Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 188

Kanada-sama put a hand on her cheek and laughed happily. Or was it sadly…?

“Let’s see, that’s the popular opinion… Those are your specialty, right, Karu-chan?

“Then what do you want to do? Become an actress?”

“That’s not bad, but I want to leave something more behind.”

Calcilast-sama looked taken aback by her self-important talk. He looked like a pigeon.

People are curious. Why is everybody so different?

Genetically, we should differ by only tenth of a percent, and yet…

“Karu-chan, do you not have any dreams or goals? Is marrying Marikana-chan and becoming the king all?”

“No, that’s…. I didn’t think about it deeply, so…”

“Karu-chan, I wonder if you only completely changed on the outside. You have to polish your inside too.”

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