Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 193

A rich, sweet aroma drifted in the air. My nose twitched. That’s something so extravagant for you.

“Thank you! Err, a spoon… Ah, it’s here.”

Om nom nom. Mhm, my brain is melting…

Aah, I’m happy. I haven’t had such a delicious pudding for a long time.

“Marikana… You’re so delighted…. I wish I had bought another one…”

“No, no, I’m perfectly satisfied with one. Wow, sweet.”

Kanada-sama giggled while looking at me.

Then she opened and began crunching on the consommé chips.

Even nobles can’t resist the appeal of potato chips. Of course.

“Marikana-chan, do you like the pudding? You look very pleased.”

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