Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Manga Volume 1 Announcement

https://mangadex.org/chapter/896337 from the perspective of Freed and Lidi as they are now in the main story.

Freed > F, Lidi > L


L: “Hello, Lydiana here.”

F: “Hello, Fredrich here, Lidi’s husband.”

L: “Today we’re here to announce the release of the first volume of the manga ‘I Don’t Want to Become Crown Princess!!’”

F: “The first volume contains chapters 1-5. Some revisions and corrections were made.”

L: “Moreover, it includes a newly written special story by Tsukigami (from Freed’s point of view), and a newly drawn R scene by Kuroki-sensei! Newly drawn! The first volume is full of content and a great bang for the buck.”

F: “The R scene is me and Lidi making love for the first time at the masquerade ball. You were really cute at that time, Lidi… No, of course you are cute now too, but after all the first time is special.”

L: “It’s nostalgic. I’ve also read the newly drawn content. Freed really was cool.”

F: “Really? I’m happy to be praised by you, Lidi.”

L: “You were unbelievably cool when you loosened your tie. That scene was as satisfying as three meals. But really Freed, you have a good body. Really, I regret not paying attention to your abs back then, Freed.”

F: “You now see them every day, so isn’t it fine?”

L: “That’s true, but it’s still disappointing. Ah, you can also find a few extras in some bookstores. You can get visual boards and illustrations if you buy from supporting stores like animate or shosen’s horindo.”

F: “Lidi, there’ll be illustrations of you, right? I’ll get it at every bookstore. I’ve already made reservations, so all I need to do is go pick them up at the release date.”

L: “Eh, already? Animate’s visual board has an R-rated special story, so be careful when reading it. It’s a what if story about chapter 5.”

F: “I’d really have no problem with that development… No, I think I’d prefer it.”

L: “Somehow it’s really like you, Freed. Everyone, please check it out.”

F, L: “The first volume of the manga ‘I Don’t Want to Become Crown Princess’ will come out on the 25th of May! Look forward to it!”

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