I Favor the Villainess 201

Chapter 15 – The Summit Arc


“And now we’re back at square one with our plan to capture the Empire.”

“…… I see.”

We were currently in an accommodation facility that was assigned to the delegates of Bauer.

Claire-sama and I were visiting His Majesty Sein, bringing Mei and Alea along with us.

We were here to report our movements within the Empire, starting from the incidents that happened with our students to the kidnapping of the twins.

Mei and Alea were playing together in a different room.

His Majesty Sein’s living accommodation was much cleaner and far more refined than our dormitory room.

The room was dyed with a blueish color that reminded me of the sea.

We were currently in one of the rooms―― more specifically, the study―― where His Majesty Sein nodded after listening to our report.

“…… I understand the gist of the situation after listening to your report. Thank you. But before that, Rei, Claire, I must apologize to you two.”

“Apologize? For what?”

“…… For handing the both of you over to the Empire as exchange students.”

His Majesty Sein looked ashamed.

“If it’s about that, then please don’t worry about it anymore. Both Rei and I understand that Bauer was forced into a difficult situation.”

“To begin with, it’s not like you’re the one that’s at fault, Your Majesty. If you had to blame somebody, you could go on a limb and say that it was Manaria-sama’s fault, but if you want to go even deeper, the Empire is the one that’s actually responsible for all of this.”

“…… If you say so.”

His Majesty Sein smiled at Claire-sama and my words.

“…… But ultimately, I’m still the one that’s responsible for all of our national affairs, so I should be the one to shoulder the blame. I apologize.”

His Majesty Sein went out of his way to get up from his seat and lowered his head to us.

“Wha-……. Your Majesty, please stop!”

“Claire-sama, let’s just accept his apology. It seems like His Majesty really wants to take responsibility for it, after all.”

“…… It’s just as Rei says. I want you to accept it, Claire.”

“…… I understand.”

Claire-sama said, reluctantly accepting His Majesty Sein’s apology.

When that was all settled and done with,

“Putting that aside, let’s think about what we should do moving forward.”

Said the person that had just entered the room, prompting us to move on with the conversation.

“…… Dor, what’s going on with the Empire now?”

His Majesty Sein asked that person- who was none other than my father-in-law, Dor François-sama- for his opinion.

Dor-sama, who had been asked for his assistance by the current administration, had joined us right in time to deliver his own report to His Majesty Sein.

Let me explain a little about the current regime in Bauer Kingdom.

His Majesty Sein is the King.

His duties include acting as a symbol for the country, tending to various public affairs, taking part in official ceremonies, and working as a representative for the nation.

On the flip side, most of the authority actually lies with his administration, which is governed by the current Prime Minister, Irvine Luster.

This aspect was similar to what Japan and Britain were doing in their respective countries in my past life.

Some of you may have forgotten by now, so I’ll explain it again. Irvine is the younger brother of Arla Luster, who was at the helm of the resistance during the revolution. Irvine was the man that served as the treasurer for the resistance.

Although Arla also became a member of the newly formed government, she hardly involves herself in any public affairs and seems to be a member in name only.

She stepped down from her role once she saw her duties through to the end during the revolution.

As for the convening of the Parliament, members are elected by the citizens.

In the end, after much dispute, Claire-sama’s views were accepted, and women were allowed to participate in the political scene as well.

As a result, although their numbers are still small, there are a few women that are currently serving as members of the Parliament.

As for the judicial system, the Spirit Church was still in charge of it.

However, in Bauer, if people had doubts about a judge, it was possible to hold a vote of no-confidence against them―― in other words, the Spirit Church’s authority had become a bit restricted because of this.

But anyway, that was the gist of how the current situation looked in Bauer.

Let’s return to the topic at hand.

“The Empire appears to be standing as tall as ever. Dorothea seems to be quite the stubborn woman.”

Dor-sama said nonchalantly. 

In the past, he gave off a more sharp impression, but it seemed like he was more laidback nowadays.

Usually, people that look like this are actually very skilled politicians, so it’s often said that people can be quite different from how they appear.

Well, not like this was the full extent of Dor-sama’s strengths either.

