Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 32

She and the Noble Daughters

“Your Highness!!”

As Freed brought me along down a hallway decorated with gold and beautiful paintings, a voice suddenly called out from behind.
As Freed, who was called out to, stopped in his tracks, I too, naturally stopped as well.
Turning around, there were 3 young ladies before us.

The ladies that were wrapped in a multicolored princess line dress passionately gazed at Freed, while completely ignoring me, who was next to him.
The moment I saw the flirtatious looks in their eyes, I came to my senses like the tides suddenly drawing back.
Silently, I stepped away from Freed.
When I wordlessly separated myself from his side, Freed looked at me for a moment with a dubious expression, but even so, taking my feelings into considerations, he decided to not say anything.
Meanwhile the girls that were encircling Freed, desperately tried to start a conversation with him.

…..I wonder if they were Freed’s followers?

As I observed from a distance, I let out a small inaudible sigh.

It was obvious that Freed was a rarely seen beautiful figure. With golden blond hair, turquoise eyes, and beautiful and well ordered features, it seems that no matter who saw, would greatly admire. Not to mention his position as the Crown Prince.
Even rumors of his gentleness was heard by everyone.
With those conditions alone, there was no way he was not popular.

In other words, the girls that were defeated in love, would all directly aim at me, who was his marriage partner. It has become that kind of situation.

How bothersome.

I felt fed up with the girls staring at Freed.
My feelings were completely cold.
The drive to go to Freed’s room had long vanished.

It’s okay, if it’s just talking to his followers.
I’ll just go back after greeting them.

Deciding that, I once again approached Freed in an attempt to leave.
That way he would have to listen not matter what, even if he didn’t want to hear it.

“I hear you got engaged this time”
“You’ve worked hard, your Highness. Even if it’s said to be an obligation to royal family, for someone like your Highness to be forced into something like a marriage of convenience”
“Honestly. But fortunately the royal family practices polygamy. If it pleases you, please feel obliged to call for us anytime”

Talk about being blunt, my expression unexpectedly stiffened at their blatant statement of wanting to be concubine candidates.
Consequently, my cheeks started to twitch.
They were considerably bold to say that knowing that I’m here.
Obviously I knew who these girls were. I had already inputted a complete list of the nobles within the country in my head.
Daughters of a Marquis, Earl and Duke house respectively. Their age was about the same as mine.
Although they were respectively a daughter of a chief official, what were they thinking, picking a fight with me?
Not to boast or anything, but I was the daughter of a splendidly high ranking* Duke family.
Aside from the royal family, I don’t recall being looked down by the other families.

(*TN: 筆頭公爵家 – not sure how ranking in the same peerage works but this can also be translated as Head Duke House which I guess means they outrank other Duke families)

In addition, because there were rumors that I was in poor health due to seldomly attending evening parties, did they think that if they just put a bit of a strong front up I could easily be dealt with.

If that was the case, then unfortunately they’ve miscalculated.
I wasn’t someone that would cave at a bit of harsh words, rather my principle was, if they were selling a fight I’d buy it even if I had to borrow money.
Normally, being too aggressive, I would get scolded by my father for not having elegance.
But because I was also bitter towards my father, I’ve piled up a lot of stress.
The devil inside my heart was whispering to just do it.
But it seems these girls completely didn’t notice my disgusted look.
While I looked at the three who were more minuscule* than I’d imagined, I began to think that it was stupid to even play along with them.

(*TN: 小物な – mob character, nobody, etc.)

Freed didn’t even return a single word. He just silently displayed a smile on his face.
Even so, I sensed a restlessness to a terrifying extent exuding from his whole body.
The girls didn’t seem to understand, but if you could sense that, then you’d think that becoming something like a concubine was a just a dream within a dream. It was out of the question.

Somehow it appears that even his mood has gone bad, so it’s best if I quickly run away before I get tangled up in this mess.

“Your Highness”

I called out to him in an unconcerning voice.
However I had let out a bit more force in my voice than I’d thought, and not only Freed, but even the noble daughters turned there attention to me.

“I apologize for interrupting in the middle your conversation, but I will excuse myself for now. Your Highness, please carry on”

I conveyed such with a modeled ladylike smile and mannerism.
Gently taking a bow and thinking it was over, I turned my heel, but Freed tightly grasped my hand as if not letting me escape.
Strongly gazing at me with an intense look, I could feel he was angry.

“Why are you going back to calling me like everyone else? I told you. I won’t reply.”
“……but even if you say it like that”

For a moment the noble daughters’ gaze shifted, and I clashed with their hatred filled eyes.
To be resented for something that had nothing to do with myself, I thought somehow I’ve gotten engaged to a troublesome man.

“I don’t want to receive any unnecessary resentment”

I declared such without hesitation. In this situation, if I were to call his name, it’d be like giving bait to starved beasts.
Although I tried to communicate this with my eyes, he still wouldn’t yield.

