Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 207

If I honorably die as a noblewoman… What then.

Stop, too depressing! It’s too depressing, Marikana!

From now, I have to grasp Calcilast-sama’s true nature.

He’s my fiancé… so I have to make sure he doesn’t condemn me. What usually guides his actions?

It’s clear that he’s easily swayed from his interactions with Kanada-sama.

But that’s no more than one side of him. I have to complete all his various aspects as well.

I looked at the prince with my almond-shaped eyes. He has it hard with official business and school, yet it feels he cherishes every moment.

His blond hair shone like a freshly-minted gold coin. Or rather, it dazzled like sun.

“Black tea is delicious too, isn’t it? Karu-chan, why not get some too?”

“Then I’ll get tea with lemon.”

“You owe me one, Karu-chan? Ufufu…”

“No thanks, that sounds too scary! I’ll pay myself!”

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