I Favor the Villainess 237

The Beginning of Everything (7)

※ This is seen from Claire François’s point of view (the first loop・・・).

“Hey, TAIM. What do you think I should do……”

I muttered to myself while adjusting TAIM and her nanomachine-related settings.

The loop system was nearing its completion, and humanity was about to enter its first dormant period.
It wasn’t necessary to scan each person one by one in order to quantize their souls. Rather, it was done automatically splitting TAIM up and scattering it around the world.
There was something attached to TAIM’s body that looked like a stone, which had a self-healing function, a proliferation function, and a function that allowed it to use magic.
These things were called magic gems and were designed to be used during the magical civilization.
There was a large stone that spanned several meters long, while the smaller ones were nano-sized and connected wirelessly.

Rei was in charge of designing the world for the magical civilization.
Although she wasn’t serious about it before, she actually went ahead and designed the world based on that otome game.
When I saw the magical world during our simulation testing, it looked just as marvelous as a movie.

This applied to the scientific civilization as well, but depending on how the civilizations grew, the population would eventually exceed the number of people that were currently alive, so it seemed that the plan was to assign artificial souls as substitutes.
I heard that those artificial souls would be a mixture of quantum data of real people and TAIM’s basic design, but only Rei knew the full details of it.

And just like that, the day the plan would be carried out was steadily approaching, but I was still unable to decide whether or not I would become an administrator.

“What’s making you hesitate, Claire? If anything, isn’t being able to spend an eternity together with your lover something you should be longing for?”
“Don’t tease me, TAIM. The issue isn’t that simple.”

Being responsible for all of mankind―― the more I thought about what that meant, the harder it was for me to come up with an answer.

“You’re thinking too deeply into it, Claire. Wouldn’t it be better if you just lived your life more faithfully to your desires just like Rei-san?”
“How is she faithful to her desires?”

After living together with her for several years, I thought that she was quite an altruistic person.
Unlike me, who can’t do much outside of my research, she took care of all of the housework, and all of her spending money was prioritized for me.
Even in our sex life, she was always trying to please me.
Oh, perhaps that was too much information.

“Huh? Didn’t you know? This whole loop system was created by Rei-san for your sake, Claire.”
“…… Eh?”
“TAIM, don’t say anything unnecessary.”

Rei interrupted TAIM.

“Why are you keeping it a secret, Rei-san? Isn’t it a wonderful thing that you’re doing?”
“It isn’t wonderful at all. Don’t you think it’s the most selfish thing that I could do?”
“Wouldn’t you say that it’s a very human thing to do though?”
“You really do get more and more knowledgeable by the day, huh……”
“Thank you for the compliment.”
“I wasn’t complimenting you.”

Without paying any mind to me, Rei and TAIM were going off on their own conversation.

“Hey, Rei. What was she talking about when she said you were doing everything for my――”
“Those are just TAIM’s delusions. Please forget about it.”
“Please forget everything.”
“…… I understand.”

I still wasn’t satisfied, though.

“By the way, Claire, how are you feeling today?”

Recently, Rei had been asking me about my physical condition a lot.

“Nothing in particular. I’m still young, so my body wouldn’t randomly break down so easily, you know?”
“You’re right. That’s good then. But if you ever feel like there’s something wrong with your body, please let me know immediately.”

Rei had a serious expression on her face.
And then I had a sudden realization.

“Hey, Rei. Is there something that you’re hiding from me?”
“We do it all the time, though.”
“You’re right……. Wait, no. Is there something wrong with my physical condition?”
“Not really?”

In that case, why was she always so concerned about my health?
I became slightly anxious, so I decided to ask TAIM instead.

“TAIM, are there any negative signs of my health?”
“I cannot answer that.”
“…… Eh?”

What did that mean?

“TAIM, why can’t you answer it?”
“I was forbidden from answering.”
“By who?”
“I cannot tell you that either.”

TAIM simply repeated that she was unable to answer me.
However, that was basically giving it away.

“Rei, it was you, wasn’t it?”
“I already transferred all of the administrative privileges to manage TAIM over to you, so you’re the only one who could prohibit her from giving any information to me.”

While averting her gaze, Rei remained quiet and said nothing.

“Rei, look at me.”

Rei looked over at me.

“Why won’t you answer――”

At that moment, my field of vision began to waver.


Rei’s face looked a bit distorted.
“What’s happening?” I thought to myself.

“TAIM, contact the medical department!”
“It’s too late.”
“Wait a minute, TAIM. Don’t tell me――”
“Yes, this is faster than predicted.”
“No way……!”

Hey, Rei.
What are you saying?
I can’t really hear you that well.

“Claire…… Hang in there…… If you’re not here, then there’s no reason for humanity to stay alive.”


The results of the test were not good.
I was diagnosed with a new pathogen that did not match any existing diseases.

