Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 179

“Ah, excuse me. Was it your partner then…”

“Yes, just listen. I only went on a date with another man, and he said we should break up…”

“No, that’s your fault, Kanada-san.”

I and Calcilast-sama nodded to each other.

“Eh! Why? I was just messing about. We didn’t even hold hands.”

Kanada-sama’s eyes went wide open. She really didn’t hold ill will.

“Listen, gentlemen will never allow such things. It’s irritating when there are other guys around!”

“Is that so… I wonder if I’m at fault here…”

Kanada-sama looked like she was trying to solve the world’s most difficult problem.

No, just what’s with that look? With, “Hmm,” she pressed a hand to her forehead.

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