I Favor the Villainess 189

The Situation Going Forward

“Hey, Claire, Rei. You’re back.”

When we returned to the Bauer dormitory, Dor-sama was there to greet us.
The dorm seemed to have somewhat of a hectic atmosphere, with people running around back and forth.

“Looking at you, I’m assuming you two are already aware of the situation?”
“Yes. Sousa has called for a summit.”
“That’s right.”

When we returned to our dorm room to chat with Dor-sama, Mei and Alea came by and jumped straight into Claire-sama’s chest.

“Claire-sama, welcome back!”
“Welcome back.”
“I’m home.”

Claire-sama said with a big smile on her face as she kissed Mei and Alea’s foreheads.

“…… I’m here too, you know?”
“Welcome back, Rei-okaasama.”
“Welcome back.”
“…… Something doesn’t feel right here.”

It’s fine, I’m not lonely at all.

“We have something important to discuss with my father, so could the two of you head back to your room and play for a bit?”
“Are we not allowed to come with you?”
“We also want to chat with our grandfather.”

Dor-sama sure is popular.
I’m not feeling jealous or anything.
Nope, not at all.

“I’m sorry, Mei, Alea. This is a conversation between adults. I’ll play with you two again later, so could you please bear with it for now?”
“Okay, but you promise, right?”
“It has to be a promise.”

Mei and Alea made a pinky promise with Dor-sama before they went back into their room.
It doesn’t really matter, but it was a little bit out of place seeing a pinky promise being made in this medieval European setting.
It seemed that there was a strange piece of Japanese culture to be found here too.

“Are you fine with staying in the living room? Rei, please prepare the tea.”
“Sorry for the trouble.”

As I watched them sit by the table, I started brewing some black tea.

“So, father, about the leader of the summit… Is it really true?”

Without waiting for the tea to finish brewing, Claire-sama got started with the conversation right away.
I could hear the conversation as well, so there was no issue with it, though.

“Ahh, about that. We just received information about it from Bauer not long ago too. The person who proposed it seems to be Queen Manaria.”

In addition to the three-way alliance, it seemed that Manaria was quite active in the diplomatic scene.

“I don’t get why she would call for one right now, though. Isn’t this around the time where she should be focusing on forming the three-way alliance?”

Claire-sama asked.
I placed two cups of tea in front of them before taking my seat.

“This is just my assumption, but I think the Queen believes that if the three-way alliance is actually formed, then waging war on the Empire would be inevitable.”

Dor-sama took a sip of the black tea.
“It’s delicious,” he happily gave his impression of it.

“Isn’t that something anybody could guess, though? And to begin with, I heard that the whole reason why the three-way alliance was formed was specifically to wage a war against the Empire.”
“That’s a bit off. The purpose of the three-way alliance was to force the Empire into abandoning its aggressive and invasive diplomacy. The idea was to be able to show off our difference in strength and win without resorting to fighting.”
“But I’m guessing that wasn’t possible?”
“That’s right.”

Dor-sama had a difficult look on his face.

“I think the Empire’s offer of conciliating things before the three-way alliance has worked out well. They managed to buy themselves a lot of time already, and the Empire has managed to expand its national armament considerably in these last few months. Sousa originally sent the three countries out to observe the situation silently, but in the end, the Empire still managed to get the upper hand.”

According to Dor-sama, Dorothea was a much more diplomatic person than what meets the eye.
I didn’t expect that Dorothea would be able to pull it off, but the reality was, she did.
Or perhaps her staff and personnel were just that amazing at their jobs.

“In any case, we’re basically back to square one. It seems that the Queen wants to incorporate the Empire into a new international order, though. The summit will act as a stepping stone towards that goal.”

It seemed that, instead of making an alliance to oppose the Empire, the idea was to expand and include the Empire into a new alliance in order to block its movements and expansions.

“Wait a minute. You say that we’re forming a new international order, but as it stands right now, the Empire has the most power out of any of us right now though? Isn’t this just a good opportunity for the Empire to take advantage of the new international order instead?”

Claire-sama asked with great concern.
Well, of course.
Even in the twenty-first century, the United Nations was often biased in favor of the great powers.

“That will all depend on how capable each nation is. Well, if it plays out like the way you just mentioned, Claire, then we’ll just have to go back to trying to form the three-way alliance and face the Empire directly.”
“So basically, we’re trying this because we have nothing to lose?”
“In a nutshell, yes. But diplomacy requires you to be able to make roundabout turns like this.”