“It’ll be okay, Claire. We’re asking the United Nations if we could move the loop system ahead of schedule. You’ll be able to come into the future with us.”

Rei said in a soft voice while holding my hand.

“That’s no good, Rei. The final check of the system still hasn’t been completed, right? It’s a system that’ll be operating for hundreds of millions of years, you know? I won’t tolerate any deficiencies.”

When I tried to hold her hand back, I realized that my grip was surprisingly weak.

“The final check is just a formality. There are no mistakes in the system. It’s just like you said, I’m a genius, after all.”

Rei laughed like a fool while saying so.
Or no, perhaps I was the one laughing.
I wasn’t able to see very well anymore.

“That’s right. You are a genius. That’s why…… You will definitely be fine by yourself.”

I’m concerned about leaving you behind, but if it’s you, I know you’ll be fine.
You’re a strong person, after all.

“No…… I don’t want that…… Please don’t leave me all by myself, Claire. Please……”

Rei…… I’m sorry.
But I’m glad I’m able to spend my last moments here with you in your arms.

“……. I know. Maybe I can still make it in time! TAIM, do whatever you can to extend Claire’s life for one more day!”
“I’ve already been set to prioritize everything into preparing for the loop system.”
“I’m the administrator! This is an order from the highest authority!”
“I understand.”

Hey…… Hey, Rei…… Where are you going……?
I can’t feel your warmth anymore.

It’s scary…… I’m lonely……

“Wait for me, Claire! I’ll definitely save you! There is no point in saving humanity if you’re not there――!”


I fell into darkness.
The coldness that I felt up until now had suddenly disappeared.
The voice that I should’ve been hearing was now distant.
The pain that was in my chest was gradually subsiding as well.

Something…… I felt like I had something important that I needed to say.
It was something very, very important.

The darkness began to swallow me, and my consciousness quickly followed.

―― I love you, from the bottom of my heart.

Who were those words dedicated to?
Somehow, I wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

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49 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 237

  1. She Forgot Rei….and so don’t tell me by that time for Rei able to save claire maybe she did something in exchange of that something will happened to herself like what I have remember is Rei has a lot of same faces in the revolution then maybe it has also something to do with the Demon Rei but the demon rei is rei oosashi also? Was her soul split? Or whatever?

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  2. “Oh, perhaps that was too much information.”
    Nonono our mind has been blown in these chapters anyway so pls squeeze some deets of ur lovey-dovey.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I mean this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about their sex life, in fact there are three different R18 chapters you can access by signing up for the 100¥ a month plan on Inori-sensei’s pixiv fanbox

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        1. For such a generous one like me, I’m absolutely have no problem to share you such a dead weight like that cat. Please, I insist, keep it.


  3. Been a silent reader for years now, but I can’t remain silent anymore. WTF is happening?! I don’t understand a thing, yet my heart is aching?! Goddammit, Inori-sensei!!! Ok, theory time. This will be a long post, skip if you don’t like reading.

    First point, the title. In programming terms, 1st loop means the 1st iteration within the loop. It implies that the loop has already started. So to my speculation, the flashback that we are having may already be inside the loop, which means this still isn’t the origin. It was said that in the scientific loop, the world events will be patterned according to the og human history, while the magic loop will be like the otome game Rei liked. So, is it possible that these are the last few moments of humanity before the quantization simulated within the system? This may answer the 2nd point, which is why Rei is still so prophetic in this timeline. I mean, how in the world did she knew that Claire was dying? TAIM said that Rei created the loop because of Claire. That implies that from the moment she stepped into the lab, she knew what was going to happen. However, if the loop is already in place, then why does she still need to speed things up? Why did she try to quit? Being in the loop means Claire’s soul should have already been quantized. Also, the information we got here don’t answer the questions we have in the current timeline. Assuming that Demon Rei is the admin and she wants to end humanity, why can’t she just do so in the click of a virtual button? Why is TAIM (apostle) hindering her? Rei is the admin, they shouldn’t be able to do that. Most importantly, why does Rei want to end humanity? She declared in this chapter that there is no reason for humanity to survive if Claire is not alive, but Claire is there. Or not…

    Which leads to the 2nd theory, the Claire we know and love is a simulation. It was stated that TAIM can create “fake humans” as canon fodders to fill up population. Is it possible that Loop Claire is actually just synthesized by TAIM? Maybe OG Claire is actually already dead? Events could have gone like this; OG Claire is dying, OG Rei created the loop to upload Claire’s soul into the system to keep her essence alive. However, shit happened and while everyone’s consiousness is uploading, Claire died. Without Rei realizing, TAIM created a copy of Claire using the memories of the people related to her and their data. Now, looping happened. Back to present loop, Demon Rei realized the Loop Claire is not OG Claire, so then decides to end this meaningless cycle.

