Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 438

She and the Morning of the Ninth Day 7

“Or rather, he was hiding them. But it all came to light now.”
“Raid, is it really alright? Sir Lantinotz is a considerably dangerous person…”

I was seriously worried about Raid, but she remained composed.

“It’s alright. Despite how he might seem, he’s easy to handle. After all, Ed is a man who’d die without hesitation if I only told him, ‘Die.’ So I’ve also decided to fully use him as I want. He committed a crime that warranted capital punishment. So this much isn’t a problem.”
“Yup, you have a point.”

Kidnapping a royal is a truly serious crime. It’s mysterious how Edward even kept his life. That’s why, if for example Raid treated him like a slave and said it’s the punishment, everybody would agree that it’s a lenient penalty.

“But Sir Lantinotz will be happy, so is it really fine?”
“Yeah, Ed’s peerage and territory was returned to the country. And naturally, the Lantinotz marquis house was made to break off their relationship with him. The marquis house was fined half its territory. The reason wasn’t declared, but I’m sure they understood he committed some crime from it.”

I sighed in relief upon hearing he was given a noticeable punishment.
While I was relieved, Raid said.

“Well, that’s how it is. Ed’s matter was properly dealt with. That’s why, um… it’s alright if I take Abel as my husband.”
“… Y-Yup. You’re right.”

We suddenly got back to talking about love. The difference in our enthusiasm made me want to cry, but I pulled myself together.
If she wants to talk about it, I’ll keep her company.

“Er, and? I’d like to hear in detail why you fell in love with Abel. You said it was a love at first sight, but is that true?”

When I went back to talking about Abel, Raid cheerfully joined in. She felt like a woman of marriageable age doing that, and I thought that her innate loveliness showed through.

“It’s um, that. When I was being strangled by Ed, he gallantly appeared and saved me. Seeing his back after he kicked Ed flying made my heart flutter…”
“You fell in love with the figure of the person who saved you? Ooh!”

I can understand her well.
When Freed saved me, it also made my heart flutter.

“The back of the man who saves you is wonderful, isn’t it…”

When I said that while recalling my experience, Raid’s eyes sparkled.

“So you understand! That’s right! However, I didn’t recognize it was love at first. But for some reason, I couldn’t get him out of my head after we got back, and I finally noticed – don’t I love him?”
“Ooh! Ooh! And then?!”

I unconsciously half-rose to my feet. When I urged her to speak because I wanted to hear more, Raid bashfully told me.

“And first I couldn’t believe it happened to myself. Because you know? I’ve always, um… loved Elder Brother. And yet why? That’s when I noticed. Even when I thought about Elder Brother, it didn’t hurt at all. And not only it didn’t hurt, I didn’t care. I was honestly surprised. But that’s why I could accept that I fell in love with him and moved onto a new love.”

I was really happy to hear that Raid was able to make her painful love the thing of the past.

“I’d thought I could never fall in love with somebody again. But a miracle happened. Then it’s fine to make that miracle mine, right? After all, I don’t have to hold back this time. He is neither my real brother nor a beastman. He isn’t a noble, but there’s a precedent of Elder Brother and Sister-in-law. Then, isn’t there no problem if I obtain him?”
“… You’re right. I hope it comes true.”
“It will. I’ll spare no effort.”

Raid saying that with a grin was, how should I put it, really handsome.
Of course it’s something I’d never tell Freed, but she was cool enough that I could accidentally fall for her.
When I once again got convinced that the words cool woman perfectly applied to Raid, she continued talking to me.

“And so, Lidi.”
“I don’t know where to find Abel. I can’t woo him if I don’t know where to find him, so I’d be happy if you could tell me what inn he’s staying at.”

It was a natural question, so I nodded.

“Got it. I’ll ask Cain.”
“If I say I’ll pay the fee instead of Elder Brother, he won’t run away for sure. After all, he sounded like quite a miser from what you told me, Lidi. Really, your information is a great help!”
“… I’m glad I could be useful.”

