Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 120

Count’s Daughter’s Rampage 2

I have no doubt. It’s her.
It’s the first time I see her from up close, but I wouldn’t mistake that Royal Flower.
Despite the rumors of her feebleness, I found it a little strange that her complexion looks good and she seems extremely healthy, but now’s not the time for that.
Let’s call out to her. Thinking so, I tightly clenched my fists, when having noticed me she called out this way.

“Ara, if it isn’t Miss Charlotte?”

By no means expecting my name to be called, I solidified.
When she approached, she looked at me and nodded once.

“Ah, you really are. You’re Count Vidal’s daughter, isn’t that right. I’m glad to meet you. What are you doing in such a place? Are you lost? But, I wouldn’t recommend going ahead. Beyond this point is the royalty quarter”

She’d come from there herself, yet she said such a careless thing.
But, since she already bears the proof of the princess consort, she surely can go in and out as she pleases.
Finding it hateful, although I bit my lip in frustration, I still at least returned a greeting. Then, I fixed my eyes at her.

“Lady Lidiana…”
“Nn? What’s the matter? If you’d like, I’ll send you back to a place you’re familiar with. The Count must be worried too”

Without knowing my feelings, she said such a thing.
Do you mean to be kind. I won’t be fooled, I clenched my firsts a little.
That’s right. Few words. Didn’t I want to tell her few words.
This is a chance granted by God. I’ll never have such an opportunity again. Do what you have to do.
Be that as it may, what should I say.
Honestly, I hadn’t expected we’d actually meet, so I didn’t think of anything. Think of something… And then one thing came to my mind.
That’s right, I’ve heard she hardly attended the evening parties due to her feebleness.
Then, she shouldn’t know how Crown Prince had treated us.
If I teach her that and make her a little jealous, I might feel relieved.
I don’t think it’s an amazing idea, but it’s the best I can come up in an emergency.
From the start I thought it’d be fine if I could give her few words, so it’s enough. Having decided on that, I spoke to Lady Lidiana.

“Lady Lidiana… are you aware? Before, Crown Prince…”
“What I did, could you tell me that in detail”

I thought of saying how he had gently treated the showy beautiful women who surrounded him, but I was interrupted by a freezing voice.
When I reflexively turned my head, there was the person I tried talking about, Crown Prince, coldly glaring at me.

“Crown… Prince…”
“Geh… Freed”

Overlapping with my mutter, Lady Lidiana’s voice resounded.
In response to that voice, Crown Prince easily took his eyes off me, and his expression changed at once.

“Lidi. I’ve finally found you”

A sweet voice that sends shivers down your spine. Its temperature is completely different from just before, I could only stare at Crown Prince.
Crown Prince ignored me, and walked straight towards her. He took her in his arms and as if to cut her off hugged her. At their sweet behavior like a pair of lovers, I opened my eyes wide.

“I’ve been looking for you. Lidi. Really, how did you leave the room. I should’ve told guards to tighten the security”

She was blunt. Even though she was, Crown Prince’s gentle expression didn’t break. He only let out a small breath.

“It can’t be helped, huh. Hey, we’re turning to my room. But, why did you leave behind such a letter. I’d said you can do as you please, so don’t worry me”
“I’d properly said I’d remain in the castle, didn’t I… You won’t do it anymore?”

When he tilted her head at being rebuked in a whisper, Crown Prince wryly smiled.

“… It’s Lidi’s fault for being so cute”
“I don’t care. Freed, even though you said you won’t do it anymore today, you…”
“Sorry. It’s because what Lidi was saying was too cute. And, so you got angry and left?”

I don’t understand what Lady Lidiana is talking about with a standoffishly averted face, but I could tell apparently Crown Prince has done something to displease her.
I could only be surprised by the surprising power relationship.

“My bad. I promise not to do it anymore today, so cheer up”
“… Truly?”
“I promise”
“Nn… Then let’s go back”

What was I made to witness.
Crown Prince and Lady Lidiana’s sweet dialogue is jaw-dropping.
In the first place, the distance between them is too close. As they whispered to each other at the distance where their lips almost touched, they were like a pair of lovers in their honeymoon period.
Touching her cheek, Crown Prince gazed at her with eyes tinged with charm.
What is this corny sweet space. Was Crown Prince such a person?
The way of talking too, it’s way too different from Crown Prince that I know.
While I was dumbfounded, Crown Prince turned to me, and said as if he remembered.

