Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 189

“It’s certainly as you say. I will reflect on myself.”

Deep down he’s serious. No, he’s serious on the surface too.

I put the cup to my mouth and tilted it. Gulp gulp.

“By the way, Karu-chan has a childhood dream…”

“Ah, you’re saying something unnecessary again!”

“He wanted to be a superhero and get rid of bad guys…”

“So Calcilast-sama admired heroes of justice.”

“That’s… Marikana. That’s how most boys are. Being a prince doesn’t make me an exception…”

“Karu-chan wanted to transform. He really was a handful.”

“Calcilast-sama transforming… It sounds cute.”

“Aren’t you glad, Karu-chan? You scored a point with her.”

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