“For that kind of trivial reason? I won’t allow it. Just like with the name, there’s no point in going back now.”

At his voice that did not permit refusal, I reluctantly called out his name.
Instantly, I felt annoyed with the 3 that swelled up with bloodlust.

……yes yes. It’d become like this, right.

At the easily understood jealously, I could only let out a sigh.
That’s why I didn’t want to say it.

“His Highness’s sacred name!!”
“There’s a limit to such shamelessness!!”

Like a fish in water, the girls violently howled as I stared at them. While still being held by Freed, I looked up to the heavens thinking ‘as expected’.
I wonder in their minds, how they changed the scene where Freed forced me to say his name. Before I knew it, it’d become the situation where I had voluntarily called it out.
…..how bothersome. It may be okay to seriously consider this exclusion.
Straightening my back, as I stretched out my head, I stared into their eyes.
The girls jumped when they met my eyes, and before the words could come out of my mouth, Freed raised his voice first.

“How unpleasant”
“Your Highness?”

To Freed who spoke as if he were disgusted, the noble daughters suddenly stopped moving.
Freed glared at them as if he was looking at something dirty.

“Firstly, you’re suppose convey your intentions to me through your fathers. I don’t wish to be approached a second time. Nevertheless, it’s an insult to my beloved princess for you to be repeatedly coming to the castle at your own convenience. I’d thought you were foolish, but I didn’t think it was to this extent.”
“Your Highness….”

The Earl’s daughter’s name I think, if I’m not mistaken, was Ana Von Platini. Unable to believe what’d happened, she approached Freed with a shocked expression.

“I cannot allow you to approach any further. It’ll be regarded as being disrespectful.”

He said it in a monotone voice, but even so it was a clear rejection.

“Respect for the Princess Consort is absolute. You should have already heard the speech during the engagement ceremony. By his Majesty’s decree, she should already be treated as the Princess Consort. Yet, your attitude towards the princess earlier, just what was that. Did you think I’d need such an incompetent person that can’t even understand proper manners?”

Implicitly implying that they were an unnecessary existence, their complexion quickly turned pale.

“Your Highness!! Why have you become like this? For your Highness, who was always so kind, to say something like that, as expected that woman-!!

Even so, the one who raised her voice from disbelief this time was the marquis house’s Maria Von Shanoire.
Wearing a pink dress, she who had a strong look in her eyes due to the tears, pitifully turned towards Freed.
However, Freed just scowled as if he hated it from the bottom of his heart.

“Furthermore, for you all who lack the ability to learn, where is the need to even continue pushing your luck with your conduct.”
“….your Highness, that sort of thing-”
“Still, I think no matter what you say to a foolish person is useless. Disrespect towards my Princess Consort, will consequently be taken as an insult towards me as well. Whether it’s family background, appearance, or even educational standards, there is not a single thing that you can win against her, yet I completely can’t comprehend why you look down on her.”
“T-that was-”
“Were you jealous of her that much? She is someone that’s taken the position of my wife, and decided to stand as the future Queen. And then for her to be unjustly resented in return, it’s just too shallow and extremely ridiculous. For people like you, you should know your own extent.”

Freed was relentless. He scornfully gazed towards the three, that went from shedding fake tears to actual real tears.

“Step down. Only this time will I turn a blind eye. From now on, don’t show that face in front of me a second time.”
“…Y-your Highness. We just…”
“Disgusting*. Guards. Take them away. Afterwards, give me a detailed report of the cause and countermeasures for allowing someone to intrude this kind of place as the please.”

(*TN: くどい – I looked this up in various Japanese dictionaries and the best definition I could find that fitted the context was しつこくて嫌味な感じがする – ‘to have a persistent and unpleasant feeling’. If anyone knows or could find a better definition please let me know because I’m still kinda unsure about it)

Receiving Freed’s orders, the royal guards took the three that were still clinging on to him away.
I could only watch the scene unfold with my mouth wide open.

Just when I thought I could finally retaliate by taking my anger out on them, it was completely taken over by Freed. What should I do with this pent up feeling.
It feels strange to criticize Freed when I’ve clearly been rejecting him so far. Not having an outlet for my feelings, I seem to have become a bit lost.

And what I thought above all.
….Un. Who were those people earlier?

Honestly I was taken aback.
To even speak with that kind of tone.

I wonder if it was because he was angry, that it was unusually refreshing, since I’d only known of his polite tone and gentle expressions.
Although I think he is awfully natural and looks good in a military uniform.
I wonder if he gives orders with that tone in battle.

…..Un. Good. As expected using a commanding tone in a military uniform. There’s nothing better than this.

Because without the 3 noble daughters, only Freed and I were left behind in the corridor, thus I immediately went back to having stupid thoughts.
This is really bad. Even though I thought it was over, as soon as I let my guard down, the festival restarted.
I know. I just have to go home, before I do anything stupid again.

