Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! What if They Met as Children 1

Approaching Prince

“Lidi, I’ve come to see you. I’ve brought a rare book, so let’s read it together?”

“… Crown Prince, why are you here?”


The next afternoon after the sudden unbelievable proposal from the Crown Prince, Freed came to visit like it was natural. Although I was only five years old, I wanted to hold my head.

When he noticed me come out from my room upstairs, Freed looked obviously happy. He presented me a bouquet of roses he was holding and said ecstatically.

“After all, you’re cute. Aah, so that’s the happiness of falling in love. Lidi, I was lonely when we were apart… So marry me.”


Attacked with marriage as soon as we met, I received the large bouquet and sank into silence.

On the contrary, the maids, who gathered out of curiosity to see the Crown Prince coming to our house, squealed.

“My, Milady was proposed to by His Highness.”

“Milady is only five, what a lady-killer he is.”

“As expected of the daughter of Madam who enraptured Master…”


Look, a splendid commotion without any disagreement.

Not only everybody found Freed proposing to me natural, they treated me accepting as desirable.

In the end, we’re the preeminent ducal house. Even without Freed expressly proposing like this, in a few years I’d automatically become the Crown Princess candidate.

The preeminent ducal house is extra scary.

Enduring the feeling of wanting to run back to my room, I told Freed.

“… Your Highness. I don’t remember us having an appointment.”

“I’ve received permission from the Prime Minister to go visit you at any time.”

“Is… that so?”

Damn Father, what are you doing!? It seemed like he gave up yesterday after being rebuked by my brother, but after all my father is serious about this marriage.

It might be natural considering he’s the head of a ducal house though.

“Don’t look so displeased, Lidi. Are you so angry that I stole your lips?”

Freed came closer with a troubled face.

I took a little distance from him and nodded.

“N-Naturally… I-It was so sudden…”

“I’m sorry. But Lidi, it was your fault? You were running away from me, so…”

Did this prince really think I wouldn’t run away when he makes such a carnivorous face?

When I unconsciously glared at him, Freed said while keeping close to me.

“You’ve already heard the marriage etiquette from the Prime Minister, right? Could you tell me your full name?”

“… I don’t want to.”

I averted my eyes from Freed in a huff.

I could hear, “Oooh, Milady refused His Highness’s proposal! That’s Milady for you,” from the surroundings.

Certainly, last night I was given a crash course on things like courtship etiquette, meaning of marriage with royalty, or my duties from my father.

My father declared this was my duty as the daughter of the preeminent ducal house.

“Status, age. There’s nobody as suitable for His Highness as you. I intended to make it happen one day, so His Highness desiring you is heaven-sent. As long as you agree, you’ll be immediately engaged and your future as the Crown Princess will become firm. You must accept it. Do you understand?”



Father raised his eyebrows and got angry, but ultimately, I didn’t nod even once.

Because, it’s not a joke. Even if I have to marry, why do I have to marry someone who’s allowed to practice polygyny. I absolutely don’t want to share my husband with other women.

Call it the fault of my previous life. But I can’t accept just that no matter what.

Being the uncute child I am, I didn’t get discouraged by my father’s angry voice and remained silent, but shit, I didn’t expect Freed to suddenly come on the next day.

“Lidi. Please, marry me.”


In spite of my refusal, Freed irritatingly repeated. Every time I took a step back, Freed took a step forward.

Nobody is stopping him…

Shit, they’re all on my father’s side! I have no allies…

Reaching the obvious conclusion, I dejectedly hung my head and took yet another step back.

Freed too closed the distance.

“Say, Lidi. Am I no good? I love you so much though… If you become my wife, I’ll cherish you with all my heart.”

“… We only met yesterday, so what are you saying? B-Besides, I’m only five. I-I’m not thinking of things like marriage yet.”

Freed nodded to my words like they were natural.

“Yep, I know. It’s just a pledge. There’s still a decade until we get married. You can prepare your heart until then.”

“… T-Then… If I don’t want the engagement anymore, can we break it off?”

