I Favor the Villainess 242

Holy War The people in the city were in turmoil.The countdown to destruction suddenly announced by somebody who had introduced herself as the Demon Queen was more than enough to terrify ordinary powerless people. “H-Hey, did you see that…?”“You saw that too? What the heck was that… In an instant, such a big mountain…”“Mom, I’m … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 242

I Favor the Villainess 241

The Final Chapter - The Future of Humanity Promise ‘Hand over Claire François. Otherwise, I shall destroy the countries of the world one day at a time.’ The Demon Queen said something outrageous.But considering her immense power, I understood that she wasn’t kidding.However, I wondered how many people would accept it as true.In the first … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 241

I Favor the Villainess 238

The Beginning of Everything (8) ※ The first (・・・) from Oohashi Rei’s point of view. After leaving Claire’s hospital room, I went down to the bottom floor of the laboratory.TAIM’s mainframe was there.While impatiently waiting for ID verification, I shouted towards TAIM’s interface. “TAIM, start the Eternal Loop System!” The only way to save Claire … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 238

Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 450

She and the Last Day of Her Stay 3 Ilya looked disappointed, but she nodded. “I understand that. However, all the successor candidates have disappeared, so the island is now in trouble. Sol’s Sister Tithi. Aura’s Sister Philia. Nox’s Brother Levitt. Nova’s Brother Aeon. Sol and Aura have successor candidates, even if they’re little, so … Continue reading Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 450

I Favor the Villainess 226

Demon Queen “Don’t panic, don’t run, move in line!” Back in the imperial capital, the evacuation was coming to the end. Thanks to Philine’s speech there were relatively few people who panicked and the evacuation operation seemed to go smoothly. “Philine.” “Ah, Claire, Rei, welcome back. How’s my mother?” “She’s fighting in the rearguard. I’m … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 226

I Favor the Villainess 214

Stronger than the Strongest “Haah…… Haah…… I’ve returned, mother.”“Philine…..? Why are you here……?” Dorothea had a skeptical look on her face as she stared at Philine, who had greeted her all out of breath.Well, that was to be expected.This was a development that she never expected to happen. “Philine-sama! Please wait for us!”“Princess!” A crowd … Continue reading I Favor the Villainess 214

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 209

“Kanada-sama, Calcilast-sama, you’re old acquaintances, right?” After Calcilast-sama retorted(amazing), Kanada-sama withdrew and said with a grin. “That’s right. We’re so inseparable it’s troubling.” “Aren’t you going too far, Kanada-sama? It’s far too disrespectful.” In contrast to the pleasantly laughing Kanada-sama, Calcilast-sama puffed up. They’re like a married couple. Somehow… I’m jealous. I wonder if I … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 209

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 202

“Marikana, I bought you pudding!” “Nice going, Karu-chan.” “No, I’ll stop at this!” “Eeh? I see. Then how about I have it?” Calcilast-sama eating pudding looked filmesque. I ecstatically watched him. No good. No good. As a noble, I’m not allowed to embarrass royalty like Calcilast-sama or commoners. That’s right. It could destroy the history … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 202

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 200

“Yes, here. I bought it just in case.” “Wha, wha, wha! Karu-chan, you’ve grown!” Calcilast-sama handed her potato chips. They were large-sized. Calcilast-sama foresight is… not to be underestimated… Perhaps dissatisfied with the pudding alone, my stomach reservedly demanded more. But, more than that… would only boost the surplus fat corps… Aah, scary. Aah, scary. … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 200

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 199

“Youngling. Worry... Worry.” “I won’t lose my sleep over it. I’m sick of worrying.” “Tch! How boring. Let sis have fun.” Kanada-sama looked childish as she turned away with a pout. I guess she still secretly has a childlike mind. Wonderful, isn’t it? “Karu-chan, aren’t you too free to be bursting with laughter?” Calcilast-sama gasped, … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 199

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 198

“Ara, Karu-chan was rejected.” Kanada-sama cheerfully roared with laugher. Bright. After all, she’s bright. “Marikana-chan, are you a dog person? Or a cat person?” I finished eating pudding and after putting off the container answered. “I prefer dogs. Absolutely, dogs. Cats are cute too, though…” Kanada-sama for some reason stole a glance at Calcilast-sama. What … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 198