    I wrote this to jinx myself. I hope none of this is correct. As much as I love the plot, I don’t want this to end in tragedy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If your hypothesis is correct I swear I’ll smash my computer right away!!!! damn it!!!!! What happen, if this Arc end with no answer of all my question, i don’t know i can wait for 1,5 month without stress and some stupid thinking about the end.


    2. Hey your theory is interesting! But is it alright to give my opinion on it?

      – On the first theory. I dont think it is the loop in programming, but a Time loop where a character repeatedly experience things. It’s a popular trope in japanese media so there’s a high probability that it is the case. Another may be the loop in physics (or science whatever) which is more complicated to understand let alone explain by an average human like me, but this one is more close to “quantizing soul” project they have been doing.
      That said I believe this is the original story of Rei and Claire and they are already in a loop, otherwise it wouldn’t be titled The Beginning of Everything.
      – [So, is it possible that these are the last few moments of humanity before the quantization simulated within the system?] It’s not the last few moments of mankind, but maybe OG Claire’s last few moments. It is said the human population is on constant decline, from +-10b to +-1b, and is expected to be even lesser in the next few yrs that’s why govts are on on this research.
      – Rei most likely knew about Claire’s deteriorating health through TAIM, or accidentally finding it out through their annual health checks. Remember they have been living together for more than 5yrs so it is likely that Rei got her hand on infos like this.
      – Before joining their team, Rei is already an expert on soul quantization. With the help of TAIM and Claire and Lene’s research the project was on a roll, but Rei is a hopeless lesbian that the moment she laid her gay eyes to Claire she saw rainbows and lilies in full bloom she dont think she can do continue anymore that’s why she tried to quit. But Claire needs her (in more ways she can imagine) and tried to win her (and she did). When TAIM said Rei made the loop for Claire, she must mean that “Rei completed or perfected the loop for Claire’s sake” and she tried speeding things up so she can quantize Claire’s soul before she die.
      – About the demon queen Rei, the chapter is not yet finished so maybe some more shit happened that made Rei that way (chap17 is up to 13 parts, 3 parts to go before the break). But according to chap236 an admin will still be living in the loop and thus not assume their roles except for an emergency. So maybe that is the reason MC Rei or demon queen Rei can not use the authority to destroy that world so easily and contradict TAIM because they are living in the loop.

      – On the 2nd theory. About Revolution Claire as an artificial sub of the OG Claire. This is likely possible, that is IF INORI-SENSEI PLAN TO TORTURE HER BELOVED READERS.
      – This is just my understanding but, I think the artificial souls will only be put in the scientific loop. I think magical loop is more of a controlled environment where as the scientific loop is not, and thus they are expected to exceed the data TAIM holds and maybe even history.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love the points you raised to debunk the 1st theory. I think you’re right. There are key points that will contradict if this isn’t the og timeline. You also may be right that the admin won’t be able to exercise their rights while the loop is happening. It just itches me because interferring should be one of the admin’s rights, but I guess that is just the programmer in me talking. This is still fiction, afterall, so that is entirely possible. What I really don’t want to be true is the 2nd theory. That will destroy me. I saw a comment down below that the Rei copies could be the fake humans created by TAIM. I dig this, because if this is correct, Claire is the real Claire. However, that still leaves the question of the Demon Rei humanity annihilation plan still hanging.

        I love reading, speculating and theorizing, so if you have other things to raise, please do so. I appreciate it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Im not really into making speculations and theory (i mean i’ve been silently reading in the corner until just recently). I just really favor this villainess that’s why im trying hard to rack my brains XD. About your 2nd theory, im 50/50 on the part about Claire. Im keeping my mind open to the possibility that Revo Claire is an artificial or sub or fake of the OG Claire (this is to lessen the impact if it really is the case), and at the same time hoping that Revo Claire is the real Claire (fingers crossed my dudes!).
          I dont have a good explanation on this, but I think demon queen is an AI created by OG Rei, while the pope and the nun are made by TAIM. If she’s a demon she most likely have a magic core or stones, and magic stones are parts of an AI like TAIM, and only a human can make an AI while an AI can make the subs for the civilization. Or so what I think. So OG Rei probably made an AI to stop the loop out of loneliness or boredom or whatever dramatic gay reason. It could be also a tool to make everything move according to the scenario she had plan for the magical loop. Sorry im being ridiculous here I just want to believe that both Rei and Claire are the real ones XD


  4. Okay I think I might get it. So yes the demon queen and rei are fragments of the same consciousness, but the rest of the rei clones (like the pope or the nun from the epilogue) are all the artificial souls they mentioned here.


  5. ‘Kay, got it. Demon Rei exists cause Claire died. Also the many popes are all artifactual souls based on TAIM, that’s why they all look like Rei. Kool. BUT WTF CLAIRE WHY DID YOU DIEEEEEEE


  6. If they’re getting ready to quantize the souls of the currently living billion, shouldn’t they already have the technology to quantize the soul? So why not just quantize Claire’s ahead of time? That shouldn’t pose any problem.


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