Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 167

“I understand, I’ll stop at this for today. However… We’re in presence of public, huh.”

“We are. It might cause a scandal. It’s a pinch!”

The prince said, “Yes, your hand then…” and taking it, he lightly kissed it, and we began walking with our hands connected.

Ah, jeez, my heart is beating fast. It feels like a furiously ringing bell during a fire.

Calm down me! You must be stronger!

But, I’m fortunate that this day may be happy.

There’ll be various things to write down in the notebook called life. It’s not bad.

No money can replace memories with Calcilast-sama…

No way, I always think about money… Aah, I’m the worst.

I fell into self-loathing in a flash. Even though such a day may never come again…

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