Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 157

I turned my attention to the sound of rattling and saw a run-down carriage with its wheels looking like they were about to come off.

Will it be alright? Ara, there’s even moss growing on it.

Calcilast-sama looked at it sadly and said.

“It’s a fallen noble. He was suspected of corruption…”

So he’s a bad guy. Since he’s a villain, it can’t be helped.

A wheel jumped up on the cobblestone and with a loud sound snapped off.

The carriage body slammed into the ground and gathered a crowd of people. Curious onlookers, huh.

A man crawled out from inside, blood was spilling from his head.

However, no one tried to help him. It was the end of a villain.

Calcilast-sama didn’t seem to think so though. He let go of my hand and rushed there.

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