Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 449

She and the Last Day of Her Stay 2


Just like when we’d come here, we offered our farewells to the King and Queen in the audience room.
The King was sad to see us go, and he prepared more souvenirs than we’d brought from Wilhelm.
Those included coffee beans, jewels such as aventurine, diamonds, and sapphires, and also tropical fruits harvested in Irvine.

“Considering that we’re indebted to you for what you did for our children, this might not be enough, however…”

The King apologized.
As a fresh crown princess, I didn’t yet know the average value of those things, so I stayed silent, but my brother, who was standing next to me, had his eyes wide open, so I thought that the King was quite generous.
The Queen also took the trouble to go down from the platform and clasped my hands.

“You have my thanks for coming to this country. Since you came, Ophelia has been so lively and happy. I hope you will take care of my daughter in Wilhelm as well.”

Of course, I gave her a firm nod.

“I’m also happy to have made friends with Raid. Queen, I’m sure you’ll be lonely, but I’m overjoyed she’ll be coming to Wilhelm. I look forward to experiencing a lot and growing together with her.”
“Yes, indeed. If she will be with you, I can send Ophelia to Wilhelm with peace of mind. For that girl who used to seclude herself, meeting you made her change for the better. I will spare no effort for the sake of your continued friendship.”
“Thank you.”

Feeling happy about the Queen’s reassuring words, I grasped back the Queen’s hands.
It felt like the King was watching us with a wry smile, and Freed also looked like he was holding back laughter.
I tilted my head and separated from the Queen.
Once again we gave a proper farewell and left the audience hall.
When we stepped inside the corridor, my brother exhaled as if tension left him and told me.

“The Queen of Irvine really took a liking to you… Or rather, how did you conquer all the female Irvine royalty in ten days? That’s what makes you so scary…”
“Could you not say it so rudely? The Queen is just happy that Raid and I became friends. That’s all.”
“There’s no way that’s all.”
“Isn’t it fine? It’s not like there’s any problem.”
If anything, my mission was to make friends with female Irvine royalty, so I should be praised.
When I said that, my brother said, “I didn’t think you’d do this well,” with a tired look on his face. Then he turned to Freed.

“And? You guys still have something to do here, right? I have some preparations to do before leaving, but it’s fine, right?”
“Yeah. I’ll go with Lidi, so it’s fine to only leave Levitt as our escort. Everybody else should focus on packing. The more the better, right?”

My brother nodded to Freed’s question.

“We’ve received lots of souvenirs from His Majesty the King. I want to look over them, and it’s also honestly helpful to have a lot of hands. As for you… Yeah. Cain will be somewhere there, so one person should be enough. Got it, laters.”

My brother easily agreed with Freed and went back to his room, taking our escorts with him. Only I, Freed, and Ilya’s acquaintance – the beastman Levitt, were left.

“What’s wrong?”

As soon as it was only the three of us, I noticed Levitt begin to look uncomfortable for some reason. Bothered by that, I spoke to him, and he answered, completely shriveled.

“It’s nothing, but while it’s true that I wanted to talk with Ilya, I can’t accept the fact that I bothered His Highness and Princess Consort for it… I apologize.”

It must’ve been unbearable to trouble the master he served. I understood his way of thinking, but I needed Levitt to hang in there for Ilya’s sake.
That’s why I decided to change the way of putting it.

“We didn’t really make this opportunity for you. I simply helped my friend, Ilya. You’re just going along with it.”

Freed agreed with me.

“It’s as Lidi says. It’s not for you. Please don’t misunderstand.”
“Princess Consort, Your Highness… Thank you.”

Although we just put it in another way, Levitt made a relieved face.
It’s not what you say, but how you say it. What matters is that we could calm him down if even a little.
The three of us headed for the designated room. The room chosen by Prince Hendrik seemed to be one of the reception rooms, and the prince and Ilya were already waiting there.
“… Brother.”

Ilya’s eyes sparkled when she saw Levitt enter the room. Prince Hendrik immediately reacted with a sour look to it, but he didn’t say anything.
Freed encouraged me.

“I’ll wait with Hendrik in the corner. Tell me when you finish talking.”
“Got it. Levitt.”
“… Yes.”

Despite his nervousness, Levitt nodded and sat in front of me. Prince Hendrik sighed as he separated from Ilya and went to the corner of the room with Freed.

“Lidi, thank you. Really, how can I show you my gratitude?”

When I spoke to Ilya, her eyes moistened, and she thanked me.

“You don’t need to. I haven’t done anything. It’s Freed and His Highness Hendrik who arranged this, so you should thank them later.”
“Yes, I definitely will.”

Ilya nodded. I turned to Levitt and told him.

“I’m sure what you really want is to talk with her alone, but of course, that’s impossible, so excuse me for being present. I won’t interrupt your conversation.”
“Nothing of that sort, Princess Consort. It’s enough. You have my gratitude.”

Levitt laughed despite his stiff countenance and spoke to Ilya.

“Once again, it’s been a long time, Ilya.”
“Brother Levitt… Indeed, it’s truly been a long time.”

Ilya looked at Levitt with nostalgic eyes.

“Everybody on the island had been worried about you, Brother. Um, it might have been none of my business, but I wrote a letter to my father back on the island… I said that I found you, Brother. I haven’t received a reply yet, but I think he should be happy.”
“On the island… I see.”

Although Levitt made a bitter face, he didn’t say anything.
I noticed from his attitude that he had no intention to return to Ilkhanam Island.
Ilya must’ve realized the same.

“You have no intention of going home after all, right?” she asked with disappointment.

“… Sorry. I’ve found my calling.”
“Of course, I think Wilhelm is a good country, and I understand your feelings of wanting to settle down, but everybody’s troubled since the patriarch’s son has disappeared.”
“… I thought it would be alright since Aeon remained.”

Aeon was the name of their childhood friend who left the island to look for his mate. He left the island after Levitt. That’s why Levitt didn’t know anything.

“Everything will be fine if he returns to the island. You said he went looking for a mate, but hasn’t he contacted anybody afterwards?”
“Nobody. That’s why we’re so worried. Besides, Brother Aeon is the next head of the Nova clan, and you’re the next head of the Nox clan, right? Even if Brother Aeon returns, I don’t think you can just not return, Brother Levitt.”

Levitt grimaced at Ilya’s words.

“Even I’m thinking of going home someday. However, that someday may be ten or twenty years away. At least it’s not now. I’m a knight who pledged allegiance to Wilhelm, to His Highness after all. As a crown princess, you understand that, right?”
“… I do.”

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  1. DANG
    Why didn’t I realize this?!
    Surely Lidi is going to get all the beastmen on her side too for the fight against Sahaja because she isn’t discriminating against them and a lot of the beastmen friends she met are heirs of different beastmen clans


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