Then I could agree for now just to keep peace.

I thought so, but Freed laughed and decisively said.

“You can’t. I’ve decided to make you my princess consort, Lidi. I’ll never agree to break it off.”


We were going in parallel lines. Unmistakably parallel lines. We weren’t reaching an agreement at all.

When I was about to cry from helplessness, I heard the front door open loudly.

The one who glared at Freed while gasping for breath… was my brother.

“Freed… Bastard…”

“Alex? What happened for you to be so out of breath?”

As Freed cluelessly tilted his head, my brother glared at him with all his might.

“You completely skipped on your afternoon studies! I got scolded in your stead! The tutors were asking things, ‘Where has His Highness gone?’ and blaming me for letting you go!”

“That’s unfortunate. But isn’t that because of how you usually are?”

“Don’t calmly say that! They were right, so I’m really furious! Never mind, we’re going back!”

“No. I’m courting Lidi now. Until she agrees, I intend to continue coming every day.”

I felt my face twitch at him smoothly saying the words every day.

Eh, he’ll come every day…?

Certainly, the Royal Castle and our mansion are a stone’s throw away. There’s no problem going back and forth between them. But, being visited by the Crown Prince every day… would be to put it bluntly a nuisance.

“Bastard… Do you intend to neglect all your afternoon lessons?”

“I didn’t say I’d skip them. I’ll naturally do every assignment after coming back and move everything I can to the morning, so I can get as much free time in the afternoon as possible.”

“… Oi, Lidi.”

“W-What, Brother?”

My brother turned to me, sounding frustrated. Then he clearly told me.

“Lidi. You’ll be going to the castle from now on.”

“Huh? W-Why…?”

When I blinked my eyes, not understanding the words suddenly said to me, my brother pointed a finger at Freed (which is the height of disrespect) and said.

“This guy skipped on all today afternoon’s lessons just because he wanted to meet you. And he even says he’ll continue doing it. I can’t let that happen. Lidi, you’ll go to the Royal Castle instead. Freed, that’s fine, right?”

“… It’s fine as long as Lidi comes.”

Hearing Freed’s answer, my brother made a face as if saying, “See? I was right.”

“And so, Lidi. Sorry, but you don’t have the right to refuse. We can’t have the Crown Prince skipping lessons.”

I became speechless after being sternly told that.

Why? Why did this happen?

I simply refused marriage, and yet why did I end up having to go to the Royal Castle?

Moreover, with an unrefusable reason.

Certainly, the Crown Prince who will take over a country must study. Moreover, Freed declared he’d continue coming here until I agreed to the marriage. I have zero intention of agreeing, so Freed will surely come every day as he said… What a huge bother.

And to avoid that, as the main cause I have no choice but to go to the castle…

“… Why has it turned out like this…?”

“Lidi will come see me every day from now on. I’m happy.”

When I hung my head in astonishment, Freed closed the distance right away and grabbed my hand. I tried to shake him off, but shaking off an eight-year-old boy was too much for a five-year-old-child, and he only grasped it tighter.

“Cuuute… Hey, can I kiss you? I can, right?”

“Y-You can’t!”

Desperately avoiding Freed’s face drawing near, I turned my gaze to my brother.

“H-H… Help… Brother.”

However, my brother was merciless.

“Sorry. Both our old man and Freed are in complete agreement about the marriage, and ultimately, Freed is serious. If he was joking, I’d help you, but since he’s serious, it’d be boorish to interfere, right?”

“-W-What about my opinion!”

“You… Even if you are five years old, you should at least understand that marriage isn’t about your will, right? And thinking about it normally, this marriage proposal is too good to pass. Give up.”

“H-How awful!”

I was about to cry, but suddenly, my hand was pulled. When I turned my face in that direction in a fluster, I saw Freed pouting.

“Lidi. I want you to stop looking at men other than me… I get jealous.”

“He’s my real brother!”

My fully correct retort had no effect on Freed.

“That doesn’t matter. Lidi, I want to look only at me.”

