Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 184

“Kanada-sama, please don’t put troublesome things into Calcilast-sama’s head!”

“Sorry. I just want to dote on my cute cousin.”

“Eh? That’s your way of showing love? Wasn’t that an attack on me…”

“Karu-chan, really. I wouldn’t attack you. I’m just teasing you.”

“By the way, why are the two of you so close?”

“Marikana-chan, does it weigh on your mind? It goes back to when I learned how to crawl…”

“Kanada-san, you went too far back in the past. It couldn’t have happened back then.”

“I guess, my bad. It was when I learned the first word…”

“Another barefaced lie…”

“Kanada-sama, what was the first word you learned?”

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