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 196

Kanada-sama puffed out her cheeks like a squirrel. She looked dissatisfied with Calcilast-sama firm refusal. “My my, if Calcilast-sama doesn’t want to talk about that, don’t force him…” Kanada-sama gulped down a potato chip and said. “Marikana-chan, when did you fall in love for the first time?” “Eh? I wonder, I’ve already forgotten.” “Ara, Calcilast-sama, … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 196

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 195

“Then, we shouldn’t hit the bar, should we?” “Stop thinking about drinking during the day, okay?” “Karu-chan, you’re like a parent…” Kanada-sama looked astonished as she pouted. She seemed dissatisfied. It happens when things don’t go as you wish… I understand. “Karu-chan, we have time, so show us a phoenix dance.” “What is that phoenix … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 195

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 191

Kanada-sama hid her face in her hands and began crying, her shoulders trembling. “No, you’re definitely not crying!” “Calcilast-sama, you’re being cruel! You’re making a woman cry.” “I understand. I understand. I’ll buy them.” Calcilast-sama sighed, “Haa,” and walked off at a quick pace. Kanada-sama raised her face and said, “Karu-chan is the same as … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 191

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 190

He put a hand to his forehead and groaned, “Hmm.” Calcilast-sama looked like he took damage. Like in a game. “By the way, what do you like about Karu-chan, Marikana-chan?” I blinked my eyes and carefully pondered about that. “He’s handsome, and a good person… and he’s gentle…” “M-Marikana…” “What, what, going about your sweetheart? … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 190

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 185

“Marikana, is that what you’re curious about?” “Let’s see, the first thing I said was Karu-chan…” “Eeh! The first thing was Calcilast-sama’s nickname!?” “Marikana, it’s false. She’s imagining things. Don’t believe her.” “Ara? How can you be so sure, Karu-chan?” Kanada-sama gave Calcilast-sama a provocative look. It was so sexy I got chills despite being … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 185

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 184

“Kanada-sama, please don’t put troublesome things into Calcilast-sama’s head!” “Sorry. I just want to dote on my cute cousin.” “Eh? That’s your way of showing love? Wasn’t that an attack on me…” “Karu-chan, really. I wouldn’t attack you. I’m just teasing you.” “By the way, why are the two of you so close?” “Marikana-chan, does … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 184

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 183

“O-O-O-Of course I’m not! I like boys!” “Eeh!? Like boys…? Marikana, you are surprisingly frivolous!” “Wawawa, it was just an example… I’m not a fujoshi!” “I see… I’m glad. If you had such an unusual hobby…” Calcilast-sama’s facial muscles relaxed in relief. I was really flustered. I’m normal. When I began saying, “I’m…” a butterfly … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 183

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 182

“Karu-chan, what do you like the most about Marikana-chan? Let’s talk about love.” Calcilast-sama’s face turned red. Is he flustered? He coughed, “Ahem,” and sincerely said. “Everything. From the top of her hair, to the tips of her feet… From personality to hobbies…” Kanada-san grinned and gestured Calcilast-sama to lend her an ear. “Eh? What? … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 182

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 180

“Did you finally feel like reflecting? That’s the spirit.” “No, it’s different. I’ve got a slight fever today…” Calcilast-sama was gobsmacked. My, my. “Please think about your partner some more. I feel sorry for him.” “I wonder if I should. Men really are intolerant. It’s a little disappointing.” The prince shouted, “Jeez!” with displeasure and … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 180

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 178

“I’ve been marching through a wasteland looking for good-looking guys. Is something wrong about that?” “Wasteland… But that aside… If I recall correctly, you have a lover?” “Ah, is that so! Then why?” “Marikana-chan is so cute. Karu-chan, don’t let her go, okay?” “Of course I won’t. Even if it took confining her… I’m joking. … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 178

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 176

“Ooh, is that so? It’s surprising.” “And you see, he not only eats cucumbers and carrots with their skins, but even pumpkins.” “Eh! Pumpkins with skin!? He’s got strong teeth.” “Marikana, there’s no way that’s true! It’s naturally a lie!” “Ah, Karu-chan is flustered. Ahaha.”   “Please, let’s talk about something more normal. I prohibit … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 176

Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 175

“Karu-chan excelled at drawing pictures with bedwetting. For example, he could draw an elephant, or a car, or a moon…” “I can’t do that! Please don’t make things up!” Kanada-sama happily narrowed her eyes and continued giggling. “I’m joking. Of course, Karu-chan isn’t a bedwetting artist.” Caclilast-sama breathed a sigh and coldly looked at her. … Continue reading Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 175