Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 182

“Karu-chan, what do you like the most about Marikana-chan? Let’s talk about love.”

Calcilast-sama’s face turned red. Is he flustered?

He coughed, “Ahem,” and sincerely said.

“Everything. From the top of her hair, to the tips of her feet… From personality to hobbies…”

Kanada-san grinned and gestured Calcilast-sama to lend her an ear.

“Eh? What? Haa, eeh! No, no way! Never!”

While watching them talk in whispers, I sipped coffee.

What in the world are they talking about, I wonder.

“Is Marikana… one of those fujoshi?”

I spurted coffee. W-W-W-What the heck!

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