While looking at Raid smiling cheerfully, I seriously thought, ‘Basically, all royals use any means necessary to obtain who they desire, don’t they?’ and recalled how Freed relentlessly captured me in the past.
In this respect, influential people are scary.


Our conversation got lively and continued for quite a while.
When I thought it wouldn’t do to stay in the room without its owner present any longer and tried to get up, Raid guessed my intentions and stopped me.

“Lidi, could you wait a moment before going back? Um… There’s just one more thing I want to talk to you about.”
“It’s nothing important, and it’ll be over right away. But, I want to know for reference. What country do you want to make together with His Highness Friedrich?”

I blinked my eyes upon the serious question.
What country do I want to make?
That’s exactly what I talked about with Freed just two days ago.

“… Together with Freed, I want to make a country without discrimination. I hope we can gradually eliminate various discriminations that exist in society.”
“I see… Specifically?”

I smiled wryly at Raid’s sharp question and answered.

“There’s absolutely nothing concrete yet. But I hope we can take actions in that direction. After returning to Wilhelm, I hope that I can study various things and start contributing to the country little by little. I’m still a beginner royal, so I’m lacking in so many aspects. But I still wonder if there’s something even I can do, so first of all I want to hear everyone’s opinions.”
“Beginner, huh. In a sense, I’m the same.”
“The same?”

I tilted my head. Raid smiled slightly.

“Yeah. After all, the throne had nothing to do with me until recently. I more or less had been given royal education, but not as much as Elder Brother. I’ll have to study like mad from now.”
“That’s true…”

Unlike Freed or Prince Hendrik, Raid wasn’t brought up as the king from the beginning. She has to learn what she lacks from now on.

“It’s not like I mind. I’ve decided to shoulder the country instead of my brother. But, I have no clear vision. Where should I lead the country? That’s where I faltered.”
“… Then wouldn’t it be good to fulfill the promise you made to the half-beastman boy?”

I told her so after recalling the takoyaki party. Raid laughed, “You’re right.”

“Lidi, you certainly have a point. I’m probably overthinking it. You could say that I got worked up about the title of the next monarch. That’s why I wanted to hear what you had to say, Lidi. I wanted to know what kind of thoughts you had about supporting the country together with Prince Friedrich.”
“It’s not that big of a deal…”
“It’s the first time for me, so it’s a big deal. But I feel the pressure slightly lessen when talking with you. I’ll do my best to keep the promise with that half-beastman boy. I’m sure that’s enough motivation for the sake of becoming the monarch.”
“… Yup. I also want to see what country you’ll make, Raid.”

Seeing Raid make dreamy eyes, I strongly supported her.
Raid answered, “Thanks.”

“I also want to see the country you’ll make. I’m sure the country you both will govern will be a gentle one.”
“We’ll do our best for that.”
“Yeah, me too. Lidi, I’ll be counting on you, both as a friend and comrade who wants a country without discrimination.”
“Of course!”

I strongly grasped the hand that was held out to me.
It’s incredibly encouraging to have a friend in the same position who I can talk to.
It’s different from Ilya. I think the word comrade is perfect.

―― It’s nice to have royal friends.

I’d never meet her if I was only the daughter of a duke.
My world unmistakably expanded from marrying Freed. Moreover, in a very good direction.
When I grinned happily, Raid said, “Actually, there’s one more thing I’m thinking about.”

“It’s still under preparation, so I can’t say anything, but I think I’ll be able to tell you today or tomorrow. Look forward to it.”
“Eh? Is it something good?”

When my eyes unconsciously sparkled, Raid answered, “Yeah,” with a broad smile.

“For me it is. And I think you’ll be happy too.”
“I’m looking forward to finding out what it is.”

If Raid says it’s something good, I’ll wait expectantly.
When I looked at the clock, I realized that I’d have to go back soon.
I decided to bid Raid farewell and leave the Queen’s room.

Editor: Valkyrie

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  1. Will you look at that, Lidi making friends with the royals of another country and seizing a powerful ally on the upcoming political wars…

    I love it!

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