other souls or the entire Taim civilization just wants the 3 of them to fix their relationship

            An example for you to understand is that Claire approaches the demon queen and they chat and give each other a delicious kiss and there is an R -18


  4. I knew it
    I knew that the demon queen divided her soul in 2 and repeats the same events as in mirai iniki or future diaries she kills her self to repeat the same paths with her lover
    What I did not understand is because the pseudo soul or the rei taylor that we know preserves the memories of the original for the most part
    The question now is what will happen, will love or the demon queen triumph


  5. The is sooo sad, yet sooo good. The thought that Rei, somewhere along the inumerable loops, lost her feelings for Claire is just so tragic. To me, it’s more like she’s losing her humanity. Without her feelings for Claire, nothing is worth it in her eyes. Rei’s thought process feels so real. A good question would be, if Claire was also an admin, will the two of them be able to share the burden and not get tired of each other or will the two of them inevitably drift apart? That’s even more sad.

    Dunno where this is going. The thought of Revo Rei being a fake is just so… wrong… I’ll hold my breath and believe that TAIM did something to OG Rei to split her in two or something.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I guess I’m not alone who
      Will my sanity if the Revo Rei that we knew is only just a Copy, or fake. That would be more tragic for the both of them and think about Claire to without having a slightest Idea or memory of Rei On each loop now she already know that they really know each other for a long time but she just keep forgetting all of it and also for Rei yes they were both reincarnating but it really hurts when u know that ur lover don’t know you but she will know u then after the that loop she will eventually forgot you again and again : (


      1. Maybe it is only me, but the thought of Rei being a fake or copy isn’t all that bad.
        Oshino Shinobu once said “There’s no reason a fake can’t do what the real thing would. And it’s possible for a fake to be more real than the real thing.”
        If the Rei we know and love turns to be a copy, then she played her role very well. She give Claire the “fresh love” that the OG Rei has been missing. And she did even better coz she just didn’t save Claire from untimely death, she even helped her grow as a person. Instead of running away together, she was beside Claire facing troubles and problems and whatever shit that has been coming to interfere their lovey dovey life.

        But of course this is just me being too optimistic and open minded. At this point everything and anything can happen so it’s better to expect for the worse XD
        Like you and everyone else Im still hoping that Rei is the real one, and something along the way made her the Rei we know and love. Like, she overcomes everything because of her love for Claire. That would be more preferable!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, this is something to definitely note: Our Rae Taylor also offered Claire an out during the revolution but Claire refused this time. I wonder if part of Claire’s soul was tired of this and wanted to exert her own agency again rather than everything being OG Rei’s play thing.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s a possibility. I mean, dont humans have this “yearning” feeling to do something other than what they normally do. Maybe it’s Claire’s subconscious telling her to defy it and do what she thinks she has to do this time?


        2. Was it just me after reading your comment that there is a possibility that Rei will die for able to save Claire : ( aw man I hope if they were given a chance that they can meet each other in another life again without any hindrances like this if this turn out a bittersweet ending : (


          1. Ayaka you are heading down to an even more negative route lmao. Never thought of that possibility although Rei mentioned before that she’s ok to die as long as she can guarantee Claire’s survival. But things changed now especially after being married and having kids. They also made a promise to return to their house so I dont think a tragic end like that could happen (or atleast not in this lifetime)

            Liked by 1 person

    2. She really is losing her humanity. First of all, this eternal loop thing and keeping the human civilization in check is just too much for a single human, even if she’s a genius. Plus she’s in solitude for like, forever. She’s like playing God a here.


  6. I feel like this could have been solved if Rei had let TAIM wipe her memories each time like everyone else, and just left the administrator stuff in her subconscious to be awoken as need be

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So that’s how the whole thing started…well indeed, there’s nothing that can last forever, even if it’s love huh…well. looks like it was the right choice to not inject ‘love’ in my body lol


  8. Seriously, Rei is kinda scary since the beginning of the story xD She really follows her desire, and she lacks empathy for the others besides Claire. Also, I’m impressed that she lasted hundred of loops before the freshness of her love slowly disappears. Bruh I can’t imagine loving someone that long unless we have a memory of each other lol She even defeated Marceline and PB’s long relationship.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Inori win big everyone! Look at comment thread today! Oh mine…

    Since the season 2 is about to end, I wonder if Inori would make the 3rd.

