Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 178

“I’ve been marching through a wasteland looking for good-looking guys. Is something wrong about that?”

“Wasteland… But that aside… If I recall correctly, you have a lover?”

“Ah, is that so! Then why?”

“Marikana-chan is so cute. Karu-chan, don’t let her go, okay?”

“Of course I won’t. Even if it took confining her… I’m joking. Please don’t draw away, Marikana…”

“I fought with him, so I went shopping. That’s all.”

“Fought… Can you make up? Are you alright?”

“Ara ara, Marikana-chan, you’re worrying abut me. Good girl.”

“By the way, who was at fault? Kanada-san, was it you after all?”

“Hey! Don’t make me be a female villain here!”

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