“A moment ago, I heard something interesting. What was that about me? Can you once again tell the story from the beginning?”

His expressions changed in an instant, as Crown Prince stared at me, my voice wouldn’t come out.
… Scary.
I can’t help but find the sharp glint of his eyes directed at me frightening.
The chill of his perfect beauty pierced through me.
Before I knew it, my body was shivering from Crown Prince’s sharp expression.
… I don’t know such Crown Prince.
Who I knew had always been kind and gentle, treated everybody equally…
He would never direct such a frightening face at me.

“I’m not a patient person. You’re Count Vidal’s daughter, huh. If you say nothing, I will ask him later”

I became flustered as Father’s name came out. Even though I had no intention of bothering Father.
It’ll turn out awful if things continue like this. While affected by His Highness’s heavy aura I paled, unable to say anything, a helping hand was extended to me. Rebuking refreshing voice resounded.

“Freed. Miss Charlotte is frightened”

Who forced her way between me and Crown Prince was Lady Lidiana, who from some time ago had been hugged by him. Before I realized she shook free from Crown Prince’s arms and covering me with her back was glaring at him.
Having such eyes pointed at him, Crown Prince looked troubled.

“I don’t know what she was trying to say, but I said I don’t particularly mind that sort of thing, right? Don’t threaten this younger girl. She should only be 16. Hey, Miss Charlotte. Are you alright? It’s okay. We won’t talk to your father”
“Is… is it true”

Unconsciously, I looked at Lady Lidiana as if clinging to her kind words.
To such me, Lady Lidiana nodded “Yeah”.

“It’s not such a big deal, in the first place you haven’t done anything yet, have you. Freed, don’t do such things”
“I only frightened her a little. It’s not like I was serious”

As Crown Prince answered, Lady Lidiana looked at him with suspicion and let out a breath.

“I’m saying you’re overdoing it… Ah, it must’ve been scary. You’re trembling so much. Come, I’ll send you back, so better return quickly. Forget about today. Okay?”

As Lady Lidiana said it gently, my tears overflowed.
She should be more slender than me, and yet when she covered me with her back I was very relieved for some reason.
She, who was thoughtful of me, looked very cool, unconsciously I became spellbound.
What a… what a cool lady.
She protected me who had tried to do something unpleasant, furthermore she stood ground against Crown Prince.
Nobody else can do it. Only Lady Lidiana can.
At that moment I awakened.
I would have never thought Lady Lidiana is such a wonderful person.
Truly, what a foolish thing I tried to do.
I can’t forgive my past self who had wanted to say few words to such a wonderful lady.
Crown Prince already doesn’t matter.
All of my attention focused on Lady Lidiana, who looked at me with a smile.

“… Onee-sama”

Unconsciously, my voice came out. And, I understood that my chest throbbed at that sound so much I couldn’t put it into words. Onee-sama. That’s right, it’s a perfect word for Lady Lidiana.
With a smile filling my face, I jumped at Onee-sama.

“Onee-sama! Thank you. I will follow Onee-sama for my whole life!!”

When I embraced her dainty back, Onee-sama staggered.
Crown Prince, who was near, caught her in his arms, and tried to separate her from me.
However, I won’t lose.

“… What does it mean”

The cold voice doesn’t disturb me anymore. I raised my face and standoffishly ignored him.

“It’s unrelated to Crown Prince. I am talking to Onee-sama”
“Hey… how did it become this way?”

Caught between me and Crown Prince, Onee-sama made a confused expression.
Such a face also looks very sweet, as expected Onee-sama is the only person who can make my heart beat fast.

“Miss, Miss Charlotte? To say Onee-sama, what in the world…”

‘Miss’. I want to be called more intimately, not with such a formal title. With this feeling I appealed to Onee-sama.