“But good grief,” Dor-sama said as he heaved a sigh.

“Claire, Rei, what do you two think of the Empire? What do you think Her Majesty Dorothea will do?”

Dor-sama asked us.
Claire-sama thought about it for a little bit before answering,

“I don’t think Dorothea is willing to give up on her aggressive diplomacy.”
“Why is that?”
“We just saw the Imperial Princess, Philine, get exiled right before our eyes. If Dorothea even had the slightest intention to change her foreign policies, then she wouldn’t have exiled her daughter, who was pleading her about it, to begin with.”
“Hmm…… Rei, what about you?”
“I agree with Claire-sama. However, it seems that Dorothea has some sort of reason behind aggressively pushing her invasive policy forward. If I can poke around a bit, perhaps I can change something.”

The elderly man said something along these lines too.
It wasn’t like Dorothea was enforcing her aggressive diplomacy because she wanted to.
He wasn’t using it as an excuse to justify her invasive policies, but if you think about it, Dorothea never tried to justify her own actions to begin with either.
Even during our first audience with her, when Claire-sama condemned her invasive policies, Dorothea acknowledged that there was truth behind her words.
Perhaps she considered herself as some kind of necessary evil.

“Do you know what the reason behind it is?”
“Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue. Not even her personal aide, who seems to be the closest to her, seems to know the reason why. Only the person herself does.”
“Doesn’t that mean there’s nothing we can do about it?”
“That’s true.”

This was something that she had mentioned during our first audience with her too, but unless we became her subordinates, she would not tell us anything.

“Rei, what was it…… Is there something written about the Empress in that prophecy book of yours?”

Dor-sama was probably referring to the game knowledge I had of RevoLily.
I gave the same explanation to Dor-sama regarding my knowledge of the base game as I did with Claire-sama.
That was back when I was being tested on becoming Claire-sama’s maid before the revolution happened, though.

“Nothing about the truth behind Dorothea. Her opinions do not change in any of the situations that happen.”

In Dorothea’s route, with the mother-daughter relationship, she and Philine end up embarking on a quest for world unity.
In the revolution route, Philine causes a revolution within the Empire, but Dorothea stands in her way as the enemy until the very end.
Dorothea’s opinions don’t change in any of the other routes either.

“In that case, the upcoming summit that Queen Manaria proposed might serve as a good catalyst for this. If it’s as you say it is, Rei, and she has some sort of unavoidable circumstances that force her into enforcing invasive policies, perhaps you could probe into her situation and get her to change her mind.”

Unavoidable circumstances, you say.
I don’t think there is ever any reason to invade other countries by force.
Well, I can’t deny the part where the true nature behind politics is the strong eating the weak, but I’m not a politician, so I want to cherish my values as a common person.

“In any case, it seems that I will have to get involved again. This will eat into the time I will get to spend with Mei and Alea, though.”
“Dor-sama, are you making a return to the political scene?”

Dor-sama grumbled as I asked him and grabbed him another cup of tea.

“Well, at least, I was forced to help out with the case this time around. If I were to look the other way, I’d just be passing it onto Claire and everybody else instead.”

It seemed that Arla and Irvine couldn’t be picky.
To drag somebody who was close to middle-aged like Dor-sama back into the political scene.
It meant that Bauer still could not afford to let their guard down yet.

“It’s okay if you leave it to us, you know?”
“That’s right. You’ve already worked hard enough, Dor-sama.”
“Hahaha, thank you. But you both are perhaps a little bit conceited. You both are still weak when it comes to the front lines of politics and diplomacy.”
“…… I don’t know what to say.”
“That’s exactly my point.”

Although Claire-sama and I were strangely hailed as the heroines of the revolution, we repeatedly mentioned that it was not something we could’ve pulled off by ourselves.
I received a lot of back up from Dor-sama, and it was Dor-sama that originally drew the blueprints to overthrow nobility.
To put it bluntly, you could say that Claire-sama and I were merely just pawns in Dor-sama’s game of chess.
But if we ever mentioned it, Dor-sama would deny it all.

“Well, I’ll do my best since it’ll lead to a better future for Mei and Alea.”
“If you need any help at all, please feel free to ask us.”
“That’s right.”
“Haha, thank you.”