“Brother! The Crown Prince doesn’t get it!”

My brother scratched his head.

“Aah… He wasn’t that kind of guy, but…”

“D-Don’t say it so defeatedly!”

I tried to argue more, but Freed was faster.

“Lidi? I said to call me Freed, didn’t I? And yet you only talk with Alex so familiarly… I’m unbelievably angry.”

“He’s my brother! Your Highness!”



When I blanked out, Freed showed a smile and said.

His expression was, to put it bluntly, extremely scary. His eyes weren’t smiling in the slightest.

“If you don’t call me Freed without honorifics, I’ll kiss your cherry-like lips again. I’ll wait three seconds. Three, two, one…”

“Freed, Freed, Freed! Yes! Is this fine!?”

I called Freed’s name at the speed of light. That’s how afraid I was of easily having my lips stolen for the second time.

Freed looked visibly disappointed.

“… What a shame. But I promised, so I’ll endure.”

―― Smooch.


Freed kissed my cheek. It wasn’t a long kiss, and he immediately separated. When I reflexively pressed down on my check, Freed this time smiled sweetly and said.

“It’s the reward for properly calling my name. Call me like that from now on too, okay?

Seeing me completely freeze, my brother sighed.

“… Aaah, jeez. Didn’t Lidi freeze up!? Freed!”

“Lidi is cute. Really, why is she so cute, Alex?”

“As if I know! Aah jeez, we’re going back to the castle. Lidi, you too. Don’t freeze up here and get on the carriage!”


While I was in a daze, my brother dragged me out. Eventually, us three got on the carriage my brother came on. I felt like a calf being led to slaughter.

And the battle continued inside the carriage.

“Lidi, sit next to me.”

“… No.”

The moment we got on the carriage, Freed started courting me. When I turned away, angry at his selfishness, Freed declared with a smile.

“If you keep only saying selfish things, I’ll just place you on my lap, you know?”


“I’d be happy to do that.”

Freed’s face as he patted his lap was serious. I sat next to him in a fluster.

“I… I understand.”

“Fufu… You aren’t honest… How cute.”


I shivered under Freed’s ecstatic gaze.

Why did this happen? I breathed a small sigh. I didn’t understand myself at all.

Because, if I didn’t want it no matter what, I should’ve refused that I didn’t want to go with a firm attitude. And yet, the problem is that I didn’t hate it so much. Indeed, I was certainly angry at him stealing my first kiss, but it didn’t feel particularly unpleasant. That’s why I couldn’t make up my mind.

I noticed that although I said no, I didn’t really mean it.


“You suddenly sighed… What happened?”

“It’s nothing.”

I’m embarrassed by your adoration! I wanted to honestly say that, but I swallowed my words.

And so, for whatever reason I ended up going to the home of the person I met a day before.


“Lidi. Let’s go to my room. I’ll show you the way.”

As soon as we arrived at the Royal Castle, Freed said that and forcefully took my hand.

My brother stopped him.

“Oi, do you intend to bring her to your room?”

“Taking her with us would be wrong, no? Lidi is only five. Isn’t it obvious I would want to keep her in the safest place possible when I can’t be with her? Is something wrong with that?”

“No, that’s…”

As my brother faltered, Freed further said.

“Alex, you study with me, right? Lidi will be alone during that. If I take her to my room in the royal quarters, she’ll be the safest.”

“… I got it. Lidi, are you fine with that too?”


Since my brother agreed, it would be strange if I raised an objection. Besides, yesterday had been my first time in the castle. I’d be in a bind being left alone in an unfamiliar Royal Castle.

I thought that I’d rather obediently wait in Freed’s room since it was safe.

“It’s decided. Then, Alex. Go ahead and explain the situation to the teachers. I’ll send Lidi to my room and head to you.”

“Gotcha. See ya, Lidi.”

My brother stroked my head and went off in a different direction from before. Freed pulled my hand to draw my attention.

“Lidi, this way. It’s a little far.”


“Don’t talk so formally. Please talk to me as you talk to Alex.”


