Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 175

“Karu-chan excelled at drawing pictures with bedwetting. For example, he could draw an elephant, or a car, or a moon…”

“I can’t do that! Please don’t make things up!”

Kanada-sama happily narrowed her eyes and continued giggling.

“I’m joking. Of course, Karu-chan isn’t a bedwetting artist.”

Caclilast-sama breathed a sigh and coldly looked at her.

They seem to have better memories together than me and Calcilast-sama…

It’d never happen with me… Unconsciously I sighed.

“Hey! Karu-can! Marikana-chan is bored.”

“Eh, are you? I’m sorry, Marikana. But…”

“You want to know more about your lover, right? Karu-chan surprisingly likes vegetables.”

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