Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! What if They Met as Children Prologue

Do you know about previous life? The life before you were born.
Who had you been and who had you lived before being born again?
Those who hold those memories of their previous life are called reincarnated people.


I, Lydiana von Vivoir, am a reincarnated person.

An unmistakably reincarnated person who has perfect memories of my previous life. Luckily, I was a human in both my previous and this life, so I was saved from the confusion, but regrettably there was a problem.

That is, the fact that I apparently reincarnated in another world.

Of course, from the perspective of my previous life, this is a different world. However, going by the world I live in now, it’s more appropriate to call the world I lived in before another world.

That’s why I can’t say which is which… In any case, it’s certain that I was born again in a world where my common sense didn’t apply at all.

“… Well, that’s fine.”

I recovered memories while my current memories remained. I could just think of it as getting a few decades of life extra.

Thankfully, not all memories returned at once. I regained memories gradually since I’d been two. That’s why, I’ve never been confused.

If I had to say, the relief of finally recalling everything was bigger.

Besides, the reborn me is still five years old. I can do anything.

However, there’s just one nuisance.

When I reincarnated, I was born in a very good family.

The preeminent ducal house. It’s not the Royal Family, but it could be said to be the number one family in the country.

By being its daughter, I’ll naturally become the wife of this country’s Crown Prince or a foreign country’s royal. In the worst case, I’ll be married to a duke or marquis.

What about democracy in this world I was reborn in? What’s that, is it delicious? It’s a typical fantasy world with social classes and the King on top.

“So there’s really such a world…”

There was no concept of science. Instead, there was the concept of magic and magecraft.

In this world, magic and magecraft developed instead of science, and there are a lot of things that are more comfortable than in the world I lived in before – Japan.

“However, to remember everything at this timing…”

I sighed.

I looked down on my appearance. Because I was five, my body was small. However, I was wearing a clearly expensive dress.

A lovely pink dress. However, the needlework wasn’t cute at all. As if that wasn’t enough, precious jewels were sewn in, and the lace attached to the sleeves and hem of the dress was surprisingly fine.

It was evident at a glance that the dress took time, labor, and money.

However, to the surprise of no one, that wasn’t my everyday attire. It was the so-called best clothes. I was dressed up.

I wonder about dressing up a five-year-old, but today it couldn’t be helped.

After all, together with my father and brother I would have an audience with His Highness the Crown Prince.

“I finally recalled everything, so I wish I had time to think alone…”

So I could compose my feelings and various other things. However, an appointment with the Crown Prince of my own country can’t be cancelled.

And not to mention an appointment, I was already in the castle.

I briefly looked around.

The room for noble visitors in the Royal Castle I was brought to for the first time was a splendid and rich room, but since I would be meeting the Crown Prince, I think it was only natural. Both walls and the ceiling were engraved with gold without any gaps; it was so glittery that my eyes hurt. The large long sofa also had plentiful golden thread used on it, and it looked comfortable at a glance. The armrest part looked elegant and had some kind of design engraved.

“It can’t be helped, huh. Let’s quickly finish it and go home.”

I recalled what my father had told me yesterday and stared off into space.

My father is a duke and serves as the Prime Minister of this country – the Wilhelm Kingdom. And my brother is His Highness the Crown Prince’s childhood friend and has established the position as his good friend. Only me, the little sister, isn’t acquainted with the Crown Prince.

I don’t mind it at all, but my father said we should at least meet once.

The Crown Prince is eight years old. Even though he’s only eight, he’s said to be a wise and beautiful boy with a bright future.

A prince who adopts a gentle attitude towards everyone and understands properly what’s desired of him. That’s him.

My brother, who’s friends with him, also said, “He’s a good guy,” about the Crown Prince, so the rumors appear true.

It should be fine if I just greet him and go back. It shouldn’t take much time either.

While I was thinking that, the door to the guest room opened.

Who came in was my father and brother who had apparently gone to meet the Crown Prince. My father, who has the same violet eyes as me and silver hair, slightly readjusted his glasses.

“Lidi, we’ve kept you waiting. His Highness the Crown Prince is here.”


Even though I was five, I was taught basic manners. Straightening my back and bowing my head slight, I awaited the Crown Prince’s entrance. I heard sounds of footsteps and a calm voice.

“It’s not an official occasion, so you don’t need to be so respectful. Raise your face. You’re Alex’s little sister, right?”

“Y-Yes. I am Lydiana.”

Reassured by the soft voice, I raised my head. As soon as I did, sparkling gold hair and blue eyes like deep sea met my eyes.


Seeing his well-ordered looks that held great promise for the future, I gasped. Despite being only eight, every part of his face fit together tremendously well.

While I was watching him in fascination with all my heart, the prince also stopped moving and stared at my face. In the twinkle of an eye his expression filled with joy.

“… Found you. It has to be you.”


I didn’t understand what he meant by the words he whispered. While I was dumbfounded, the Prince walked up to me and with a delighted face suddenly grasped my hands.


“My name is Friedrich van de la Wilhelm. I want to hear your name again. Darling.”

