Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 201

“One. Just one, be firm, Marikana!”

“No, haven’t you grabbed three? Your words and actions don’t match.”

I filled my mouth with chips. Munch munch, gulp.

“What, Marikana? Ah, seconds, isn’t it?”

“Marikana, just one more. It’ll only be two in total.”

“No, I’m saying your words and action don’t match… Or rather, you grabbed the bag?”

I was startled. Dangerous, dangerous. It seems I fell under the charm of sweets.

I shook my head and moistened my mouth with coffee.

It was bitter and did a good job at killing my appetite.

I nearly rushed down the obesity path. Good job, my self-control.

Appetite is a formidable foe… How ferocious it is.

It’s as threatening as a lion. All the more since desserts go to another stomach…

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