Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 209

“Kanada-sama, Calcilast-sama, you’re old acquaintances, right?”

After Calcilast-sama retorted(amazing), Kanada-sama withdrew and said with a grin.

“That’s right. We’re so inseparable it’s troubling.”

“Aren’t you going too far, Kanada-sama? It’s far too disrespectful.”

In contrast to the pleasantly laughing Kanada-sama, Calcilast-sama puffed up.

They’re like a married couple. Somehow… I’m jealous.

I wonder if I can be a bold person like Kanada-sama someday.

I want to work hard at school so I can obtain at least some results and reach the point where nobody can say that I’m unfit to be the prince’s fiancée.

But, I have weak character, and I only hold Calcilast-sama back…

Well, you could say that I’m a relatively lucky person.

I have both my father and mother, I’m a noble, and I have a fiancé.

If I become a failure in this life despite that, it can’t be helped that the surroundings would avoid me.

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