Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 204

Hah! It showed on my face, didn’t it? I’m so easy to understand.

“You were muttering complicated things, Marikana-chan…”

What the hell? I’m so disappointing. I want to condescendingly insult myself.

Day by day, sun rises and sets. How long can I continue with that repetition?

At least I’d prefer to think of it as a series of non-empty moments.

I wonder if there’s meaning to living. Is it to just vaguely enjoy life?

Lies and insults are both disgusting, but… sometimes you want to cling onto them.

I poured coffee inside my body. The clink of the cup resounded hollowly.

“Marikana-chan? Marikana-chan!”

“Y-Yes! What is it, Kanada-sama?”

“Marikana-chan, I’ve called you 20 times…”

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