“Y-Your Highness!”

Before I could say anything, my father reacted. However, the prince didn’t answer him. He firmly looked into my eyes.

His eyes narrowed sweetly.

“Hey, tell me. What’s your name…?”

“I… I’m saying it’s Lydiana…”

“Not that. I want to hear your full name. Hey, tell me?”


Hearing the outrageous words the Crown Prince said while not letting go of my hands, I thought the time would stop.

After all, in our country, Wilhelm, the full name is given to a person of the opposite sex only during a marriage proposal, and retuning the full name means accepting that marriage proposal.

Of course, I’m only five years old. I have a full-time tutor and started learning various things, but I haven’t yet been taught about that.

As for why I know about the etiquette despite not being taught, I’ve heard about it from listening to my father and mother, and the maids talking. With memory returning to some extent, even if not fully, my mental age also increased little by little, so I was able to understand exactly what adults talked about.

The other day, one of the maids was proposed to by someone, and I heard about the etiquette at that time. ―― It saved me.

If I’d given my name to the Crown Prince here without thinking anything, my engagement with him would be established at that moment.

An engagement at the age of five. Normally it would be unthinkable, but in this world it’s possible. In particular, it wouldn’t be strange for the Crown Prince and a duke’s daughter to be betrothed since birth. Five years old. Yup, well, it’s normal! That’s how it feels.

That being the case, I was incredibly worried about how I should answer.

Before me was the sweetly smiling beautiful Crown Prince with blond hair and blue eyes.

I looked behind him at my father wide-eyed in confusion and brother looking interested.

Neither seemed like they would help me.

I once again looked at the Crown Prince.

“Crown Prince…”

“I wish you’d call me Freed. As for you… You are called Lidi, right? Can I call you Lidi too?”


The offensive power of the only eight-year-old prince smoothly forcing us to use nicknames was tremendous.

I couldn’t help it and nodded, but I seriously worried about what to do.

While looking at me with spellbound eyes, the prince… Freed spoke.

“Lidi. It’s a good name. And? When will you answer my question? I’m asking for your name, Lidi.”


He didn’t forget it! My face twitched for an instant. However, there was no way I’d tell him my full name.

I’m only five years old, no thanks to rushing towards the Crown Princess future.

Because, while the Wilhelm Kingdom practices monogamy, only royalty is allowed to be polygynous.

And I reincarnated from another world. It was the world where monogamy was natural. Now that I’ve completely regained those memories, I couldn’t obediently agree to a royal partner.

Besides, I didn’t know Freed’s real motive in suddenly asking that. There was no way I could naïvely tell him my name. I had no choice but to repeat the ambiguous answer.

“As I said… it’s Lydiana.”

“Not it… Hmm, I want to know your full name, Lidi. You don’t understand what I mean by full name? Long name? The formal name with the name of your house? For example, my name is Friedrich, but it’s followed by van de la Wilhelm. Lidi, you have that too, right?”

“… Haa.”

I could tell my face was cramping even more as Freed persistently tried to learn my name. And his clarification was too specific.

And yet, why is this prince doing it?

“Errr… in that meaning it’s von Vivoir.”

Somehow, I managed to only tell him my family name, Freed showed a praising smile and further pressed me.

“Yep, good. Could you join it with the name you said earlier. For me it’s Friedrich van de la Wilhelm. Yours is?”


He again said it. He gave me the full name again.

I’ll repeat, I’m only five years old. I’m five.

I shouldn’t know about the courtship manners. I found Freed scary as he tried to get me to say my full name without explaining anything despite that.

“Er… Er…”

“Hey, tell me. Lidi, I want to know your long name no matter what. I want to become closer with you. That’s why, please tell me?”

There’s no need for the full name if you want to become closer, right?! How nice would it be if I could say it.

Although I felt like I’d faint from Freed’s incredible momentum, I just looked at him with teary eyes, not wanting to say anything.

“… Cute. Very cute. Aah, I want to hug you…”

As he said that, I understood what I did had an opposite effect.

When I stubbornly refused to answer, my father raised his voice, perhaps tired of it.

“Lidi, what are you doing? His Highness wishes to hear your name. Answer at once.”

“… F-Father, but…”

My father’s reprimand threw me into an even bigger confusion. Seeing my fluster, my father turned to Freed and asked.

“Your Highness. It would be unthinkable, but you aren’t joking, right?”

“Of course. I’m serious. I’m saying it with the understanding of what it means.”

“Then it’s fine… Lidi!”

My father pressured me to say it. My brother… perfectly remained as a spectator.

However, Freed said he understood the meaning of asking… Did he really propose to the five-year-old me he met for the first time? … No, no, there’s no way.

“Lidi, tell me.”

“Lidi, answer.”



“… Ah! No more!”

Unable to bear the combined pressure from Freed and my father, I shook off Freed’s hands and ran away to the back of the room. I didn’t want to say my name. No thanks to becoming the Crown Prince’s fiancée at the age of five. I only wanted to run away. There was no meaning. It was instantaneous.

