Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 176

“Ooh, is that so? It’s surprising.”

“And you see, he not only eats cucumbers and carrots with their skins, but even pumpkins.”

“Eh! Pumpkins with skin!? He’s got strong teeth.”

“Marikana, there’s no way that’s true! It’s naturally a lie!”

“Ah, Karu-chan is flustered. Ahaha.”


“Please, let’s talk about something more normal. I prohibit nonsensical things.”

“Let’s see… Then should I… talk about how I fell in love with Karu-chan when I was a child?”

“… Hmm. Kanada-san. That love…”

“Eh? Did Calcilast-sama have a relationship with Kanada-sama?”

Although it wasn’t hot, some sweat gathered on my forehead.

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