Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 459

She and the Trip Story 3

“Thank goodness…”

Uncontrollably, I was almost brought to tears. As I was holding them back, my mother-in-law added, “And then…”
There seemed to be more to the story.
I was already on the brink of death from her adorability. What did my mother-in-law think she was doing?
Incidentally, all of my mini-mes were on their knees, in reverence of my mother-in-law’s loveliness.
They were raising their thumbs, saying, “This has been a rare gift. Thank you,” with happy smiles on their faces. With that, the festival preparations could not possibly continue.

“His Majesty, um… kissed me… on the forehead… Oh my goodness… It was so embarrassing I thought I would pass away!”

My mother-in-law flushed even more than before, and bashfully raised her hands to her cheeks.
Speaking of me who was listening to it… I was on the verge of death.

— Hand-holding and a forehead smooch? What was this shoujo-manga-like development?! This was too pure!! How glorious!

If we had been alone, I would have dropped my fists on the table with a bang.
From what she was saying, they were just an ordinary, lovey-dovey, married couple.
Now that they had reached this far, I felt like it was only a matter of time until…

“I-In that way, His Majesty… Jeez… I’m embarrassed just remembering it… I shouldn’t have talked about it, after all. This is too much to process by oneself. Lidi, I implore you to please forget all of this.”
“Unfortunately, that’s impossible.”

It was impossible to forget the precious things my mother-in-law had told me.

“I’ll cherish this all in my heart. There’s no need to worry. What I’ve just heard will stay just between us.”

It was a women’s-only conversation regarding love. I had no intention of talking about this, even to my husband.
My mother-in-law looked relieved when I told her that I would keep my silence.

“Thank you, Lidi. I can only speak of these matters with you.”
“If Mother-in-law deems me worthy, then I respectfully request to be called upon at will! Please, rely on me! I will listen to anything, anytime!!”

I had emphasized this with all of my passion.
To reiterate, if anything happens, please report it to me in detail.
However, Freed and my mother-in-law are both treasures that I hold dear.
I was utterly smitten with Freed, and my mother-in-law was so precious I could have died.

— I was glad I married into this royal family.

It made me incredibly happy to be in the same family as them.
The reason why I hadn’t included the King in those statements was that I didn’t know much about him. If we were to become more familiar with each other, it’s quite possible he’ll become another person that I cared deeply for.
However, he’d already kissed my mother-in-law on the forehead instead of pushing further, so I already had formed a positive opinion of him.
The Wilhelm royalty were exceptional people.

“Um… And thus, what do you think I should do moving forward?”

While shivering in a way I thought precious, my mother-in-law had asked me for help.
I straightened my posture and told her seriously.

“There’s nothing to be done.”
“Mother-in-law, you did more than enough at this time. Besides, wasn’t it said that no response could be given, yet? There’s no need to worry, Mother-in-law. Please do what seems fitting, just as before. There’s no need to force any sort of progression.”

After she listened intently to my words, my mother-in-law relaxed with a sigh of relief.

“Will… that be enough?”
“It’s fine. His Majesty will definitely wait. Mother-in-law, please go with what feels natural. It doesn’t matter if it takes a bit of time, doing things at one’s own pace is usually the best option.”
“Indeed. His Majesty surely wouldn’t want anything forced, either. There’s no need to hurry. I think it’s acceptable if things slowly proceed at their own pace.”
“At their own pace…”

If it were just up to the King, things would proceed lightning fast, but fortunately the King was holding off in deference to my mother-in-law’s needs.
He wants my mother-in-law, his mate, to fall in love with him. He wants his feelings to be mutual.
I’m sure he’s impatient yet he doesn’t want to disregard her feelings.
My mother-in-law slowly nodded to me.
My mother-in-law was feeling timid, but she was trying her best to shorten the distance with the King. Although her heart had been broken in the past, my mother-in-law had decided to believe him once again and get closer. She looked extremely dazzling and lovely with her resolve.

“Fufu, but I’m glad. You’ve gotten quite closer to His Majesty, haven’t you? I didn’t expect to hear such a wonderful story right after coming back, so it was a very pleasant surprise.”
“Y-You’re exaggerating.”
“I’m not. I’m sure His Majesty is delighted now too.”
“… I hope so.”

If it were my mother-in-law before, she’d have said something like, “I don’t care what His Majesty thinks.” And now she honestly says, “I want him to be happy.”
I thought it was a wonderful change.

— It’s probably impossible for her to tell His Majesty that though.

I was delighted and proud that my mother-in-law told me what surely were her honest feelings.
With cheerfulness, I drank the slightly cooled-down coffee. Perhaps my mother-in-law was also thirsty from our conversation, as her cup was lifted at the same time. However, it really was quite the pleasure to speak with my mother-in-law. And just when I had decided I’d like to hear more about the King, I heard a voice calling my name.


I turned my head towards that voice and saw Freed walking towards me, waving his hand. Perhaps his discussion with my father and the King had ended? When I had stolen a peek at my mother-in-law, she looked astounded.

“He’s a really impatient child. I’m sure he started feeling lonely and came to pick you up.”

While I was wondering how to answer, my mother-in-law frowned beautifully.

“Now that I think of it, did everything go alright in Irvine? I had more or less warned him before you departed, but knowing that child, it didn’t stop him, right?”
“Haha… Hahahahaha.”

The conversation had entered an awkward direction.
My mother-in-law was talking about our bedroom matters.
It could be said that he had more or less tried to hold back for the first day, but after that, he’d continued as usual, so I could only laugh, which seemed to be a sufficient answer for my mother-in-law.

“As expected! Good grief, he should at least hold back while abroad… Lidi, were you all right?”
“I-I’m fine. Look, even now I’m completely well!”

I tried making an energetic pose that even I thought was forced.
To be honest, I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, but if I said that, my mother-in-law would lose her temper at Freed. Knowing that, I only told her the truth that I’m “well.”
When it comes to sex, my mother-in-law is full of landmines.


My mother-in-law stared at me, so I laughed an, “Ehehe,” to deceive her.
Sorry Mother-in-law, but I love Freed. Thus, I wouldn’t lie, but I also didn’t want to lose his esteem. To begin with, sex with Freed was consensual, so I didn’t think he was the only party responsible.

— If I really hated it, I would have just refused.

Since I had responded that I wasn’t a victim… Whether I refused or not didn’t really matter.


While I was nodding to myself, Freed arrived with a smile.
But really, as always, he had poor timing. Rather, since Freed’s appearance sparked up this conversation, the timing didn’t matter. Huh.
My mother-in-law, who had various things happen with the peerless King in the past, was a little too critical of her son’s sexual life out of worry that I would suffer the same fate…
I’ve told her many times that I was fine, but… well, of course she worried about the number of times we did it.
If things continued like this, wouldn’t it be soon before my mother-in-law accuses him of being a peerless pervert, as well? I would like him to avoid that designation if possible, but… it might have been too late for that.

Editor: Alexis

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