I Favor the Villainess 217

Joking suggestions

“How do we meet the apostle?”

The day after the conference, Claire-sama and I visited Tred-sensei.
Our purpose was of course to learn how to contact the apostle.

“Just in case let me ask… why do you want to meet the apostle?”

Tred-sensei was a cautious person.
He must’ve been opposed to us getting involved with the apostle without a good reason.
Thus, he asked about why we wanted to meet the apostle.

“At yesterday’s conference the existence of the demon queen came to light. The threat is so big even Dorothea felt the sense of crisis. We have to learn more about the demon queen.”
“Tred-sensei, if you had that knowledge we’d ask, but we thought that the apostle would know a lot more.”
“… I see.”

Tred-sensei nodded like he was convinced.

“I also heard about the demon queen for the first time yesterday. I’m sorry I can’t help you two.”
“Then, we have no choice but to ask the apostle after all.”
“That’s right. But, I wouldn’t personally recommend it. I think the apostle acts according different sense of values than humans.”
“Different sense of values, you say?”

Claire-sama repeated as though she was asking for the explanation.

“Even the apostle themselves said that they aren’t human, but there are numerous mysteries about their existence. For example, the apostle didn’t care about the life or death of a person.”

Tred-sensei couldn’t conceal the bitterness leaking from his words.

“Has something happened?”
“… I started getting monitored by the apostle around the same time I lost my daughter. I sensed great power in the apostle. The apostle introduced themselves as a part of the Spirit God, so I begged them to bring my daughter back to life.”

It seemed like Tred-sensei would do anything for that.

“And what happened then?”
“They didn’t help me in any way. The apostle said my daughter’s life didn’t matter. I couldn’t understand what they meant, but they also said that the same thing will repeat anyway…”
As always, the apostle liked suggestive lines.

“There are some cruel things spoken about me.”

I got startled.
Before hearing these words, neither I nor Claire-sama or Tred-sensei could sense that presence at all.

“Hi, Tred Magick. So you thought of me that way. I apologize for that time. I didn’t realize you were grieving so much. But, it’s prohibited to revive a human who has died.”

The one speaking with a smiling face was an unfamiliar nun.
Apparently, the people the apostle could use were not limited to Lily-sama.
I had no idea how it worked though, if it was possession or something else.

Anyway, it was one thing when it was Lily-sama, but a mere nun who didn’t appear particularly trained sneaking up to us without a sound drew my attention.
I wondered if the apostle can increase the possessed target’s physical and magic ability.
If there was such a skill, we’d love to be taught it.

“Just when we needed you. Apostle, we have something to ask you.”
“Oh, Claire François. What is it?”
“Do you know anything about the demon queen?”

When Claire-sama asked, the apostle answered while still smiling.

“Of course I do. She’s our enemy.”
“Does our refer to the spirit church?”
“No, Claire François. In this case, our includes you, Rei Taylor, and the whole humanity.”

The apostle continued.

“The demon queen is the enemy that you, humanity, should defeat. And she’s also the enemy of ours, the spirit church. The interests of both parties coincide. We will spare no effort to cooperate with you.”

The apostle smiled with their usual grin.
… Shady.

“Then please give us information about the demon queen. We have no knowledge about the adversary we’re supposed to fight.”
“I apologize, but with my authority, I can’t tell you anything at this time.”
“! D-Did you not just say that you will spare no effort to cooperate with us!?”
“Yes, I’m sorry, but even so, I can’t do what I can’t do, Claire François.”

Even though Claire-sama pressured them, the apostle evaded.

“Please calm down, Claire-sama. If you can’t do it, please get us in touch with your superiors.”
“At present that’s also impossible.”
“At present, right?”
“Yes, at present.”

Then there was a possibility they’d act as an intermediary in the future.
I didn’t know when that would be though.

“However… let’s see, if I could make one suggestion――”
“Then what?”
“Claire François, Rei Taylor, please flirt a lot.”
“… Hah?”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Stop joking!”
“I’m not joking. I’m deadly serious. There’s nothing else that you need to do in the battle with the demon queen.”

Claire-sama grew angry, but it really seemed that the apostle was serious.
What was that about?

“Naturally, flirting with Claire-sama is what I want, but how is that related to the battle with the demon queen?”
“I can’t reveal that much yet. However, you two flirting is really important to the battle with the demon queen.”
“So that means you have no intention of explaining.”
“We also have various circumstances going on. And then… let’s see, don’t worry about what the demon queen says.”

The apostle again said something with a deeper meaning.

“Don’t worry about the demon queen’s circumstances and just defeat her. If you for whatever
reason listen too much, you will get deceived, okay?”
“Being told that only makes me want to carefully talk with the demon queen more though.”
“Is that fine, Rei Taylor? That conversation might come at the cost of Claire François’s life though?”
“… You are good at managing me. As expected of somebody who controls the world from the shadows.”
“Thank you for the compliment. However, we don’t control the world, we only adjust it. We’re humanity’s allies.”
“I wonder.”

What the apostle was saying might not have been all lie, but I thought it wasn’t all true either.

“Flirting though… There’s no way we can do it at that time.”
“Even if I tell you that the success of defending against this attack depends on you?”

It seemed that the apostle also knew how to manage Claire-sama, not just me.

“It’s not something particularly difficult. You two flirt whenever there’s an opportunity to.”
“Don’t say something so silly!”

The three of us exchanged glances.
Well, I was aware of it, so I couldn’t strongly deny what the apostle said.

“Tred Magick. Negotiate with Sein Baur and Dor François to make time for Claire François and Rei Taylor.”
“I… don’t have a right to decline, do I?”
“Is there any need to decline? You’ll be able to contribute to humanity, you know? Besides, it will also fulfil Emily Magick’s dying wish, right?”
“… I wish you wouldn’t talk about my daughter like you knew her.”

Emily-san seemed to be Tred-sensei’s late daughter.

“And so, I’ll help to set it up, so Claire François, Rei Taylor, please flirt as much as you can.”

“For the sake of humanity,” leaving these words, the apostle left.

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16 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 217

      1. Nah,instead of being pissed off,she would instead be fangirling about it,then get a nosebleed due to how gay it is and then faint due to the immense amount of Yuri she’s getting from the two of them


  1. I suspect the demon queen is a future Rei who lost Claire and/or their daughters and is trying to change a critical decision she made in the past, Emiya-style. This would also explain a lot of the incongruities with Rei’s knowledge of the world if they were changes she made. The volcano exploding ahead of time has already been revealed as Dorothea trying to take control of Bauer to defeat the demon queen, for instance.

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