Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 436

She and the Morning of the Ninth Day 5

On the other hand, the dress prepared for me had many pleats in the skirt part and plentiful ribbons.
Large ribbons were sewn on all around the skirt. There had also been a ribbon with an impressive presence on the chest part, but it had an extremely bad compatibility with the Royal Flower, so I had it taken off. However, since there was a conspicuous ribbon on my waist, I think there was no need for the chest one. I think it was a very lovely dress, but the design might have been a little too sweet for me. I lacked confidence in matching it, but the Queen praised me to the heavens, so I don’t regret it. I’ll have to change clothes before the evening party anyway, so I don’t mind being dressed in what I wouldn’t usually wear for this short time. The décolletage is open, so Freed won’t get angry either.
I lightly talked with Ilya to kill time. She had no idea about yesterday’s uproar, so I kept in mind to skillfully avoid it. It was up to the person concerned, Raid, whether to talk about it or not. I knew I absolutely couldn’t talk about it as I pleased.

“Ah, that’s right. Ilya. I might be able to make you some time to talk with Levitt tomorrow.”

During our conversation, I recalled what I’d heard from Freed this morning and said that to Ilya.
Levitt and Ilya are beastman from the same place.
As a result of thinking hard of how to create an opportunity for them to talk, Freed made a little time for them before departure.

“His Highness Hendrik would hate it otherwise, so forgive me, but I’ll be present. I’ll try to listen as little as possible. Freed should get His Highness Hendrik’s agreement today, so I think His Highness Hendrik will tell you what’s been decided.”
“Really? Thanks!”

Ilya, who was eagerly listening to me, gave a broad smile.

“Lidi, you were so busy that I gave up on directly talking with him. I’m happy I’ll be able to talk to Brother…”
“Well, that’s all assuming His Highness Hendrik agrees. But Freed isn’t a person who’d say something he can’t do, so I think there’s a decent chance of that.”
“Lidi, your husband is amazing.”
“Yup. My Freed is an amazing person. I’m proud of him.”

I was happy my husband was praised.
When I obediently accepted the praise, Ilya laughed a little.

“I’m sorry for laughing. But you know, I thought how nice it is. Lidi, neither you nor His Highness Friedrich hide that you really love each other. I get incredibly embarrassed, so it’s something I can’t do. Sometimes, I’m really envious of you, Lidi.”
“His Highness Hendrik looks to be the same type as Freed, so I think it’s enough if you are honest, Ilya.”

When I said that while recalling Prince Hendrik strongly conveying his love for Ilya, she said, “That’s true, but…” with a wry smile.

“I can’t quite respond to that. I do want to respond, but after all there are things I can and cannot do.”
“Ilya, you’re shy after all. It’s difficult, isn’t it?”
“What about you, Lidi? Isn’t it embarrassing?”

I sincerely answered Ilya’s question.

“Hmm. For me, before I can feel embarrassment, my love for him overflows and I want to cling to him. Besides, when I obediently convey my feelings, Freed makes an incredibly happy face. To see that face, I can properly convey them despite feeling a little embarrassed.”

Freed always shows a truly delighted smile whenever I tell him that I love him. That face is extremely gentle and filled with love, so it makes me want to say it more.
The result is, everybody treats us as ‘lovebirds’, but I don’t really mind. I’m already used to it.

“Telling him that you love him won’t hurt you for sure, so why don’t you try it when you have an opportunity? Ilya, it doesn’t need to be in public, so when it’s just the two of you, you’ll be able to say it, right?”
“If it’s once in a while…”

That seems the most Ilya can do being as shy as she is. Even so, looking at her face, her strong feelings for Prince Hendrik are obvious, so I think he’ll be satisfied too.
I think she should tell him if she can, but to each their own. There’s no right or wrong answer to this. Everybody should proceed at their own pace.

“Ilya, are you happy now?”

When I asked, she nodded.

“Very. I’m so happy that the time I spent on the island feels like a lie. At that time, I thought I couldn’t even wish to get married anymore.”

Ilya had said she was unfit to be another beastman’s mate.
Perhaps she remembered that time. Her face darkened.

“I’m sorry. I recalled the past a little. But, that’s why I feel so happy now.”

I sensed from the atmosphere that she didn’t want to be asked about it, so I continued the conversation while being careful not to touch on it.

“Isn’t it okay as long as you’re happy? His Highness Hendrik knows best how shy you are, Ilya, so you don’t need to push yourself, right?”
“That’s right, but when I watch you, Lidi, I sometimes wonder if it really is fine… Um, His Highness is a very jealous person.”

As I recalled that he certainly is a jealous person, I smiled wryly.
Afterwards, Ilya and I talked about various things. When about half of the chocolates on the platter were gone, Raid finally appeared.
Her sullen face made it clear she was unwilling.

“… I kept you waiting.
“Raid, you did well… Ah, wow, it suits you!”

I was seriously surprised.
Raid was wearing a mermaid line dress that followed the lines of her body. The dress decorated with plenty of large flowers suited her trained body very well, making her look like a flower in full bloom.
Because she was wearing high heels, she looked very neat and beautiful.

“Whoa… You’re really beautiful…”

She was wearing a wig that reached her back and had perfect make-up applied. The light makeup, not any heavier than necessary, brought forth the beauty of her skin, so I had no choice but to call her wonderful. She looked just like a princess that everybody yearns for, so I unconsciously clapped my hands.
The Queen appeared from behind Raid with a satisfied face.

“See, it’s as I said, right? I thought it would definitely look good on you.”
“I feel like I’m wearing a costume, Esteemed Mother. It doesn’t suit me. The dresses I wear at official events are better than this one.”
“Don’t you only wear boring dresses? I think dresses like this are good once in a while. It suits you incredibly well, and I think it’s cute.”
“It doesn’t suit me at all. Esteemed Mother, I’m angry I let myself be talked into it.”
“Isn’t it because you’re a maiden in love? Your mother is happy. Please bring that man you yearn for before your mother. I’m looking forward to it.”
“Feelings are like this, huh… I’ll bring him with me by all means.”

Raid said that in vexation, but considering the other person is Abel, it might be a little difficult. Of course, I’ll support her though.
While still wearing the clothes we changed in, we had another tea break.
Raid endured for about thirty minutes, but eventually she broke down and shouted, “Impossible! I’ll go change!” then stood up and went to the changing room.

“Aah, it suited her so well.”

It couldn’t be helped because it wasn’t to her taste, but it was still regrettable. While I was thinking that, the Queen said with a wry smile.

“It can’t be helped. Just letting me put on a dress on her is a big progress. I will stop at this for today.”

Since she said today, it meant she intends to aim at another opportunity.
I wondered if there would be another opportunity since Raid hated it so much, but Raid was relatively easy, so the next time might happen unexpectedly soon.

I said, “I’m looking forward to the next time,” and the Queen replied in a cheerful voice, “So am I. I have to look for a dress for the next time.”

Editor: Valkyrie

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5 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 436

  1. Huh… so we have the cicada Abel.
    The mantis Raid targeting Abel.
    The orioles Lidi and Raid’s mother targeting Raid
    … wait Freed is also targeting Lidi… how far does this idiom go?


  2. I’m so happy this story still has updates. And now the manga is going to be updated as well! 😭😭😭


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