Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 154

I wonder if red bicycles are popular nowadays.

It was extremely eye-catching. It made me conscious of red, and I noticed it all around.

Flowers, roofs, walls, bicycles, hats, tomatoes, flowers, bicycles…

So many red things. And so many bicycles.

I wonder if I should choose an interesting-sounding technical book once we reach the library and photoread it.

I’d like to try it a little. I wonder how effective it will be.

I pray the weather gets better. Somehow it seemed pitiful…

My clothes didn’t soak much and weren’t heavy. I even felt love from raindrops that felt like they were pecking at my fingers.

Calcilast-sama looked at me with a wink that could defeat any woman’s heart and asked.

“Do you have any books you want to read?”

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