“Nope. I won’t let you go.”

The moment I heard the voice nearby, my waist was caught. I was forcefully pulled.


I let out a strange voice, but it couldn’t be helped. The instant Freed drew me to himself, for some reason, his lips pressed against mine. I felt their soft heat. In blank amazement, I looked up at the culprit who stole my lips – Freed.


While I was shocked by having my first kiss stolen at the mere age of five, Freed smiled at me and said.

“Sorry, but I won’t let go of you. I’ve already decided. Lidi, I want you to marry me at my eighteenth birthday. I’m serious.”


I looked up at Freed in a daze.

Freed, who clearly said the word marriage, looked at me with sweet but unthinkable for an eight-year-old eyes of a beast of prey.

“That’s why, Lidi, tell me your full name with your own mouth… If you do that, you’ll be recognized as my fiancée right away. Okay?”

Freed impatiently told me so as I stubbornly refused to tell him my full name.

As for me, I was simply dumbfounded.

The five-year-old me was suddenly proposed by an eight-year-old boy. And although it sounds like a joke, the boy is the Crown Prince. But with my father at my side, he can’t just say, “Hahaha, it was only a little joke.”

If I give my name here, I’ll unmistakably become his fiancée.

There’s no problem with my status either. I’m the preeminent ducal house’s… the Prime Minister’s daughter. There are no obstacles, rather these marriage talks are wholeheartedly welcome. It’s only now that I curse my lineage of being the top nobles of the country.

Being bound to the boy in front of me for the whole life. It’s too sudden.

I told the boy who forcibly stole my lips.

“… No.”


My quiet mutter resounded surprisingly well in the guest room. Everyone inside opened their eyes wide.

I raised my face and looked into Freed’s eyes.

They were beautiful eyes like the sea. I was sure he was a wonderful person. But this man stole my lips without my consent. I couldn’t forgive him just because he was the Crown Prince.

“No. I won’t marry you, Crown Prince. I want to marry a person I love.”

When I clearly declared that, Freed blinked his eyes. He must’ve never imagined he’d ever have a marriage proposal refused being the Crown Prince.

I turned to my father and said.

“Father. I’m still five years old. I don’t want my future being decided at the age of five.”

“L-Lidi… However, Your Highness desires it…”

As his daughter clearly showed refusal, my father turned to me in surprise. Freed said to soothe me.

“Lidi. Age doesn’t matter. I understood at first sight that you’re my fated partner. I swear this feeling will never change. So don’t say that, and become my fiancée. Then become my consort.”

“I don’t want to…”

“Why? Is there something wrong with me? Whatever it is, tell me. I’ll fix it.”

“… permission.”


I told Freed my answer as he looked at me with a serious face, but he didn’t seem to hear it.

I once again shouted it.

“You stole my first kiss without my permission! Crown Prince, I’ll never marry you!”

I averted my face in a huff, and the inside of the room fell completely silent.

Before long, I began to hear laughter. The one laughing was my brother.

“Pft… Hahaha. Certainly, Lidi’s view is correct. Freed, you’re a little too impatient. It can’t be helped that my little sister got startled… Try again at another opportunity.”


Freed glanced at my brother. My brother, who was the spitting image of my father aside from the hairstyle, shrugged his shoulders and said.

“I’m not telling you to give up, don’t worry. You were simply too hasty. My little sister is still five years old. She hasn’t been taught the etiquette of marriage yet. Despite that, you tried to force the engagement on her in an underhanded way… You overdid it.”


Freed suddenly averted his eyes. Apparently, he was aware that he tried to force it. My brother also told our father.

“Father. I understand you’re happy that Freed fell in love with Lidi at first sight, but don’t you feel sorry for Lidi, since she’s only five years old? Why not wait until she understands what it means to marry a royal and what marriage means?”

“… You have a point.”

Finally, my brother spoke to me.

“You too. It can’t be helped since you had no idea, but you can’t just brazenly shout, “I don’t want to marry you,” at the Crown Prince. You’d normally be punished, okay?”

“… I’m sorry.”

It was exactly as my brother said, so I had no words to return. I nodded to my frowning brother and, facing Freed, bowed.

“… I apologize for my rudeness, Crown Prince. I will accept any punishment.”

“I won’t punish my cute Lidi. It’s natural you’d be afraid. It’s as Alex said, I was so overjoyed by finding you that I became too hasty. It’s alright, Lidi, I’ll slowly win you over, so you don’t need to worry.”


When I fearfully raised my face at his unsettling words, Freed smiled sweetly. His smile was terribly suspicious.

“There’s no lie in the words I said just now. I won’t let you go, Lidi. I’ll make you my consort no matter what, so be prepared.”

Editor: Valkyrie

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  1. No matter what reality…
    Lidi can’t escape.

    Makes me wonder if Freed would somehow appear in Japan if Sakura didn’t reincarnate.


  2. Wow, this is terrible, this behavior at such a young age will lead him to force many things on her, and if he gets married at eighteen she will be fifteen is also not pleasant.


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