I Favor the Villainess 200

A Vow “Ugh……” When I regained my composure, my surroundings had changed.The originally destroyed abandoned house had collapsed completely now, and the ground around us looked somewhat like a crater. “Mei!? Alea!? Claire-sama!?” Immediately after realizing that we were attacked, I frantically searched around for the three of them. “I’m right here.”“Claire-sama! I’m glad you’re … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 200

I Favor the Villainess 177

Figurehead “Hah?” Hilda was miffed when she heard Philine’s curt tone of voice. “What are you doing, acting so high and mighty, even though you’re just a decoration of a princess? If we’re finished with this conversation, I’m leaving――”“Sit down, Hilda.”“Like I said, I’m――”“Sit down.” Her words were strict and commanding.Hilda, who tried to get … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 177

I Favor the Villainess 155

Something That Could Be Called Love Following the incident, Yuu-sama launched an investigation on Lishe-sama’s officials.As the investigations continued, the details surrounding the entire scheme gradually got revealed. The mastermind behind the plot was Lishe-sama.She devised the scheme in order to make Yuu-sama the next pope by killing off the current one.By becoming a security … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 155

I Favor the Villainess 137

Party Formation “Good morning, Claire.”“Good morning, Philine-sama.”“Good morni――”“Good morning, Rei. Anyway, Claire, listen to this――” After interrupting my greeting with her own, Philine immediately started chatting it up with Claire-sama.It had been like this for the last few days.It seemed that her fear of Claire-sama had faded away.Rather, she was all over Claire-sama now.Nowadays, I … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 137

I Favor the Villainess 121

Training “Thirty-two! ….. Thirty-three!” It was the afternoon of a day off.Alea’s voice resonated in the garden of our home.She was swinging a wooden sword. “! …… Forty-nine! …… Fifty!”“Alright, you did well. You can rest.”“Yes!” The one who roughly stroked Alea’s head when she replied energetically was a lightly armored one-armed man. “Alea, good … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 121

I Favor the Villainess 116

The New Students This was the sports ground at the Royal Academy.A gentle sunlight befitting of early spring shone over us, and the temperature was no longer chilly. “Good morning, everybody.”“““Good morning!””” When I delivered a greeting to my class of around twenty students, they energetically greeted me back.All of them donned their school uniforms, … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 116