Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 460

She and the Trip Story 4


I stood up from the chair to welcome him. Freed happily hugged me.

“The soldiers told me you went to the courtyard with my mother, so I’ve come to pick you up. I met up with Clara just now, as well.”
“You’re done with the meeting, too? What happened to your assignment?”

I thought he’d return to the office after the meeting. But when I asked him, Freed answered cheerfully.

“My father told me that I could take the day off today. That’s why I came looking for you.”
“So that’s why…”

Apparently, he had the day off today. It seemed to be due to the King’s compassion for his own son, considering he had worked hard in a foreign country for ten days straight.
While he buried his face in my hair, Freed said.

“Lidi, you’ve had enough of this tea party, right? Let’s go back to our room. I finally have time to myself, so I want to spend it with my Lidi.”

Freed had invited me in a sweet voice.
Although I felt bad for doing so, I refused.

“No. I’m still having tea with my mother-in-law. I want to hear more of her stories.”

The King and my mother-in-law.
It was the couple I was most interested in and supported the most right now, and I was finally able to hear about them. I didn’t want that to end. To be precise, I wanted more information.

“Freed, I’m happy you invited me, but sorry, not now.”

As a fan, I wanted to collect what data I could.
So while I was incredibly regretful, I wanted to give priority to my mother-in-law’s tea party.
When I pleadingly stared at Freed, he grumbled.

“Lidi, you really like my mother, don’t you?”
“Huh? Of course I like her.”

Wasn’t that obvious? When I looked at Freed with those feelings, he replied with a complicated look.

“I’m also happy that you’re on good terms with my mother, Lidi. However, I don’t want her to steal you away from me.”
“No no, she isn’t stealing me away. To begin with Freed, my mother-in-law is still your own mother, right?”

As usual, he seemed deeply envious of his own birth mother.

“… Lidi belongs to me.”
“Indeed I do, so just calm down. Alright?”

While wrapped in his arms, I raised my heels and kissed him on the cheek. I also whispered to him, “Freed, you’re the only one I’m in love with,” which made him look delighted.
Apparently, his good mood returned. That was what was most important.
While I was feeling relieved, my mother-in-law, who had been watching our exchange, added in a frosty tone.

“Are you jealous of your mother as per usual? How unsightly.”

Freed turned his gaze to my mother-in-law.

“I’ve come to pick Lidi up.”
“Pick her up? What are you talking about? This tea party has only just begun. Can’t you see that?”
“I don’t care to see that. Anyway, Lidi and I will be resting in our chambers now.”
“I’m sure you were all over each other in Irvine, so, again, what are you talking about? Can’t you even wait a few hours for our tea party to finish?”
“No, I can’t.”

Freed was too blunt here.
After hearing Freed clearly state that he couldn’t wait, my mother-in-law looked like she had a headache.

“And this is the Crown Prince of Wilhelm… Honestly, how deplorable.”
“My father isn’t much different, right? Don’t act as if I’m the only one.”

Perhaps weak to topics regarding the King, my mother-in-law had fallen silent.

“I think my father will also come here soon. He’ll be having a break shortly.”
“… Lidi. Let’s end today’s tea party. I will retire to my room.”
“Ah, yes.”

Perhaps in not wanting the King to come for her, my mother-in-law had vigorously changed her mind and announced the tea party to be over.
… Well, I wasn’t surprised at her reaction.
Too many things had already happened today for my mother-in-law.
She did her best with the holding of hands, and then there was the forehead kiss. Perhaps some other things happened as well.
Anyway. With so many things happening, she couldn’t handle anything more today. It’d be cruel to request anything more from my mother-in-law now, so I wanted her to relax alone.
However, I wished the King gave more thought to his actions, rather than immediately charging into the tea party. My mother-in-law was a delicate person. I wish he’d understand that she needed time alone.
Be that as it may, I think she made a great breakthrough compared to before.
I escaped from Freed’s arms and spoke to her.

“Mother-in-law. It was short, but I had fun today. I’d love to be invited for tea again.”
“Yes, I found it delightful as well. It’d have been better if this obsactacle hadn’t appeared as well, however nothing will change even if I complain.”