Isn’t that impolite towards the Crown Prince? I thought so, but Freed smiled imploringly.

“I don’t have many close friends. I’d be happy to have someone I could talk with intimately like this. Lidi, you’re Alex’s sister, so nobody will complain… No, I won’t let them. So talk to me normally?”

“… Y-Yup.”

Being asked again and again, I ultimately couldn’t refuse and ended up nodding.

However, why do all things go according to what Freed wishes?

While being pulled by Freed, I looked up at his profile.

Perhaps noticing my gaze, Freed turned his face to me.

“Nn? What is it?”

“… I thought that everything goes according to your wishes, Freed.”

“My? Wishes? No way.”

When I said that, Freed opened his eyes in disbelief.

“Nothing goes according to my wishes. I’m troubled because nothing is going as planned?”

“Is that so?”

It didn’t look like that at all. While I was surprised, Freed peered into my face.

“I’m proposing with all my might, and yet you don’t agree at all, Lidi. Just when will my princess accept my marriage proposal?”


“You’re cute when you pout too… But see, nothing goes the way I want, right?”

While chuckling, he pulled me through a golden corridor. Among soldiers standing on both sides of the corridor, one addressed Freed.

“Your Highness? Who is this lovely lady?”

“Aah, she’ll become my wife. So treat her with hospitality.”

I got startled by the words he easily said.

Wife! He said wife!

The soldier didn’t seem to doubt it at all and happily nodded again and again.

“My goodness! His Highness has finally decided on a fiancée. Congratulations, Your Highness. Incidentally, could I ask whose daughter she is?”

“She is Princess Lydiana from the preeminent Vivoir ducal house. We aren’t formally engaged yet, but I want to marry her no matter what.”

“Oh dear, how passionate, Your Highness. Was it love at first sight? She’s such a lovely lady so it’s only natural.”

“Yep, it is. Lidi is so cute that I couldn’t sleep at night mulling over how to quickly make her mine. I love her, so I’m in the middle of persuading her to marry me.”

“As the daughter of the preeminent ducal house she’s suitable for Your Highness, huh. No one will complain. Your Highness, do your best. I pray Your Highness’s love with bear fruit.”

“Thank you.”

While listening to their conversation, I thought about inconsequential things like, “Talkin’ ‘bout love? You’re eight, hey!”

Well, in other words, I was already cornered.

“Lidi will come to my room every day starting from today, so can you let other guards know? She’s my future consort. Tell them that under no circumstances can they be impolite to her.”

“… Certainly, Your Highness.”

The last words were incredibly authoritative. The soldier who had been cracking jokes until now straightened his back and saluted.

“We will treat Lady Lydiana as Your Highness’s fiancée and ensure she is never disrespected.”

“That’s fine. Now Lidi, let’s go. My room is deeper in.”

“Wah… Don’t pull.”

I’m not a fiancée―― I tried to interject, but as if having guessed that, Freed pulled my arm.

There were two soldiers in front of a door there. Freed had exactly the same exchange with them as earlier, and then we entered. The door slammed shut.


Even if we’re eight and five, we’re a man and woman. It’s not recommended for us to be in a closed room alone.

I was surprised when the door closed. Both by Freed, and by the soldiers guarding the door.

Even though he should understand my surprise, Freed spoke to me without looking bothered at all.

“What is it, Lidi? This is my room.”

Saying that, Freed smiled with utmost happiness. He pulled my hand and enclosed me in his arms.

“F… Freed?”

I became naturally flustered by his sudden action.

W-Why did he hug me out of nowhere!?

“Aah… Cute. Since I met you yesterday, I’ve always wanted to do this. Finally, we’re alone.”

When he whispered so, my body shivered with a start.

He sniffled my hair; I thought I’d cry.

“D-Don’t smell it!”

“Nn? It smells incredibly good? It has a sweet, flowery fragrance. It’s dizzying.”

I was unable to resist Freed’s tight hug.

No, of course I tried to resist, but it was beyond the strength of a five-year-old. There was no way I could move being hugged by an older boy who had definitely begun swordsmanship training.