“Please call me Char. Onee-sama. I fell in love with Onee-sama’s coolness! I want to become close by all means!”
“Eh… Eeh!?”
“What a foolish thing…”

Disturbing the blissful time with Onee-sama, Crown Prince looked hateful.
At this point I don’t think anything of his beautiful face, or his voice lowered in displeasure. Looking at Onee-sama, my heart beats greatly.
In the first place, such a narrow-minded man doesn’t suit Onee-sama. Even now this man is nothing but displeased by me hugging Onee-sama.
As I collected myself and recalled the earlier conversation, I noticed this man showed awful obsession with Onee-sama. After all the rumors that Crown Prince is a virtuous person were just rumors.
That’s right, even if he’s the crown prince, such an inflexible man doesn’t suit Onee-sama.
Older, more mature man suits Onee-sama.
For example… Right, that gentleman…
During the evening parties when she rarely appeared, the rumors have it he’d always been with her…

“Rather than Crown Prince, Lord William is a much better match for Onee-sama”
“… What was that?”

I felt the surrounding air shake.
Onee-sama, who had distanced herself from us before I realized, for some reason was greatly perplexed.

“Uwaah, a land mine…”

As Onee-sama muttered with a face as if the world was ending, Crown Prince’s eyes glazed. Not quite understanding the situation, I tilted my head.

“… William suits Lidi more than me? Hee? What in the world would make you think so, might I hear the reason”
“Magician Division Commander, Lord William is a person famous for his gentle and virtuous character. There is no problem with his pedigree or ability. I think that sort of adult gentleman suits Onee-sama more than Crown Prince”

As I loudly declared, Onee-sama’s face stiffened more and more.
Crown Prince hung his head… and laughed with eerie calm.

“I see… Incidentally, whose opinion is that? It’d be unbelievable, but it’s not the rumor inside the Royal Palace, is it?”

As the gaze Crown Prince fixed on me made me want to reflexively prostrate, I desperately answered.
For the sake of Onee-sama who protected me, I can’t lose here!
I didn’t notice Onee-sama’s face was turning more and more grim.

“Lord William being a wonderful person is an opinion shared by every young lady. Moreover, it’s a famous story that Lord William had been the only one to escort Onee-sama. It’s not strange for such a rumor to appear”
“… Hmph. It seems I’ll need to investigate”

Hearing the disquieting voice that made no attempts to hide his displeasure, for some reason Onee-sama cowered with “Hii”.
When she tried to secretly leave the spot, she was caught by Crown Prince.
He had a frightful smile.

“Where are you going. Lidi”
“N, no. Anywhere…. Hey, let go”
“It’s unthinkable, but you aren’t possibly going to Will’s place, are you?”
“I, I’m not. There’s no way I would”
“I love Lidi more than anyone. From now, I’ll love Lidi enough to erase such a foolish rumor”

After all it turned out like that, with that Onee-sama dropped her shoulders. Still, with a miserable face she said.

“N… No. It’s already plenty enough… right”
“You think I’ll be convinced with that?”
“Isn’t that right. Aah… I got dragged in…”

Hugging Onee-sama firmly, Crown Prince just like that began walking towards the royalty quarter taking Onee-sama along, as if he forgot about me.
I called out to Onee-sama in a hurry.

“O, Onee-sama?”

Looking at me with resigned eyes, Onee-sama said.

“I’ll be alright. Are you going back to the Count? … You can’t come further”
“Because Lidi is like that, I’ll turn a blind eye this time. But, I’ll remember you”
“Jeez, say that kind of thing earlier”
“Now, let’s go, Lidi. I really can’t take my eyes off you”

As if dragging her away, Crown Prince led Onee-sama away.
And, while hanging her head, Onee-sama followed Crown Prince.
Feeling like I’d seen their actual relationship, I stood there stock still.
Incidentally, I remember Onee-sama’s words.

“… What’s a land mine. Onee-sama”

Let’s ask the next time I visit the Royal Palace.
So I thought.

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    1. Remember that Lidi possesses Neutralization as an innate ability. She simply neutralized the impurity within Charlotte’s heart, and set her on the proper course. To becoming a member of the Lidi Faction.

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      1. I know right.She really did nuetralize her.Talk about a fierce fan, this girl is over the top now. Will she start a campaign to have Lid leave the Crown Prince.? This girl and her family may be in for a hard time.


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