    Anyway, here is how this will end:

    The higher level of holding hand is gripping hand. It was so strong that every demons ever exist are blast away in one hit. Now, what left is Demon Queen and her castle, the administration room.


    Getting tired from love… is what you thought, right Rei? The truth is not. In fact the one tired is me. As a virtual assistance, I have duty to support you with all I could. As Claire’s stepdaughter and your adopted daughter, I wish the best for your happiness. But I cannot stand such a kid affair anymore. You claimed that your love for mom was eternity but immediately went sulk right after a mere breakup. You guy were literally fucked up trillion times and one tiny struggle was enough for you to destroy the world? Just what the fuck was that! Also Rei, you even throw tantrum on me and ignore my advice! What am I to you? A mere AI? Mom entrusted the world to the only love of her, and all that girl can do is acting like a bad girl after getting her gift in the Christmas night. You want to end everything right? My bad, it seems like I was one step ahead you. Replicating your soul was a hard work. Surprise huh, quantum is not something you could copy it, but that doesn’t mean you cannot mimic ịt. It took me 3 times to get the right one. Before you knew, the you of yours have been there with mom better than you could. Piss off right? But I bet the worse feeling than angry is regret. Whether you regret for not taking my advice nor give up on mom, please, enjoy it anyway. Fufufu.


    Being provoking, Rei, with taciturn face, smashes the control in administrator room. “I won’t do that if I were you, none in right mind would do that~” – TAIM, on the other hand, keeps sassing her. “Sudo system terminal NOW!” – as blood rushing to her brain, Rei furiously shout out. She, one couldn’t collect herself from TAIM ironic, couldn’t see a gorgeous lady in red dress behind her. “I believe the correct command is terminate not terminal.” A grateful smile blooms on a stunning face, as she continue: “I also don’t remember to know such an incapable Rei like that”. Rei dumbfounded, “How… come?!”

    “Yeah I’m back, Rei.”
    “This is for giving up on me!”
    “This is for erasing my memory!”
    “And this is I don’t know but I wanna do it anyway because it feels good.”
    “And… here.. is my apologize for break up with you”

    That’s… awkward. Because me is the one she was holding, I feel bless. However I couldn’t help feeling self-pity because the one she was holding is me! What am I supposed to do now. I don’t want to give my lady Claire to someone else. But that thing over there is me not someone else. Moreover, she is my origin. She is the one my lady Claire truly love. A replacement like me would never be worth for her. Perhaps, leaving now would be better for her, for me, and the other me…

    To be continue…?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, i think he just pays the money to see the previous release on Inori fanbox, i did that for a long time before i found this web and i have to say that I prefer to read on here more, the translation is pretty good, and i don’t need to use Google all the times, second there are a lot of crazy theories and comments here.LOL


        1. Please do make me feel guity. First this isn’t the first time I did this. There was a few chapters I drop fake spoiler baits as well. Second, I truly want to pay a few bucks to support Inori because I understand how hard to make something and I value her hard working. But I couldn’t do it now so… Saying prepayment is a sensitive topic to me for now. Please kindly avoid it. Thank you and enjoy the troll 😏🙃😝😜😛


        2. Yeah the comment thread here is more lively. I subscribe to one japanese writer too before (it’s not Inori, im sorry sensei! pls forgive me) and there was not going on the thread aside from emojis and compliments to the writer written in nihonggo XD

          Liked by 1 person

        1. You don’t have to be too serious about this you know, but I have to agree with you selling a Yuri masterpiece like this for such a low price is unacceptable but I guess Inori won’t just stop at here


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