Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 174

“Could you spare me just a little…”

“Karu-chan was a coward in the past and couldn’t go to the toilet at night alone.”

Eh? Is that so? Calcilast-sama also has things he’s not good at….

But, I’m jealous of them being close. I….

“Marikana, please don’t believe her! I’ve never done anything like that…”

“Ara, you don’t have to hide it. It’s a funny story.”

“No, I understand it keeps the conversation lively, but… could we change the topic…?”

“Ah, I want to hear stories from Calcilast-sama’s childhood.”

“Ara, I was asked. Then I have no choice but to talk.”

“Kanada-san, let’s stop after all!”

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