Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 198

“Ara, Karu-chan was rejected.”

Kanada-sama cheerfully roared with laugher.

Bright. After all, she’s bright.

“Marikana-chan, are you a dog person? Or a cat person?”

I finished eating pudding and after putting off the container answered.

“I prefer dogs. Absolutely, dogs. Cats are cute too, though…”

Kanada-sama for some reason stole a glance at Calcilast-sama.

What is it? What’s the connection between dogs and Calcilast-sama?

“Well, I guess Karu-chan is like a dog. He isn’t like a cat.”

“What’s with comparing a person to cats or dogs… Please tell me.”

“No! Absolutely not! I won’t!”

“Are you just going to leave me hanging?”

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