Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 170

Is it alright for me to be so happy? From here, disasters will strike me one after another…

It’s said people reminiscence about old days when thinking about death, but… I think of happiness…

Calcilast-sama cheerfully hummed then said.

“There was a café scene in a novel I’ve read recently. It left an impression me…”

“What kind of story was it? Fantasy?”

“It was an unexpected scene of meeting two lovers. In other word, it was a scene of carnage.”

“It sounds unbelievable, but… Calcilast-sama, do you have two lovers too?”

Right then, I heard, “Ah!” When I looked in that direction, I saw a pretty older girl who dropped her bag.

What? Is she really his lover? It’s like the story!

She called a nickname, “Karu-chan!”

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