Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 183

“O-O-O-Of course I’m not! I like boys!”

“Eeh!? Like boys…? Marikana, you are surprisingly frivolous!”

“Wawawa, it was just an example… I’m not a fujoshi!”

“I see… I’m glad. If you had such an unusual hobby…”

Calcilast-sama’s facial muscles relaxed in relief.

I was really flustered. I’m normal.

When I began saying, “I’m…” a butterfly landed on my nose.

“Marikana-chan! You’re interesting! What a good timing! Ahaha!”

“Marikana, a butterfly right now is a foul play. Fufufu.”

Angry, I drove away the butterfly that shook its wings on my face. Quite roughly too.

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