It’d be better for my mother-in-law to leave before the King arrives.
I tried quickly finishing my farewell and leaving, but suddenly I realized I needed to say one thing.

“Ah, Mother-in-law. I bought a kitchen knife in Irvine. I’ve been thinking of cooking something with it soon. Could I invite you when that time comes?”

The more, the merrier. Besides, I’d only given my mother-in-law Japanese confectionery so far, so I wanted to cook something else for her.
My mother-in-law seemed surprised by my invitation, but she smiled right immediately afterwards.

“Yes, of course. I’m looking forward to it.”
“I’m so happy to hear that!”

I was relieved that my mother-in-law agreed.
With that, I parted from my mother-in-law and left the courtyard together with Freed. I left the tidying up to Clara and the other court ladies. I was thinking of eating leftover caramels with Freed, so I asked Clara for some and she promised to deliver them later.


Freed, who had been obediently quiet since the first signs of the tea party ending, then spoke to me.
My hand was being tightly gripped. I grasped back and looked up at Freed.

“… Sorry. Ultimately, I did you wrong, Lidi. I know it’s an excuse, but I didn’t mean to get in your way. At least, at first.”

He was really honest to say, “at first.”

“When I saw you two getting along…”
“I know you’re the jealous type and couldn’t help it, Freed.”

While I was giggling, Freed asked me next.

“Lidi, you don’t hate that about me?”
“Hm? Not really. It would have ended if His Majesty had come along anyway. If anything, you were a great help by giving us forewarning.”

I’d gotten used to Freed’s jealousy, and since it gave my mother-in-law time to escape, it was very much welcome. When I said that, Freed made a complicated face.

“Really Lidi, why do you like my mother so much?”
“Eh, but after all, isn’t she a wonderfully lovely person?”

Freed looked at me incredulously.
No, really, I don’t think there are many people that cute.
And I think her son, Freed, is also cute.
Right, Freed is both cool and cute.
Even if I were told, “You’re just biased because you’re in love,” I’d just answer with all my power, “I am, but so what!?”

“Come to think of it, just now you said you’d cook for my mother. Could I also get an invitation?”
“Of course.”

Of course I would invite Freed.
To be more accurate, I wanted him to eat my food most of all.
He looked visibly relieved when I said that.

“That’s good. I’d get jealous again if only my mother was the only one invited, or something.”
“I wouldn’t have said that, would I?”

I looked at Freed in astonishment.
Freed was in an obviously good mood, and as if he just remembered something, he added.

“Ah, right. I told the Prime Minister to listen to your opinions regarding the arrangements of Princess Ophelia’s room.”
“Eh, really? Thanks! Was my father okay with it?”
“Yeah. There’s only a week before the princess arrives. It seems the preparations have already begun, so you could even do it tomorrow. She’ll be hosted in the currently unused annex.”
“The annex! Good idea. That should help Raid settle down.”

It would be a long stay for her, so they probably decided on that as an emphasis for her own privacy. I hoped that she could enjoy her stay in Wilhelm, so I agreed with that decision.

“Then, I’ll waste no time and go tomorrow.”
“And Freed, you have today off, right? What are we going to do now? Go out to town since it’s been a while?”

It was just past noon. When I excitedly asked, he broadly smiled.

“As a matter of fact, I have a day off tomorrow as well. So, let’s go to the town tomorrow. We have to deliver the requested goods to the Medicine Witch anyway.”

Flower seeds requested by Ms. Delris. And if we were bringing them, I wanted to make some sweets to bring as a gift. With that in mind, I agreed to Freed’s proposal.

“Then, how about I make the sweets tomorrow morning, and we go there around noon? I’m currently in her debt, so going empty-handed would be a bit…”
“Understood. Then, let’s do that.”

We came to the decision. While grinning about Freed’s suddenly free schedule, I noticed something. Huh?

“Freed. Then, what will we do now?”

We only filled the schedule for tomorrow, while today’s was empty.
I was really suspicious so I had to ask, but when Freed showed a grand smile, I realized what the plan for today was – “I’ll be embraced during daytime already!” And as expected, I was splendidly eaten by Freed.

Editor: Alexis

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