Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 199

“Youngling. Worry… Worry.”

“I won’t lose my sleep over it. I’m sick of worrying.”

“Tch! How boring. Let sis have fun.”

Kanada-sama looked childish as she turned away with a pout.

I guess she still secretly has a childlike mind. Wonderful, isn’t it?

“Karu-chan, aren’t you too free to be bursting with laughter?”

Calcilast-sama gasped, “Pft,” with his eyes like dots and then said.

“I’m asking you, don’t treat people like your toys.”

“Then, get me another bag of chips…”

“Yes, here. I bought it just in case.”

“Wha! Nicely done, Karu-chan! You’re attentive!”

“Yes, I suppose. I suppose.”

“But, I wish you had the seaweed flavor. For the change of pace from consommé.”

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