Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 191

Kanada-sama hid her face in her hands and began crying, her shoulders trembling.

“No, you’re definitely not crying!”

“Calcilast-sama, you’re being cruel! You’re making a woman cry.”

“I understand. I understand. I’ll buy them.”

Calcilast-sama sighed, “Haa,” and walked off at a quick pace.

Kanada-sama raised her face and said, “Karu-chan is the same as ever,” then continued with a serious look.

“Marikana-chan. I entrust Karu-chan to you. He’s a little careless, but he’s a good person.”

“Haa, I’m not confident, but I’ll do my best!”

Kanada-sama smiled pleasantly. She doesn’t seem like a bad person.

She’s really fond of joking around and teasing though…

A couple next to us stood up and went to pay.

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