“Well, this is just a rumor that’s been floating around, but there are reports that the Imperial Princess, Philine, who was sent to exile, has been assassinated.”

I was startled by the news.

Philine was…… assassinated…..?

“Father, is that true!?”

“It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there are reports that the Empire received a lock of her hair from her deceased body. When it was scanned with a magical tool, it seems that the blood that was attached to it matched Princess Philine’s.”

“No way……”

Claire-sama looked stunned.

Well, naturally she would be.

Although it was only for a few months, we had become quite friendly with Philine.

Not even Claire-sama could stay calm and collected after hearing that a friend of hers was no longer with us.

“Claire-sama, Philine is most likely fine.”


“She’s fine.”


I wonder if my words were able to soothe her even a little bit.

Claire-sama could not hide her discomposure.

“…… This means that the reconciliation forces have been completely annihilated…… If that’s the case, how likely is it that our demands will be met during the summit?”

“Probably around thirty percent. Her Majesty Manaria is quite skilled, but unfortunately, she lacks experience. It’s the same with Irvine. When it comes to craftiness, Dorothea will always have the upper hand.”

“….. Hm.”

“On that note, you won’t have to worry about Bill. I think it would be best if you let him handle the debating during the summit.”

“Father, who is Bill?”

Claire-sama asked.

“Ahh, perhaps that way of referring to him is a bit too familiar. I’m talking about William. You’ve met him before, Claire. He’s the King of Appalachia.”

“Oh, you were referring to His Majesty William, huh.”

Both Dor-sama and Claire-sama appeared to be acquainted with the King of Appalachia.

Given how casually Dor-sama referred to him, the two of them must’ve been quite friendly with one another.

“But before that, you two should head back first.”

“? Why? We won’t be able to help if we aren’t included in the conversation.”

I had the same question as Claire-sama.

Dor-sama’s next words were completely unexpected.

“Please don’t be present for the upcoming summit.”


“Bauer is relying too much on you two. As a parent, I can’t turn a blind eye to this anymore.”

Dor-sama provided a reason as to why he wanted to remove us from anything related to the upcoming summit.

Just like how it was during the revolution, Claire-sama and I had become too involved in the nation’s major affairs.

If things continued at this rate, it would not be a good look for the nation, and above all else, as a parent, he could no longer bear to see his daughters being taken advantage of.

“…… I agree with him. Rei, Claire, you’ve done more than enough for us. We can’t rely on you any further.”

His Majesty Sein seemed to be in agreement.

“But we came out all the way to the Empire in order to pave the way to a better future for Mei, Alea and ourselves! And now you’re telling us to stay back and do nothing――!”

“It’s not like we don’t understand how you feel. However, the reality is, there’s no reason for you to be involved in the summit. Just leave the rest to the political and diplomatic experts from now on.”

“No way……”

“Claire, you’ve done more than enough. I want the two of you to live your lives the way you want to from now on. This is something that I should’ve said from the very beginning.”


Claire-sama had a complicated expression on her face, but there was sincerity behind Dor-sama’s voice.

This was just my speculation, but perhaps Dor-sama feared that Claire-sama would eventually become just like him.

Dor-sama was thrown into the political world from the very moment he was born. He then devoted his life to the revolution from behind the scenes, and even after it all came to an end, he was still unable to escape from the world of politics.

If I had to guess, Dor-sama probably didn’t want his own daughter to tread down the same path.

“Claire-sama, let’s just do as Dor-sama says.”


“Participating in the political scene isn’t the only way to carve the path to our future.”

“That’s right. The two of you are good at magic, and both of you have an amazing head on your shoulders. Go and learn more things and give your daughters a great upbringing―― doesn’t living that kind of life sound good enough to you?”

Hearing that, it felt like he had an outdated view on women, but perhaps that was just the life that Dor-sama wanted to live himself, but couldn’t.

“…… Please excuse me!”

“Ah, wait, Claire-sama! Please excuse me as well.”

I hurriedly chased after Claire-sama, who had stormed out like her feelings had been hurt.

“…… I’m sorry. Even if the world needs you, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you both.”

The words that Dor-sama mumbled to himself were probably what he actually wanted to say the most.

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