At that moment, there was a hard knock at the door.
As Claire-sama and Dor-sama looked over at each other, I left my seat to answer the door.

“Yes…… Wait, Lana? What’s wrong?”
“This is bad! Joel got……!”
“Please stay calm. What happened to Joel?”

Lana’s face was extremely pale.
She desperately caught a breath and said,

“Joel got taken away by some imperial soldiers.”

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13 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 189

    1. You seem to not care about anything except yuri fluff, in which case I have no idea why you’re reading this book. The plot, politics and social critique have been major points since the first arc, why are you still reading if most of it bores you?

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  1. My prediction is that Dorothea’s motivation has something to do with the demons, there’s no way that they won’t show up again in the coming chapters.

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    1. I agree with you. Ive been thinking the same ever since they are asking for the ‘reasons’ or dorotheas cause. Im also dying to know whats up with the demons as to why they know of Rei and Claire? Is it because of the bastard Salsa or whatever his name is?

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      1. So far, here’s what I have:

        1. Demons;
        2. Eternity;
        3. Coup d’état; and the
        4. Church

        The demons are probably aware of their eternity. Just like in games, demons or monsters would respawn. Although they die by being slain, if the game allows them to respawn, then they would respawn again and again. Assuming that the demons here have evolved from no self-awareness creatures into self-aware creatures, then that could’ve been why they want their world to self-destruct because the cycle never breaks.

        Queen Dorothea is an antagonist here, but not a villain. To be honest I don’t even know if the demons can be considered villains anymore. Each characters have their own sense of justice. Queen Dorothea is probably trying to do everything by herself. By expanding territories, they get more manpower to fight the demons and monsters. Of course, not only manpower but also resources and by default a pool of talents and skills. I think that the empire, spearheaded by Queen Dorothea, might be clutching at straws but it could be more than that. From a commer’s point of view or other countries’ point of view, the Naa Empire is just aggressively invading territories. But try to think about it, unifying every nation would be a lot better than individually fending off demons and monsters. In layman’s term: teamwork is better.

        Since Queen Dorothea isn’t good with words, she is misunderstood by the majority, not that she tries to make people understand her cause. I feel like the coup d’état is shallow when compared to Dorothea’s cause.

        I don’t know, I just find Dorothea to be so interesting. If I could just write really good then I would’ve made fanfics of DorotheaxPhiline ahahaha xD (it doesn’t help that the image I have of Dorothea in my head is reaaaaally attractive).

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        1. I forgot about the church.

          The church hasn’t been that important during the Bauer Kingdom arc, it was more like a decoration. But now that demons are involved, I feel like the church should also be in the spotlight.

          Dorothea is alone in her cause because the church has been slow at taking action and everything has to go through a formal process. Maybe that’s why Dorothea is being selfish: deal with humanity’s greatest enemy head on and gather resources and pool of talents and skills under the guise of aggressively invading other nations.

          Dorothea is a straightforward person and isn’t one for flattery or formalities. Maybe it’s better to take action rather than wait for the church to solve the cases of demons and monsters.

          Well, that’s just what I think but I don’t know about others.

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  2. I always wonder who’s Philine’s father. Since he hasn’t been mentioned so far, and yup prob just a character for the sake of the plot. if we gonna talk about the second part of IFtV which is coming from a different origin than the first. where it was a game for YURI and commonly. you’ll found it really rare for a male character took a part in the story unless it’s not a completely YURI-only or those male characters just exist for a particular event that’s unrelated to the whole things of the chemistry of YURI. in this case, I’m sure he’ll get mentioned and get introduced as a side character that even has less showtime than the friends and acquaintances of the main characters

    thanks for the chapter


  3. Yep, diplomatic international agreement is the best course *if thats how its called*

    Again, the threat lies in the east of the Empire which are the demons. So, what if Dorothea’s ‘reasons’ has got something to do with the demons? Hm interesting. Id like to see some action with amazing fights. Im also hoping that Rei can use the magic amplifier so that she can fight with the archdukes cause as it is, she’s just a weakiling infront of those bastards.
    A little bit of yuri and Rei X Claire moments every now and then wouldnt hurt as well lmao


  4. I really wish though that the twins could be more open more with Rei. I know that they love and respect Rei, probably the way they do is how they show their love. But sometimes it kind of feel hurts you know.


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