Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 192

They were arguing. They looked like nobles but didn’t feel like ones.

“Haa haa. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Here are potato chips.”

“Ara, thanks. Ahh, what a shame… I wish you’d have gotten consommé flavor.”

“Haaa. I understand. I didn’t make any other mistake, right?”

“Yes, of course, Karu-chan.”

Calcilast-sama came back out of breath. The store was quite far away…

“Marikana, I’ve got a pudding for you.”

The pudding he presented was an excellent article that even nobles hesitated to buy.

This golden pudding is certainly… expensive, and the stock is limited to five per day.

I received the acrylic container and removed its cover.

“Wow, thank you very much! It looks delicious!”

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