“L-Let go.”

“Why? It feels so good. Or do you hate me doing this, Lidi?”


“Considering that, you seem to hardly resist…?”

“I-I don’t have the strength to!”

While being startled on the inside, I glared at Freed.

What Freed said really hit a nerve. It’s true he was stronger, so I couldn’t really resist, but more than that, I didn’t hate it that much, so I didn’t feel like seriously resisting. That’s why it turned out like this.

Freed is the man who robbed my lips against my will. That’s why even though he’s an eight-year-old child, I can’t be careless around him or relax my guard. And yet, it felt so comfortable I felt like losing strength.

“Uuuu…. You’re going to the tutor, right? So let go.”

When I said the best words of protest I could muster, Freed said, “You’re right,” and peered into my face.

“Lidi, we’re finally alone, so I don’t want to let you go.”

“… If you keep saying that, I’ll go home.”

My voice trembled. Perhaps thinking that would be bad, Freed said in a fluster.

“I got it, I’m going. So could you wait? Let’s have afternoon tea after I finish.”

“Afternoon tea?”

“Yeah. Lidi, do you like sweets?”

“… Yup.”

When I gave a small nod, Freed said in relief.

“Our head chef excels at confections. I’m sure you’ll like them, Lidi.”


It’s not easy to eat the sweets from the Royal Castle. Moreover, since they’ll be served to the Crown Prince, they will definitely be delicious. It might be enjoyable. When I thought that and raised my face, I met Freed’s blue eyes. His eyes narrowed gently.


“… Your eyes are sparkling. Are you so happy, Lidi? Cute…”

“Eh… Eh…”

Freed’s face approached. I knew what he was trying to do, but I could only be flustered.

And like that, I felt heat touch my lips. His lips that touched mine separated as if he wanted to check on me, and perhaps because I didn’t look like I disliked it, he once again kissed me. This time it was a little longer.


“Sweet. Lidi, your lips are sweet like confections. Hey, I want to taste them a little more.”

“No…. Nnh.”

Before I could answer, he kissed me again. The persistent kiss where he ate my lower lip wouldn’t end, so I ran out of breath.


I repeatedly hit his back in protest. But Freed didn’t hold back at all. When I reached the limit, I opened my lips to breathe.


As if he had been waiting, Freed immediately slipped his tongue in. His thick tongue invaded my mouth and began moving as it pleases as if allowing no objection.

“Nnh… Nnnnh!”

I couldn’t make a voice. I wish the tongue crawling around my mouth was disgusting, but the scary thing was, I couldn’t help but feel good.

―― What the hell? Why is he so good at kissing!? He’s only eight!

When he entwined our tongues, my back shivered, and strength left me. When my tip of tongue was skillfully sucked, my shoulders jumped.

He traced my palate as if to calm me. It felt so good my eyes became teary.

Hearing the slurping sounds of saliva, I thought I’d cry.

“… Thanks for the meal.”

With a light kiss on the lips, Freed finally separated. But by then my knees gave out, and I was about to collapse. Freed supported me in the fluster.

“Wah… Huh, Lidi. Perhaps your knees gave out? And you look so bewitched… Cute. Did it feel good?”


I tried to deny it, but it wasn’t very convincing.

While being supported by Freed, I thought.

What is this eight-year-old! His skill level is too high for an eight-year-old!

I might look five, but having completely recalled the memories of my previous life, appearances aside I’ve become a correspondingly uncute five-year-old child. Yes, I’m a mature adult on the inside. In my previous life I used to have a boyfriend too. In other words, I have experience.

Despite that, my knees gave out when I was kissed by an eight-year-old… Are all the men in this world like this?

If that’s the case, it’s too scary. I don’t feel I could bear it.

Freed took the listless me to the sofa in the main room, sat me down, and this time kissed my forehead.

I was under no condition to muster resistance.

“Then, it’s unfortunate, but I’ll be going. I’ve just told my personal court lady to bring you tea, so I think she’ll come soon.”

