Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 194

“Yes, the texture is irresistible… It’s springy.”

“Karu-chan, note it! Write it down in a notebook.”

“Eh, haa. I understand. One of Marikana’s favorite foods is pudding… Done.”

I’m a noble, so is it fine to be a pudding lover?

No no, I shouldn’t avoid sweets, right.

I dug into pudding like I was diligently working in a coal mine and took a bite.

Ah, sweet. No good, if this keeps up, I’ll lick up the container…

I’m a noble, so… will the prince… be disappointed?

Kanada-sama swallowed a potato chip and said.

“Marikana-chan, can you hold your drink?”

“Eh, ah? No, I’ve never drunk.”

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