Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 187

“Karu-chan has become quite dignified, hasn’t he?”

“W-What is it out of nowhere? Your new strategy?”

Kanada-sama looked up from the cup and said after shaking it.

“The little Karu-chan grew up so handsome… Big sis is happy.”

“Next up, you try to make me flustered with excessive praise. What are you aiming at…”

“Karu-chan, I’m comparing you to your past self. You’ve changed quite a bit.”

“Fuu,” Calcilast-sama exhaled and pressed on his eyelid with his finger.

“Of course. We’ve grown up. We’re almost adults.”

“Adults… Somehow, that sounds lonely. What meaning is there in such a life…”

“Marry, have children, and live happily… is that no good?”

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