“… Take care.”

Having already abandoned thinking, I absentmindedly told Freed goodbye.

The door closed and I finally became alone.

I sighed with all my strength and then screamed.

“What the! What the hell!”

An eight-year-old child forcing a French kiss on me, is this the world of an erotic novel!?

Moreover, he was extremely good!

And me! I’m five! Why did I feel a kiss so much…?

“I want to cry…”

Faced with a reaction like mine, nobody, and especially not Freed, would think I disliked it.

As a person concerned, I think so too.

“Or rather… It’s a big problem that I didn’t hate it…”

Uu. I held my head.

The turbulent developments since yesterday. I’m aware I completely panicked from surprise.

Moreover, I hold a grudge for having my first kiss stolen.

And he can go die for today’s French kiss!

However, my body wasn’t one bit discomforted.

Of course, I’m angry by him kissing me as he pleased, but that’s all.

I didn’t hate being touched, and I didn’t feel any disgust.

The worst thing is, it on the contrary felt so good that I felt like I’d melt.

“I don’t understand at all…”

What an indecent five-year-old kid am I not to dislike being kissed by a person I’ve only just met.

“O-Of course he’s a prince, and he’s cool, but…”

Doesn’t being defeated like that make me too easy?

“No, no, no, I’m an adult whose mental age exceeds twenty. Easily being defeated like that is, is…”

Is in no way good.

Besides, I mustn’t let Freed defeat me.

Because, if he defeats me, it will lead to me accepting being his consort, but the system of polygyny the royalty practices bothers me greatly.

Having lived in another world, I can’t accept that system of Wilhelm no matter what.

The world I lived in was monogamous. One husband to one wife.

I think that’s the correct form.

Of course, royalty has various circumstances, so I’m not denying the system itself.

As long as it has nothing to do with me, do as you want. There’s the issue of succession, so having a lot of children is good.

In fact, in the present Royal Family, Freed is the only descendant from the main line.

If something happened to Freed, this country couldn’t keep going.

I understand that for the sake of the Royal Family, at least two, if possible three princes are desirable.

For that reason, marrying many concubines is possible.

However, don’t get me involved in it.

Fortunately, polygyny isn’t endorsed in the country. Everyone aside from the royalty practices monogamy.

So I at least want to marry someone who’s not a royal.

I’ll have no complaints no matter who the partner is; I think it’s this world’s common sense and I’ll obey my father’s opinion.

“I hate polygyny… I can’t share Freed with everyone …”

It doesn’t matter if I’m the princess consort, I hate it.

If I’m to get married, I want to have that person all to myself. Since that’s impossible here, I can’t marry him.

My morals make it unacceptable.

“Sorry, Freed. I can’t accept your proposal after all.”

I can still accept the engagement at the age of five.

However, this marriage is nothing but hopeless for me.

I understand my father hopes to marry me to Freed. However, I’ll have him give up on that.

I’m sorry for Freed too. I don’t dislike him…

Seeing that I didn’t dislike being kissed, I probably like him, but I can’t marry him.

He just needs to get closer with a girl who shares common sense of his world and marry her. There’s no way people with different values can work out.

“As if I’d ever agree…”

I glared at the door Freed left from.

I’ll escape Freed’s courtship no matter what and then ask my father to find me another marriage partner.

I decided so and after some time gave permission to enter to a court lady who said she brought tea.


“Lidi, I’ve heard from Alex… Is it true that you’ve received a marriage proposal from His Highness?”

“… You’ve got sharp ears, Will. Unfortunately, it’s true.”

The next morning, my friend visited me while I was lazing around in my room.

William von Pellegrini.

A magician in the making and the eldest son of the Pellegrini ducal house. I made friends with him the other day through my brother, and since then he’s been worrying about me.

Perhaps because he has a younger brother, he’s quite a caring person and doesn’t look at all displeased taking care of me. Will is five year older than me, same as my brother. I don’t have many people I can speak freely with, so he’s my important friend. No, he might be like another older brother to me. When he heard today that I was proposed by Freed, he came rushing despite being busy.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it from Alex. I couldn’t believe how His Highness was, but it was even more unbelievable that you were the other party.”

