Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 185

“Marikana, is that what you’re curious about?”

“Let’s see, the first thing I said was Karu-chan…”

“Eeh! The first thing was Calcilast-sama’s nickname!?”

“Marikana, it’s false. She’s imagining things. Don’t believe her.”

“Ara? How can you be so sure, Karu-chan?”

Kanada-sama gave Calcilast-sama a provocative look.

It was so sexy I got chills despite being a woman.

“Well, most children say mama or papa… At least that’s the general opinion.”

Kanada-sama showed a smile like she was sneering at something. No, directing it at the prince is…

“Actually, my father’s nickname was Karu-chan. The reason is a secret though.”

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