Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 451

She and the Last Day of Her Stay 4

Freed pulled my waist to himself with a frown. I nodded to him and told Ilya.

“Er… Then, it seems it’s time for us to go. Ilya, I don’t know when it will be, but I’m looking forward to meeting you again.”

Bright red from embarrassment of being tightly hugged by Prince Hendrik, Ilya nodded.

“I-I’m looking forward to that too. Lidi, thank you for coming to Irvine. And for the matter with Lady Ophelia too. Um… Lady Ophelia might be going to study in Wilhelm, but when she comes back, I’ll try my best to talk more with her.”
“Yup. I think Raid will be happy too. Good luck, Ilya.”
“Thank you, Lidi.”

Waving to Ilya, I left the room.
“Your Highness, Princess Consort,” Levitt spoke to us. When we stopped and looked back, he bowed deeply.

“Thank you very much for what you did for us today. I’d like to return this favor with my future work. Will you allow it?”
“Of course.”

Freed answered him, and I also nodded from Freed’s side.

“I’ve heard about you from my uncle, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be relying on you from here on too.”
“I’m grateful for your words. I’ll do my best with my whole heart.”

He had the perfect attitude for a vassal. It’s no wonder he’s earned Freed’s favor.
While I was thinking of what kind of knight he’d become, Freed started to walk and said, “Come to think of it.”

“Lidi, I’ve heard from Hendrik that you’ve caused many rumors with the uproar yesterday.”
“Eh, me? D-Did I do something wrong?”

In the end, did I mess up somehow?
I felt myself turn pale as I looked at Freed. He said, “No,” with a laugh.

“Lidi, you didn’t make any mistakes. You aren’t being bad-mouthed.”
“I’m not? Then, what is it? I’m even more worried now.”

I really had no idea.
While I was getting anxious about what rumors about me spread in Irvine, Freed said.

“Hm. Actually, the rumors seem to say that the Crown Princess of Wilhelm is more in love with her husband than rumored.”
“Haaaaa!? What the heck!?”

My eyes opened wide upon hearing Freed’s words.
What? Why did such a story suddenly spread?

“W-Where did that come from!?”

It’s true that I love Freed, but I was concerned where that rumor came from.
When I unconsciously stopped and pulled the hem of his clothes, he answered, “I’m saying that it was the evening party yesterday,” with honest delight.

“Lidi, you boldly declared yesterday that, ‘Freed is mine,’ to that woman, right? That was it. Everybody became aware of it then. They’d known that the Crown Prince of Wilhelm is infatuated with his wife, but they learned that the wife also loves her husband very much.”

Of course, I remember telling Kate that Freed is mine and how happy he was about it last night. However, I never would have thought that it would make Irvine nobles recognize that, “The Crown Princess of Wilhelm appears to be considerably in love with her husband.”

“E… Embarrassing…”

I finally got embarrassed about the words that fully exposed my possessiveness in front of the public.

“Hendrik told me, ‘Your consort doesn’t lie about her feelings no matter what circumstances. I’m envious.’ I’m also proud of you… Lidi.”

While I was writhing in agony because of my thoughtless behavior, Freed tilted his head and asked.

“Lidi, why are you groaning? Do you hate everyone knowing that you love me, Lidi? I was very happy…”
“It’s not that I hate it. It’s a fact, so I’m fine with that. But, when I remember it, I get so embarrassed that I want to crawl into a hole…”

It’s true that I love Freed, won’t accept concubines, and think that he’s mine and mine alone, so it doesn’t matter if it gets exposed.
“That Crown Princess is deeply in love with her husband, you know?” I’ll allow people to think that.
It’s simply the truth.
However, I didn’t want that deduced from my words, ‘Freed is mine and only mine,’ that fully exposed my possessiveness.
Because, isn’t it incredibly embarrassing?

“You don’t need to be embarrassed though.”
“… But when you think about it normally, isn’t it embarrassing?”
“But with this, the next time we come to Irvine, I don’t think anybody will get in our way.”
“… Well, yeah. I welcome that.”

I don’t want such a fuss to happen ever again.
When I nodded despite making a complicated expression, Freed seemed to recall something.

“About that girl. It seems she’s been officially issued a ban on entering the royal palace. She’s also forbidden from participating in evening parties and social gatherings for five years.”
“… I see.”

For an unmarried lady of marriageable age, being unable to appear in the high society for five years is almost equal to having her path to marriage blocked. Moreover, she caused a ridiculous incident in the presence of almost all domestic nobles.
Rumors will spread in no time, and no one will approach her, since she incurred the Queen’s displeasure. And so, she can only hope to marry a gold digger who’s attracted by her father’s rank. Or perhaps a man who’s truly in love with her. I hope it’ll be the latter, but I don’t know how she really is, so I can’t really tell.

“Her father, the marquis, appears to be thinking of either sending his daughter to a monastery or marrying her to a foreign noble. Apparently, he said he can’t keep her near him anymore. He was there when it happened, and he was so dumbfounded by her foolishness that he couldn’t move until it was over. No matter what he’d heard about his precious daughter, he couldn’t imagine she’d act like that towards foreign royals. It woke him up. It seems he started scolding his daughter the moment they came home, but his daughter still doesn’t understand why she was punished. She just keeps saying that she didn’t do anything wrong.”
“… Wow.”
“It seems the marquis came to apologize to the King first thing in the morning, saying that the responsibility for his daughter’s behavior lied with him as her parent, and he offered to relinquish one-third of his territory. His behavior was acknowledged, and it seems he won’t be punished beyond that.”
“Her father is a decent person…”
“So it seems. Hendrik told me the details in hope you can agree with the settlement.”
“Agree or whatever, I wouldn’t complain no matter what the Irvine side decided.”

Although I was annoyed by the uproar at the evening party, thanks to Freed’s advance preparations, there was hardly any damage done. That’s why I didn’t intend to meddle with the punishment.
We started walking again. Freed continued smiling as though he was amused by something.

“It’s nothing. I’m just feeling good, so don’t worry about it… I didn’t think that everybody recognizing that you only look at me would make me so happy, Lidi. The more I think about it, the more I grin.”
“… That just makes you weird. Stop that.”
“I hope everybody in Wilhelm can also recognize that you love me, Lidi. Then I’ll be able to work everyday in a good mood.”
“Doesn’t everybody know that already?”

I’m aware that we’re all over each other and that people watch us with lukewarm eyes. So I think everybody knows.
When I said that, Freed answered, “I wonder. It would decrease the amount of people who would want to lay their hands on you, Lidi,” as always jealous of some imaginary people.

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