I strongly agreed with Will’s words.

“I’m the same. Somehow, he proposed when our eyes met… It felt like that.”

“… Love at first sight, huh? … It’s even more unlike His Highness.”

“I think an engagement at the age of five is unimaginable, but honestly, I don’t know what will happen. I understand that it’s not a marriage proposal I could refuse normally… However, I want to refuse if possible.”

“You want to refuse?”

As Will blinked his eyes in astonishment, I nodded awkwardly.

“… Yup. It’s too big of a responsibility for me. Besides, I can’t get engaged with His Highness the Crown Prince on such short notice.”

“Well, you are only five, Lidi. Certainly, your status match, but… His Highness is terribly hasty. It’s really unlike him.”

Will, who’s said to be the next Magician Division Commander for sure, is close with Freed just like my brother and knows him well.

I wryly smiled each time Will curiously tilted his head, then I sighed.

We were in the parlor of my house. I was sitting face-to-face with Will in the lounge suite my father was proud of. Will asked anxiously.

“… Is it alright? His Highness is a wonderful person, and I think there’s nothing to criticize him as your partner, but if you really hate it, I…”

Even though I was very grateful for considerate words completely different from my real brother’s, I shook my head.

“Thanks. But it’s fine. This is my problem.”

Or rather than mine, it’s the Vivoir house’s problem.

That’s why I can’t involve Will, who’s from a different house, too much. This is unrelated to him.

Probably understanding what I wanted to say, Will lowered his eyebrows, troubled.

“… I see. You’re right. I can’t butt in, huh. Then at least you can always consult with me, so say if something happens.”

I should nod to at least that. I agreed with a serious face.

“Yup. Thanks for coming all the way here despite being busy. You came after hearing about it from my brother, right?”

“It’s natural to help a friend in trouble, I think. Alex… can’t openly side with you. That’s why he spoke to me, I think.”

“… Indeed.”

Of course I understand that. Being the next Duke and Freed’s close aide, my brother can’t side with me.

“Despite how he seems, he’s worried about you.”

“I know…”

When I nodded, Will showed a small smile. He stood up and placed a hand on my head.

“And it’s the same for me. You have to shoulder it all yourself. We’re anxious about that.”

Hearing Will say that worriedly, my heart felt warm.

“Thanks for the consideration… And I’ll consult with you when I need it.”

“Yeah, please do that.”

While returning a smile to Will, I strengthened my determination not to involve Will again.

Because, while I’m happy about his sentiment, I can’t tell a male friend about being kissed.

I decided to gratefully accept his kindness and again sincerely thanked Will.

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10 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! What if They Met as Children 1

    1. Noo, Even if she loves him (or will love him), it is unacceptable. She said no. Although Lidi does not have the power to refuse the marriage, he should not do so. It’s sexual harassment.

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  1. SHE’S ONLY FIVE! She should be playing with toys and shit. Not french kissing an 8yr old boy. 😱😱😱 This is all sorts of just wrong and her Dad be pimping her out like that like it’s nothing. Sexual harassment and child-abuse vibes *chills*

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  2. Aigoo, that Fred is awfull. all the love dovey history ot them at five and eight years old are to much. she is a kid, even if a day she must marry, not now. if she cries and acts scared around him, it might be effective … but I doubt that Lidi has it that way. she is too proud. to see her beloved in fear, wouldn’t it be a shock to Fred?

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  3. Waaaaait! If they marry in a decade that means that Freed will be 18 and… LIDI 15?! NO! IT’S ABSOLUTELY OUT! 😱 And what’s with that behavior, it’s giving me chills… Dude she’s five…. 😭


  4. I was expecting a lovey dovey history, but this was intense.
    It’s weird because she is only five and he is eight. Weird indeed. It’s a no-no case. Where is the fluffiness of the childhood?
    And until here we see Will suffering.


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