…..to be honest, it was a bit dangerous just now.

“Freed. I also will excuse myself from here.”

Even though I’d thought that I’d skillfully took the opportunity to leave, Freed wouldn’t allow it.

“What are you talking about Lidi. Earlier, didn’t you promise to come to my room?”

Remembering the pain as he strongly grasped my hand, my face scowled.
Returning to his usual tone, he pulled me into his arms as to not let me go.
Even while I thought that it was expected to not work well, I still somehow tried to think of an excuse.

“If I carefully think about it, I realized there’s no reason to intrude. I think I will take my leave now.”
“You can’t, Lidi. I won’t let you escape today”

I was strongly held as he looked into my eyes.
It was definitely the uniform’s fault that my heart throbbed violently.

“I apologize for making you experience something unpleasant. Those girls were particularly persistent. Up until now, because animosity to that extent has never happened, I’d always properly dealt with those kinds of situations. But how dare they have that kind of attitude towards my princess consort, Lidi…….I won’t let those girls come near Lidi a second time, so it’s fine even if you don’t worry about it.”
“……..They’ve already displayed who they are and what kind of people they are, so it’s not a problem. I’ll deal with it myself”

I’m not so soft that I’d get hurt like that.
If they are going to aim at me, then next time I’ll turn the tables on them.

“That’s reassuring, but……did you know who they were?”
“The faces and names of all the nobles is like common knowledge to me”
“As expected, towards people I’ve never met before, even I can’t say I have a good grasps on……but that’s just me saying I want to hear the names of those idiots that can’t even remember half.”

I told Freed their names, their father’s names, and what positions their fathers held. He then replied ‘correct’ with a surprised tone.

“It’s just as the Prime Minister says, it seems you don’t need the Princess Consort training. You’re already perfect.”
“It’s an honor to receive such a praise. Now then, I will-”
“Didn’t I already say you can’t go. It’s bad to not know when to give up.”

I had intended on skillfully leaving after saying some pretty words, but Freed wouldn’t let me go.

“You promised you’d come with me, didn’t you?”
“But that was……!!”

Even as I tried to shake him off, his arm was not yielding.
As I seriously tried to resist, Freed got a bit upset.

“If you’re just shy, then I think it’s cute. But if that’s not the case……then, it would be that Lidi has lied to me.”

As he said that the air about him completely changed.
I was pierced with his cold gaze and words.
Completely swallowed by his intimidating air, the words stuck to my throat. I couldn’t reply right away.


I’d intended to say that it wasn’t a lie, but the words wouldn’t come out.

“If it were like those unimportant people earlier, I don’t particularly care. But I really hate it when the people close to me that I recognize to lie to me.”

To Freed who suddenly erased his expression, I felt as if I’ve somehow stepped on a landmine.
While I stood frozen not knowing what to say, Freed started to walk strongly pulling me along.
As if letting myself be persuaded, I once again followed behind him. Even as the hem of my dress got caught, Freed completely didn’t excuse anything. His silent back conveyed to me that he was extremely angry.

We quickly continued forward towards the inner parts of the castle. Each time we pass through a door, the guards lined up on both sides would bow to us. Naturally, there was no one to blame.

And then we arrived at what is probably the most inner part of the castle.

Freed casually opened the silver door with ivy vines carved on to it, furthermore bringing me into the room with him.
This was most likely his personal room. Judging from this situation it was definitely Freed’s.

Without even the time to closely inspect the room, I was pushed onto my back by Freed, who’d removed his irritating mantle.
Staggering, as I tried to prop myself up with my hand, I felt something soft and fluffy.
By the time I realized I was thrown onto the bed, Freed was already hovering over me.
Even if I try to escape, he had both my arms pinned above my head with one hand.


I thought, at least I should protest, but my mouth was sealed, unable to form the words.
And just like that, a tongue slipped in, violating the insides of my mouth.
Tracing the rows of my teeth, then intertwining his tongue with mine. My body started to grow hot by that teasing like kiss.
Again and again changing the angle, he continued deepening the kiss.

I completely lost all my strength, I didn’t even have the power to resist. Freed, who had been devouring my lips this entire time, slowly separated him face from mine.
Red lips soaked, with a silver thread passing along each other’s lips, creating an impure atmosphere.
Freed intently stared at me with his emotionless eyes.
Feeling uncomfortable, I let out a breath.

“…..Anyhow, because it’s already decided to do it this way, the result is still the same”

I brought my gaze up to Freed who uttered those words. Even so, he continued.

“You need to take responsibility for making me angry”
“hah? Do what….”

He beautifully smiled, as I listened again and not understanding what he said.
Then, as if to persuade me, slowly pausing between words, before he ultimately thrusted himself onto me.

“….I thought I said I didn’t want to be lied to a second time, so a proper punishment needs to be given.”

Translator: Broken Jinsei

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