Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 172

What’s with her attitude? She’s too rude towards the prince. My face angrily twitched.

I unintentionally glared at her. I wanted to flip the table.

Endure, Marikana! You can’t be controlled by emotions.

However, I felt my hands fill with strength. Ah, I’m angry!

“Karu-chan, introduce me to that child.”

“Sure, she’s my lover, Marikana. She’s a daughter of a noble.”

“Hahaha, good job, Karu-can! You’ve completely become a man.”

“Please don’t tease me. I haven’t done anything to earn your wrath.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Marika, that is my cousin!”

“Why are you calling me that? Make the introduction more polite!”

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