Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 161

I glanced at luxurious houses of nobles and merchants and became disgusted.

I want to eliminate wealth inequality. A child without shoes ran past me.

His hair too was disheveled and full of dandruff. Poor thing…

I wonder if he has no parents.

If Calcilast-sama becomes the king, he’ll do better… I’m sure.

“Wait there! Oi, boy! I said wait!”

A man with big physique… with a protruding stomach that any doctor would call obese, came here.

Apparently, he was following the child from before. However, his stamina wasn’t enough, and he was forced to stop, holding his knees and panting.

Calcilast-sama asked the man, “What is the matter?”

“Ah! The prince! Excuse my disgraceful behavior…”

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